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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Dean starts his mean DNC machine

The liberal attacks are under way, again. They're just glutton's for punishment!

Now that Howie Dean is being covered by the MSM, they are covering for what he says too in typical fashion to deceive the public. Read What Dean Means in the liberally biased New York Times Magazine.

Or this from Andrew Sullivan of NY Warms to Hillary. Is America Next
This of course is more propaganda from friends of Hillary to try and get her nominated in '08. If the New Yorkers are warming to her, then they've forgotten about 9/11 (caused by the Clinton's inept eight year appeasement policy) already and will be shocked if and when something similar or worse happens next time. Hillary will say anything to get elected, hence her pandering to the pro-life crowd with rhetoric she's denied for decades. She is very two-faced and only the gullible will be convinced she means what comes out of her mouth, you know?

Here's an interesting tidbit from David Broder in The Seattle Times, another liberally biased rag. Below is my response to his article that you can find here.... The sorry fiscal record of a "conservative" administration

Dear Mr. Broder,

Your negative article on the president's priorities to cut the waste out of mostly democrat programs, along with other articles I've seen today, tells me that the attack on Conservatism from the Dean Hate Machine is starting up. Bring it on! Having shut that jerk down once and I'll be more than happy to do it again!

You said, "Most of these cuts would come out of state and local budgets, adding to the burdens their taxpayers would have to take up if services are to be maintained."

If these "services" are to be maintained is exactly the point. Most of the waste created by democrats needs to be cut-out because it's gotten ridiculous with democrats wanting to throw more money on programs that have very little if any benefit to society in this day and age. In fact these programs end up as a trap to keep people locked into a system where they will never get ahead, and takes their motivation away to try.

I noticed that none of the programs you mention have any statistics to justify them. Most of those programs have been built-up and up with bureaucracies from the past that don't work and are no longer needed. The only answer democrats ever have is to pour more money into broken systems created by whiners, in hopes that something magical happens to make them actually viable.

The vast majority of government systems must be streamlined to meet the needs to today's society where technology replaces manual labor. People have to get off the government payroll and do for themselves, not the other way around as liberals desire. What was that famous line from JFK? Seems democrats have abandoned him and everything he ever stood for, in order to follow his stupor-drunk bother Teddy who has not a clue about how real people live. The same goes for the rest on the east and west coasts and those living in big cities where corruption runs rampant.

These so-called experts you mention, (but don't name) assume cuts based on what Congress might do if they take them up. This is clearly just another attempt by liberals to smear any progress on cutting the budget. It's an old tactic that won't pass anymore. You know why? Because we're on to how liberals use emotional issues to spread their socialistic agenda. You know what else? It's being exposed right now for what it is, pure b.s..

We remember when liberals said they were so sure the world would end when Reagan ended the cold war, how badly we would lose if we attacked Afghanistan after 9/11, and the "millions" of lives that liberals said would be lost in Iraq. NONE of it came to be.

So David, guess what? The libs lose again, as usual... thank God!

Yes the democrats are up to their old ways again this soon after they were trounced, still having not learned one damn thing since 2000. Looks like all the Republicans need to do is keep on keepin' on for '06 and '08 and dems will self-destruct as usual.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005



The spend happy democrats are proving to American's once again how poor they are at managing the people's money, having gone into debt by outspending Republicans by a 3-1 margin during the 2004 elections, and they still lost in an historic defeat in both houses of congress.

Like gamblers in Vegas who rarely, if ever win, democrats throw good money away banking on poor candidates using false emotional messages pandering to the poor with hate-filled rhetoric, violence and selfishness directed at anyone who disagrees with their liberal ideology.

According to Newsday.com, Democrats are heavily in debt. The DNC raised $4.1 million last month, based on its FEC report. It spent $7.6 million, including a donation of $1.5 million to Virginia Lt. Gov. Timothy Kaine's campaign for governor and a $1 million transfer to the Senate Democrats' fund-raising committee.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which raises money for House Democrats, began February with $11 million in debt from last year's elections. It had $1.5 million in the bank as this month began. The DCCC raised $1.5 million and spent $1.7 million in January.

