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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Do or Die New Year?

Having just finished reading Senator John McCain's speech to GOPAC in Washington, given after the November elections, I must say that I agree with McCain's tough posture of facing reality head on, although this is not an endorsement of his '08 presidential run.

Much in the speech reflects the words and objectives of president Bush, but more precisely, and to a wider degree in explaining what challenges and sacrifices America faces that are required to win the war in Iraq, defeat the Islamic extremists' and charter a new course for the future.

President Bush himself will deliver a speech after the New Year that will likely echo much of what John McCain has said in the following excerpt of his speech...

"Americans are tired of Iraq because they are not convinced we can still win there without an intolerable loss of additional lives and resources. I understand that. But in no other time are we more morally obliged to speak the truth to our country, as we best see it, than in a time of war. So, let me say this, without additional combat forces we will not win this war. We can, perhaps, attempt to mitigate somewhat the terrible consequences of our defeat, but even that is an uncertain prospect. We don't have adequate forces in Iraq to clear and hold insurgent strongholds; to provide security for rebuilding local institutions and economies; to arrest sectarian violence in Baghdad and disarm Sunni and Shia militias; to train the Iraqi Army, and to embed American personnel in weak, and often corrupt Iraqi police units. We need to do all these things if we are to succeed."

I am not a fan of McCain due to his coziness with Democrat's, although I can appreciate his attitude here, and he could be right. Of course there is always a but, and here it is. But what if we are falling further into an Islamic trap by adding more troops, already stretched to the limit, to an already costly war that seems as un-winnable as a tired gambler using his last hundred bucks at a poker table in Vegas?

I believe the situation in Iraq, to secure the Middle East is dire enough that we are suddenly left with little choice but to take on more risk. It no longer matters how many enemy fighters are killed in the process, as we've tried our best to hold back, costing us dearly in American lives as well as Iraqi lives. However, it may be Islam's grand design to drag out attacks in Iraq no matter the cost until Iran has a nuclear weapon they can and will use on Israel, even sacrificing the Palestinians as Martyrs.

For if we fail now, life as we know it in America will most assuredly, drastically change, possibly even making the world's last great empire vanish, just as Mr. Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Mullah's have steadfastly predicted. Allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons will negate whatever future was planned, should not even be a consideration.

Democrat's must finally and fully wake-up to this reality if America is to survive, by joining ranks with Republican's to crush Islamo-fascism, realizing that victory will come not only with dialogue, now being used against us, but with the knowledge of patience our vast military power has forced previous enemies to respect.

It's do or die.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006


The Hysterical Hyping of Hussein Obama

Second year senator Barack (Hussein) Obama is the son of an American mother and a Kenyan father who is the new media darling for Democrats and their media-hypers. With only two years service in the senate, Obama is nowhere near qualified, nor has he any national level government leadership credentials to run for president or vice president, which is why most U.S. presidents have come from first being a governor of a state, any why so many members of congress have failed in runs for the White House.

Electing Obama to the White House would be like replacing a four star army General with a corpral just out of boot camp.

The revelation of Obama being part muslim with his middle name being Hussein, speaks volumes about his quest for the top job of world leader and peacemaker. He has little chance of making this happen as his race and lack of experience will not allow him to gather the electoral votes required. Imagine the amount of money that will wasted on this campaign that could go to help people in real need. Projections are upwards of a Billion dollars, which is criminal, and proves beyond doubt that McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform (CFR) was another deceptive disaster that has had the opposite intended effect, much like ex-prez Bill Clinton’s open-door trade policy to China that has effected millions of American workers.

Mr. Obama faces some stereo-typical difficulties, namely the color of his skin, his carefully hidden middle name – Hussein – which reminds many Americans of certain figures they consider to be enemies, standing no chance being elected president. The most famous Hussein is going to hang, so this cover-up for Obama is essential to keep radical lefties in the fold should some care, but most of them don’t.

Obama's carefully-crafted image is typical of what leftists' look for in a media-created candidate, someone who speaks well, looks good and is a young liberal democrat who can be shaped fittingly into his party's mold, and marketed for increased sales, like a new car that’s the same as last years, with minor modifications.

Like Clinton before him, Obama can talk in a slick manner using emotional language meant for duping those who enjoy having their ears tickeled with promises, no matter how unrealistic they may be. Democrats don’t really care what the candidate actually believes in or what they say, as all that can be scripted for them like a Hollywood movie.