The RNC raised $10.5 million in January, according to its monthly report to the Federal Election Commission. The GOP spent $8.7 million, including a $1 million transfer to Senate Republicans' fund-raising committee and nearly $1 million in telemarketing, according to an analysis by Political Money Line, a nonpartisan campaign finance tracking service."

With Howard Dean now managing things for the democrats, it is likely their money problems will only get worse. While the DNC said Dean's presidential campaign raised tons of money on the internet, not much of it actually came in, and he suddenly ran out of money before the final stretch in the Iowa primaries.

This is just one example of how democrats don't keep their word about money they raise, and why they are always begging for higher taxes to cover for their wasteful programs. Throwing taxpayer money at problems does not solve them. Democrats feel it's like playing with free money so they can just collect it from the public and fill in the details later. But they never do.

"The Roosevelt-era voters, who hold Social Security untouchable, are dying off very quickly now; while the post-boomer generation, which discounts its reliability, is coming into its high-voting-rate period of life. The boomers are split." –– Tony Blankley, Washington Post

Cut the Dead Wood!

A full and clear plan of action is needed before anyone should ask for any money in taxes. Companies are accountable to their shareholders and must have plans for spending the money they make to keep the company profitable. The same should go for government. Ideas are great, but they must be implemented with set, reasonable goals that result in measured progress and can be seen by all, not hidden in some bureaucrat's office.

Congressmen and woman need to be measured and held accountable with a report card system similar to the way Teachers are now with President Bush's No Child Left Behind act.

The amount of waste in government is probably enough that to feed the poor nations of world and wipe out starvation. Those running for government office need to held accountable for all the decisions they make.

The real need in Washington is to get rid of the dead wood (Byrd, Kennedy, Kerry, Rangle, Leahy, Clinton, Boxer, Schumer and Feinstein) on the left-side of the isle who come from old-style bureaucracy, replacing them with modern, reality-minded, younger (but not moderate or liberal) congressmen. I can write this knowing that democrats will never listen to this advice, as they've decided to "refine their message" going further left instead of dealing with the realities of why they've lost for so long.

Senators should have term-limits to keep up with the times so that stuffy and arrogant ways of thinking are updated on a timely basis.

A discussion of real ideas needs to take place culminating the best streamlined plans for implementation on how best to solve problems while spending the least amount of taxpayer money.

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Sunday, February 20, 2005


2008 Fusion Ticket?, Bush Tapes

I know it's still early, but the 2008 race just got a huge indication of who's likely to partner-up. Low and behold, exposed on the Tim Russert show "Meet the Press" on Sunday comes the likely fusion ticket of McCain/Clinton, or is that Clinton/McCain?

Each of them said the other would make a great president, so you might conclude that the two joined would be an UN-beatable team.

And of course this was the real reason for their going to Iraq, to generate the media attention they need to keep the rumors flying. It's all just a game, and we're the suckers.

As reported by Newsmax... During a July 2001 "MTP" broadcast, Russert showed McCain a copy of NewsMax Magazine, which featured the Arizona senator and Clinton on the cover under the headline "Democrats' Dream Ticket?"

"They're predicting a John McCain-Hillary Clinton ticket," Russert announced.

"That's wonderful," McCain responded.

"So we can toss that one away?" asked Russert.

"I think so," McCain said. "I think - ah - I think that's - ah - ah - look, I've - I am a proud Republican. Yet I hope that I've been able to maintain the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt and Barry Goldwater."

Ah, "I think so"? Well, ah Hmmm, sure sounds to me like he's not so sure.

Prediction: Since he nearly caved to Kerry, I predict McCain will sell-out to Hitlery for the 2008 ticket. I also predict that if they win, it will result in total disaster for the nation and the world.

You heard it here first!

Bush and Mary Jane?

The massively liberal New York Times has a new story about pre-Pres Bush and secretly-taped conversations by a friend of his.

In the last several weeks, that friend, Doug Wead, an author and former aide to Mr. Bush's father, disclosed the tapes' existence to a reporter and played about a dozen of them. On the Bush tapes, much is being made-up with assumptions about what Bush said. For instance, "He (Bush) refused to answer reporters' questions about his past behavior, he said, even though it might cost him the election.

He mocked Vice President Al Gore for acknowledging marijuana use. "Baby boomers have got to grow up and say, yeah, I may have done drugs, but instead of admitting it, say to kids, don't do them," he said."

Liberal reporters will "feel" Bush just admitted to doing drugs, but he didn't. He used the words "may have" as a metaphor to make a point. This is Bush speak, and most people get it. But liberals against Bush want to hear something else, so they miss the point and leave out the "may have."

Democrats and especially their liberal media puppets, tend to insert words to mean things other than what was actually said in order to deceive the public.

In this case they (dems) want you to ASS U ME that George Bush tried maryjane in his early days to put him on the same level as Bill Clinton who claims he tried it, but "didn't inhale."

Of course Bush only said "he made some indiscretions" in his younger days, but he never said he tried marijuana. The writer of the NYT article, DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK, misleads the reader into making such a conclusion using rather sneaky tactics.

Now I'm not saying if Bush did or didn't ever try it, because the only one who really knows for sure is Bush himself.

But one thing is clear and that is the liberal media's obsession to tarnish the president has not faded and has maybe increased since John Kerry's was soundly defeated after democrats outspent republicans by a 3-1 margin.

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Friday, February 18, 2005


(R)eal America (D)enied by Liberals

With the profound re-election of president George W. Bush, America has made a decisive turn away from the morally-corrupt liberal thrill ride on the Clinton/Gore highway to hell, toward the smoother, more secure destination of reality, based on Conservative values and common sense that liberals are completely void of.

In 2004, Bush was re-elected with more than 51 percent of the vote and democrats say he doesn't have a mandate. Yet In 1976, Jimma Carta squeaked by with barely 50 percent, and democrats said it was a huge mandate.

In the two times Bill Clinton was elected, he received well under 50 percent of the vote, and again democrats insisted that he had a mandate. These double-standards that liberals live by only enforces the reality of how outside the American mainstream they truly are.

As Carl Rove said just Thursday, February 17th, "The next time one of your smarty-pants liberal friends says to you, `Well, he didn't have a mandate,' you tell him of this delicious fact: This president got a higher percentage of the vote than any Democratic candidate for president since 1964," Rove said.

Indeed, President Bush's popular and electoral 2004 vote margins granted him a definite mandate, and thus also exposes the fact that by lacking any real mandate both the Carter and Clinton administrations were totally ineffective policy makers, and thus were actually years of little, if not false progress in American history.

Radical Leftists'

The 2004 election also exposed who the most radical liberals in the nation are and who is behind their financing.

Billionaire financier George Soros, whose opposition to President Bush's conduct of the war on terror caused him to pour millions of dollars into the effort to defeat the president, made a substantial donation to the defense fund for radical lawyer Lynne Stewart, who last week was found guilty of giving aid to Islamic terrorists. Continue with: Soros Funded Stewart Defense

Seems another Democrat Billionaire, Hollywood mogul David Geffan has had it with the Clintons after trashing Hillary, saying to a large crowd in New York, "She can't win, and she's an incredibly polarizing figure... "And ambition is just not a good enough reason," that got huge applause.

Geffen is right of course, but most radical liberals don't have a clue, and would support Mrs. Clinton no matter what she said or did because they're still brainwashed by the Mrs., "ya know?"

Hitlery is trying to be like Bush now, but the facade is very transparent. Sorry libs, we've been there & done that disaster and we won't make the Clinton mistake again!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Feeling Fine with Dr. Dean?

While some polls show that the democrats say they are fine with Dean's nomination to lead the embattled minority, many in the party are having second thoughts after remembering his crash and burn scream-out during the Iowa primaries, upon hearing how much he absolutely "hates republicans."

Republicans however are feeling fine with the selection of Howard Dean as the DNC's new chairman. The choice could not have been better for Conservatives as they look to extend their lead in both houses of Congress in the 2006 mid-term elections.

From: David Hill at The Hill

"A Gallup poll taken earlier this month found that Howard Dean's unfavorable name identification, 38 percent, exceeds his favorable name ID, 31 percent. According to a January 2005 poll published by The Wall Street Journal, just 27 percent of Democrats and 22 percent of all Americans view Dean positively.