The hysterical hyping of Obama is already well underway. In the wake of Barack (Hussein) Obama's high-energy and much-publicized debut in the Granite State, the first "Barack Obama for President" ad will begin airing early next week air on WMUR and some cable news outlets. The ad was first made public on UnionLeader.com yesterday afternoon.

A Hillary Clinton/Obama ticket would be the worst of all scenarios for not only the U.S., but for the entire world, that would suffer greatly without strong leadership from the U.S. government, as we all found out on 9/11/01 happening due to president Clinton’s eight year negligence.

Hillary Clinton is not the centrist she’s trying to be, and neither is Obama. Both in fact are very liberal leftists’ who desire world peace at any price, no matter the cost paid by America and Israel. Both follow the Marxist ideology left over from the radical 60’s of drugs and sex that so many liberal Democrats are still stuck in today.

Even if Obama runs on his own for the presidency, his votes in congress expose him as an ultra liberal who votes for killing babies at any stage of development. Obama voted against Bush’s tax cuts using old class-warfare lies that have been proven wrong by the ever growing Bush economy and deficit reduction, with more tax revenues going into government then ever before in history.

According to a Ronald Reagan former economic advisor, Lawerance Kudlow of Kudlow's Money Politics:

“The young senator also voted against repealing the death tax. He dismissed it as a "Paris Hilton tax break" that would give "billions of dollars to billionaire heirs and heiresses." Try telling that to the owners of farms, ranches and small businesses who are forced to sell their legacies because of this tax.

He swings a nice protectionist bat, too. He has voted against free trade (CAFTA) and U.S. energy independence (drilling in ANWR), and has opposed lifting a $0.54 per gallon tariff on Brazilian ethanol. "Ethanol imports are neither necessary nor a practical response to current gasoline prices," he claimed. Nonsense.

He's also strongly opposed to personal retirement accounts for Social Security reform and prefers instead that the government steward your money. As Amanda Carpenter wrote in Human Events, "When speaking out against various tax cuts, Obama has likened the 'Ownership Society' -- which entails such things as personalized Social Security accounts, health savings accounts and school choice -- to 'social Darwinism.'"”

George Will believes This is the Time for Obama:

“What people see in him reveals more about them than about him. Some of his public utterances have the spunginess of Polonius' bromides for Laertes ("neither a borrower nor a lender be ... to thine own self be true''). In 2005, the liberal Americans for Democratic Action and the AFL-CIO rated his voting record a perfect 100. The nonpartisan National Journal gave him a 82.5 liberalism rating, making him more liberal than Clinton (79.8). He dutifully decries "ideological'' politics, but just as dutifully conforms to most of liberalism's catechism, from "universal'' health care, whatever that might mean, to combating global warming, whatever that might involve, and including the sacred injunction Thou Shalt Execrate Wal-Mart -- an obligatory genuflection to organized labor.”

Will anyone notice there’s never any mention of his middle name, as if it could make some kind of difference in the minds of voters? Of course that would be bigotted and politically incorrect to base one’s opinion on a name or his fathers religion, right? So it’s strange indeed that the leftist media fails to mention Barack’s middle name of Hussein, as if they’re ashamed of it somehow, while claiming to be for equality. But they never fail to mention that Mitt Romney is a Mormon, in order to suggest something against him in the minds of voters.

Perhaps Obama is sensitive to not only his middle name, but also his rather large ears, as we’ve just learned with his warning to the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd of all people. For more on that, here is a must read found on the Drudge Report on Rush Limbaugh's web site titled, MoDo and Barack Hussein Odumbo.

Well, there has already been a muslim elected in Minnesota to serve in our government, who by the way will take his oath of office on the Koran instead of the Bible, and who believes America must follow Islam. Perhaps Barack Hussein Obama will have him as a running mate instead of Hillary? Hmmm.

By the next election, most folks will be so sick of hearing about Obama and his problems that they’ll likely pick someone else who’s more qualified, and without the found baggage.

Yes it’s still early, but the 2008 campaign is on, and with no incumbent running, anything is possible.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Democrat’s Control Denial

As the media reports trickled out about Sen. Tim Johnson’s medical problem, the Democrats cranked up their spin machine.

We learned at first that his condition was minor, just a temporary imbalance, and that all would be fine with Johnson resuming his post in the new democrat controlled congress, insisted many of his fellow Democrats and their media muppets.