But evidently the Democrats running their dazed party are so desperate for leadership that they can’t be swayed by polls, even of Democrats. So it’s not surprising to see a recent Gallup poll of 223 Democratic National Committee members showing that 63 percent believe Dean will do an excellent job as chairman and 27 percent say he’ll do a good job. Only 2 percent anticipate a poor or terrible job by Dean.

Some Democrat bigwigs say Dean will be successful because he’s a fighter. One even said Dean gave Democrats their swagger back. I’m inclined to remind Democrats that Gen. George Custer was also a fighter with more than a hefty dose of swagger, but see where that got the 7th Cavalry.

When nutty Ross Perot withdrew from campaigning and danced with his daughter to Patsy Cline’s eerie version of “Crazy” as the cameras rolled, it was disturbing, but with a certain charm, as if Perot knew. The “crazy-scream guy” waltzing back onto the political stage is simply disturbing."

Columnist Robert Novak noted today that, "The conventional wisdom in Washington is that the flamboyant Dean will overpower newly installed Republican Chairman Ken Mehlman, the understated 2004 Bush campaign manager. Old Democratic hands are not so optimistic about the coming Mehlman vs. Dean televised face-offs -- cool and disciplined vs. emotional and unpredictable."

Novak is correct about the contrast between both chairmen. Mehlman is one of the smartest and strategic players in Washington who never gets flustered, He responds with facts, staying on message speaking clearly and concisely. He was one of the main players in the president's reelection and was rightly rewarded with the chairmanship for his fine work.

Dean is much more emotional, which liberals feel is good, but in reality it becomes a detriment especially when making decisions on important issues and in dealing with the media.

In other Dean news...

Dean Orders Media Blackout.

Howard Dean, the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, requested a media blackout of a debate with top Pentagon adviser Richard Perle, then suddenly changed his mind on Wednesday after hearing that liberal news agencies complained. See Full Story

"DNC Chair Howard Dean has declared a news blackout of his appearance and requested the media not quote, record, and/or paraphrase his remarks," event coordinator Gabrielle Williams wrote in an e-mail sent to news agencies Wednesday morning. "We apologize for the late notice, but we were just informed of this request."

ou can bet that the left-wing media will have plenty of control over the Dean Machine, being pulled every which-way for candidates beholden to liberal special interest groups.

Already getting himself into trouble, Dean wants New York's Republican Party to apologize or (get this) resign over remarks linking the Democrats to a civil rights lawyer convicted of aiding terrorists.

Dean called Stephen Minarik's comments offensive and said, "The American people deserve better than this type of political character assassination." Is he kidding? Dean obviously has a hard time facing facts.

On Monday, Minarik said that Dean's election shows that "the Democrats simply have refused to learn the lessons of the past two election cycles, and now they can be accurately called the party of Barbara Boxer, Lynne Stewart and Howard Dean."

(I could not have said it better myself!)

Stewart is a New York City lawyer who was convicted last week of helping terrorists smuggle messages from one of her imprisoned clients, a radical Egyptian sheik, to his terrorist disciples on the outside who were involved in the first World Trade Center terrorist attack in 1993. Boxer is a Massively LIBERAL senator from California, who shares many of Stewart's views.

The '93 terrorist attack went with no response from the Clinton White House, and was later cited by officials as an incentive for Osama Bin Laden's decision to escalate attacks, culminating in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, killing over 3000 innocent civilians.

Minarik statement issued Wednesday said, "it is not the Republican Party's problem that these far-left activists have made their home in the Democratic party."

In other words, let the self-destruction continue!

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Monday, February 14, 2005


Democrats: Telling Lies for Power

As in the past, the new head-honcho Howard Dean declared, "Middle-class people did not see a tax cut," despite the lower tax rates enacted for all income levels and the higher tax credits for people of low and moderate income. In fact those at the low end of the economic scale do not pay any income taxes. A fact democrats try to cover-up with sound bite whines that "tax cuts are for the rich," and by that they mean anyone making in excess of $26,000. Of course it is the selfish democrats who are the real rich. outspending republicans by a 3-1 margin in the last election with their failed Vietnam candidate and his Billionaire wife. Do you ever hear of any democrats volunteering to give money for taxes?

This hypocrisy alone shows how hard the climb for democrats will be. It is obvious Bush's tax cuts across the board, not just for the rich, worked to save the economy from the disaster left by Bill Clinton's recession. Remember that Mr. Monica inherited a much improving economy after he lied about it being the worst in fifty years. Then Mr. Slick rode the Reagan/Bush engine until his three tax hikes to the highest levels in history shut it down.

According to Interest Alert,Employees of U.S.-based search engine Google gave $207,650 to federal candidates for the 2004 elections -- virtually all of it to Democrats.

A USA Today analysis published Monday indicated 98 percent of the money went to Democrats, the most-lopsided giving of any of the top tech company donors.

Microsoft was the biggest tech donor, with its political action committee contributing $3.1 million last year, 60 percent to Democrats.

Overall, 53 percent of high-tech industry contributions went to Democrats, said the liberal Center for Responsive Politics, a group that tracks campaign spending and contributions.

So democrats claiming to be against big business is just another big lie being exposed by facts!

The Democratic Party grows on government dependence. People who are dependent on government for almost any aspect of their economic or social survival can be counted on to vote for Democrats. Democrats do not think about the consequences of their actions, by first relying on emotions, then backfilling the gaps to cover mistakes inevitably leading to massive corruption.

Real freedom is exclusive to the democrats, having become the opposite of what liberals claim them to be. It boils down to this: Either you exercise responsibility for your own life, or give the government that responsibility – and the control that goes with it. It is literally the difference between democracy and totalitarianism.

Liberal democrats are absolutely scared to total and complete maggot-filled death over the prospect of individual Americans exercising one iota of independence or personal accountability in arranging for their own health care coverage or social security benefits, not to mention creating their own work by starting new businesses in the private sector. It is little wonder why democrats have lost so badly since 2000, ignoring reality while living in a world of their own ineptness that has exposed their utter incompetence.

All that matters

Feeling that government knows best and should never be messed with, Democrats are desperate to keep the people enslaved to mindless government bureaucracies and incompetent programs designed to keep the sucking sound of taxpayer money humming in their heads. But those old-style programs created during another era are running out of listeners, and cannot keep up with the realities we face today. So they must be updated with new plans and a new way of thinking. This is what president Bush has in mind and wants congress to get done for the American people.

Either democrats become Americans again, turning from their evil ways or face total defeat including permanent minority status by having followed ultra-liberal democrat disasters like Michael Moore, the Hollywood elite, the liberal media and even liberal bloggers who recklessly spew inflammatorily false accusations and innuendo in order to further divide the nation in their unquenchable hunger for power.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Deadly Mean Dean Machine

Howeird Dean has been selected as the new DNC head-hate monger to replace Terry (Global Crossing) McAuliffe.

Dean is more than a danger to the democrats, whom will suffer greatly under his madness. Indeed, Dean is a danger to all those who seek to maintain freedom in America. Dean fought against the president's decision to attack Iraq and denounced the war right up to his defeat in the Iowa caucuses.

An article Published February 1, 2005 in the Washington Times, National ID card remarks haunt Dean, shows Dean has his sights set on forcing everyone to accept a National Identity system in the guise of security.

Howard Dean is very Hitlerian in his ranting anger, and should be taken just as seriously.

Watch out for democrats who claim to be liberals as they're trying to transform America into a socialist anti-American society. They are only out for power over the people, desiring ever bigger and more intrusive government while claiming the opposite, using the liberal media to shift any blame against Republicans. It's similar to what the Palestinians do to the Israelis, and comes from the same backward mindset.

The race to 2008 is already heating up with the possible election of Hitlery Clinton, which would surely be Dean's masterpiece if he can mobilze the party as a whole instead of just the mindless liberals. That could enable him to get even closer to his failed dream of being president someday, which hopefully will never happen.

Hitlery Watch

We all know the disastrous years of Slick Willey and Al Gore who left this nation in shambles, so it is up to us Conservative Republicans to stop Howie Dean and Hitlery Clinton before they can make any serious effort to destroy America by stealing the presidency. We must stay vigilant and keep pointing out their lies and hypocrisy, especially when she says "you know"?, because she's lying about whatever "you know" she's talking about. Hitlery is almost as good at selling as the Slickmeister himself, and she's ready to take a stab at conning the world.

Let's fill in the Blue!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Big Government is Back?

According to an L.A. Times article, writer Janet Hook is trying to turn the tables on Republicans by labeling them as Big Government spenders. The discredited ultra-liberal papers' story reeks of desperation. Next thing you know, liberals will try blaming republicans for the "Great Society" too!

It is clear the foggy-headed Democrats are scared to death that their precious programs will be cut, leaving them with nothing to waste taxpayer money on while the Bush administration focuses on reducing the size of the bloated government.

Having kept the democratic party alive for so many decades, those stupid and illegitimate programs are exactly the reason why our government is choking on its own red-tape in the first place.

Keeping people dependent on small handouts is a recipe for disaster, and democrats are getting a bitter taste of what they've cooked-up over the last several decades.

Now all of a sudden they don't like big government?

The liberal spin-meisters are proving their hypocrisy and democrats ineptness with every complaint they utter these days. Have you heard any plans from democrats these last four years containing any positive message that isn't a rehash of old ideas?

Bush will get Private Accounts for Social Security

As former Clintonite Dick Morris points out in today's New York Post,
Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that support for private investment skews dramatically by age group. Those aged 18 to 29 back it by 65 percent to 22 percent. Thirtysomething voters support it by 63-28; those in their 40s, 59-30.

But voters between the ages of 50 and 64 oppose the private-investment option by 49-41, and those over 65, by 63-27.

So the only voters who oppose private investment are those whom the reforms won't touch. Those for whom the changes are real, generally support them.

What a Racket!
All of this shows that democrats remain stuck in the past of a once great, but now failed system of government bail out programs that had kept them in control, feeding their liberal thirst to create massively wasteful entitlements that did little for the money extorted.

Now it becomes the Republicans (so far failed) problem to keep spending under control now that they own all three branches of government, having had a taste of the money required to feed it.

Bush is calling his budget "lean," which by comparison to the amount other budgets increased, it is, but it is still more than ever before, and like everything else about a growing economy that is something we've come to expect, weather we like it or not.

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Monday, February 07, 2005


Cut those STUPID Government Programs!

President Bush is about to cut 150 bad government programs... The life-blood of the democraps. YEAH!!!!

I agree wholeheartedly with Bush on this because those programs are wasting massive amounts of taxpayer money, ie; my money! Bush Proposes massive cuts in Spending

Democraps in Congress for far too long have had their way in creating needless programs that do next to nothing for anyone other than lazy liberals who want to get rich and live for free off everyone else. These programs are created with no plan in mind until they get the money for them, then the plans are built around who they can pay to keep the program going while providing little if any benefit to the public.

The liberal "feeling" is they just need to look busy so they can keep applying for more government funds in order to keep friends and "constituents" on the payroll. These fake programs are ALL massive scams by liberals to rape taxpayers. This is also the reason they hate the military so much, because they feel that money can be spent better by them and for them.

But now Those days of freebies will be OVER because president Bush knows the score and isn't affaid to do the right thing for the nation and put a stop to the waste and to democrapz~!

Cutting the DEM-O-CRAP

I know exactly how the democrap brain works because I've talked to them and what they've told me is incredible. They actually admitted to me that democrats are used to living at the expense of others and have no real care about anyone but themselves and how much money they can take from others.

How many programs do know about that actually help people? Do you know what they do and for whom, or where they are? Probably not, I don't either, but I do know these invisible programs suck my hard earned money away, and I don't see the results because they're are no results to report!

Since the "great society," demcraps have been stealing the publics money in higher and higher taxes so they can keep people poor and dependent while their buddies get rich, and these program cuts has them pissed as hell and that's the reason they don't want Bush to touch them.

Well that's too damn bad liberals, you going to have to go to work like everyone else and pay your share, for once!

Bush's ownership society is great and will finally get many people off the government tread mill.

GO Bush!

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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Wind At His Back

With the election behind him and wind at his back after three stunning victories, president Bush is taking his message on the road to sell his agenda straight to the American people, leaving democrats to whallow in their past failures.

The president realizes that all citizens should have the same benefits as those who work for the government who are receiving a better rate of return in private accounts than the average Joe.

The original Social Security system is an old plan that has run its course and can no longer keep up with today's retirees, and is set to go into the red during the peak of baby boomers leaving the work force for their golden years.

The strength of the president comes from his decisive election victory, including expanding republican gains in Congress that is contrasted by president Clinton's second term disaster when democrats lost control.

Bringing the economy back was another huge feat for the president, especially after 9/11, and during war time. His tax cuts worked and proved democrats as big government power mongers who take the people's money away in order to have more control over them, feeling that government was created to run the lives of its citizens.

Being vindicated on his foreign war policies in Afghanistan and Iraq, the president has quieted the democratic whiners for the time being, and can start to focus his attention on trying to halt Iran's nuclear development while still helping the Iraqis take control of their own government.

Middle East Sees Democracy

All these achievements make president Bush a power to be reckoned with in Washington, setting the tone for his legislative initiatives to get passed much easier than anyone thought would be possible.

Around the world, the overwhelming success of votes cast in Iraq were heavily praised even by France and Germany, who so bitterly fought against ousting their buddy Saddam Hussein. Democrats have had nothing but criticism about the Iraq war, including the elections where the majority of Americans along with the Iraqi people have responded by flipping them the purple finger.

Now that Bush has planted the freedom seed, other countries in the region are rethinking their negative stance about democracy, questioning the cost of continued terrorism vs freedom.

Against the Wind

Democrats are contemplating how they can stop the president's positive agenda for change in America while remaining a self-proclaimed "progressive" party.

Seems anti-war treasonous whiners Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton have conveniently forgotten about their last supposed war hero president who said: "We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of Liberty." --John F. Kennedy

Of course that would be the Vietnam war that democrats and their liberal media cohorts are desperately trying to make Iraq into.

Earth to democrats... nobody else is buying it!

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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Confident and Strong

President Bush's State of the Union speech on Wednesday showed he is on the right course for America's future both here and abroad declaring the union "confident and strong." Mr. Bush stated his plans for fixing Social Security and Health care while asking for bipartisan cooperation. How much he gets will determine his success. Democrats have threatened to block his agenda (and America's progress) no matter what.

The many standing ovations during the speech showed clearly that republicans support freedom from government regulations and democrats do not. Democrats on the other side of the isle, sat down on many of the positive initiatives proposed by the president, and especially on SS, where they obviously believe it's better to wait until it's too late to do anything about it, so that the end everyone will have to "make sacrifices" paying more in taxes to save the system.

Just imagine how much democrats will jack up the taxes if and when they back into power. Hopefully if they keep up like they have been for the past four years, it will be a very long time until then. By the way, did anyone see senator traitor Kennedy? I did see Hitlery there, and she looked as bad as I'm sure she feels.

Clear Vision

Dems are certainly out of touch with America, desiring to keep the people slaving on puny government rations instead of letting people make more money for themselves in personal accounts. Since it was Al Gore who opened up the SS lock box by casting the deciding vote to do so in 1998, democrats must have really hated it when Bush said that government wouldn't be able to touch those accounts.

Bush has a clear vision for America and he will see it through, while democrats will be making appointments to see their optometrist.


The president has been right about Iraq all along and democrats can't admit it because they're stuck in perpetual hate mode.

Our military is doing a solid job in Iraq with the full support of the commander in chief and the republican party. Democrats say they support the troops and maybe they do, but they can't stand the fact that this war is nowhere near the dems debacle in Vietnam, even though they claim otherwise which only makes them look that much more desperate and anti-American.

The great part came when the Iraqi woman who's father was murdered by former dictator Saddam, turned and hugged the mother of a soldier killed in the war. It was the longest standing ovation of the night by far, and rightly so. It also proved beyond doubt that president Bush was right in his decision to go to war. Democrats can deny it all they want to, but the positive facts speak much louder than their negative hypocrisy.

Establishing a free Iraq is the key to creating peace in that region, even though Iran has become a pain that needs to be dealt with soon by dialog or arms. The latter is more likely. A nuclear Iran cannot be tolerated by the world and it will therefore be up to America to do the right thing once again for the continuation of humanity, because the UN and EU cannot and would not.

Pray that it doesn't come to that!

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