Then news came that it could be a stroke, abeit a "very minor" one. All would be fine when Johnson resumes his post soon, hoped many Democrats.

Now, when the facts can’t be spun, we learn that his condition required immediate surgery for bleeding in the brain. But again, Dems say he’ll be fine and back to his post, so they hope. Seems they care more about their power than the man they had in the seat. But of course we learned that long ago at Paul Wellstone's (campaign) funeral.

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid visited Johnson in the hospital Thursday morning and said afterward he was confident the senator would recover fully.

Talk about being in denial. When asked about whether Democratic control of the Senate might be jeopardized, Reid said, "There isn't a thing that's changed."

Reid refused to comment on Johnson's medical condition, declining to even answer a question on whether the senator was conscious. "To me he looked very good," Reid said.

Democrats have a dissolving 51-49 margin in the new Senate that begins Jan. 4. If Johnson must leave the Senate, the governor of South Dakota, a Republican, will very likely appoint a Republican to fill Johnson's position, thus keeping the Senate in GOP hands with Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaking power.

But who cares? A good man has just had a terrible thing happen to him, and all anyone can talk about is how this will effect control of congress. We should all be praying hard for Tim Johnson’s well being, period.

The rest is minor.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006


The Ignorant Simpleton Group's non-report

Bombshell headline: Iraq situation "GRAVE". Just what all those on the left wanted to see. Strange there wasn't a headline like that during the Vietnam war when there were ten times more casualities, or in WWII when more than twice the current number of soldiers were killed in a single battle to take a small hill.

Has America become soft, as the terrorists' have said? If we panic this easily, Iran will have no problem ignoring the security council about their nukes, which are nearly ready for use just a few months from now.

Let's take a good look at the members of the Iraq Study Group shall we?

James A. Baker, III, and Lee H. Hamilton, Co-Chairs Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Edwin Meese III, Sandra Day O’Connor, Leon E. Panetta, William J. Perry, Charles S. Robb, Alan K. Simpson.

Most of these folks are in the law profession, and well past their prime. What does Sandra Day O'Connor and Vernon Jordan know about war, and why were they included on the panel? Who made up this list of "experts" anyway? Were the old men making sure they couldn't be sued in court after releasing this report of appeasement?

The report itself says nothing new, it just complains about current conditions while hyperventilating about it getting worse if something – whatever that is, they don't say – isn't done.

Why do they think they were called on to study this problem? They made a list of 79 recommendations from which to shoot darts at. Some of which have nothing to do with Iraq, such as throwing Israel to the Palestinian wolves, as if they were called on for making that decision. It's called the IRAQ Study Group, not Israel!

This panel was nothing but a joke, put together months ago for coming up with solutions to fixing a war that Bush said would be a long and hard struggle for democracy. The ISG didn't do anything but make a list of complaints while recommending things already being done. They were however correct in their assessment about the Iraqi people not doing enough to help stop terrorism. In fact, it has seemed as if the Iraqi people have been stalling for time until Iran finishes their nukes to drive us out of the region.

Here is an excerpt from Robert Tracinski, who has written an article that nicely sums up the entire ISG report in Captain Obvious to the Rescue.

"The basic fact is that the conflict in Iraq, from the very beginning, has been stoked by Syria and Iran. These dictatorial regimes are stoking the conflict because the success of the American mission in Iraq is an obvious threat to their very existence. They can't afford the example of a free nation in the region, nor can they afford the example of a successful exertion of American power on their doorsteps.

That's why all the debate over whether Iraq is in a "civil war" is beside the point. Calling Iraq a "civil war" has the effect of narrowing our focus, making the conflict look like a purely internal fight between Iraqi factions. But the real picture is regional. The civil strife in Iraq is just the instrument of a regional fight for dominance between Iran and the United States."

The panel has basically given Iran free reign to finished their nuclear program, saying there isn't much if anything we can do about it now. It took them months to come up with this assessment of surrender?

The anticipation of this report has turned out to be an utter waste of time and money. Patience is required here, not panic. Brains and courage instead of emotional hyperbole and frightful scenarios from some old men would serve our nation better in the eyes of American's and the world.

This report does nothing but make America look weak to our enemies and allies. It will likely be the gift that keeps on giving for Iran and Syria as Israel suffers under our weak appeasement that will be constantly exposed by the anti-American leftist media from here on out.

If you think Vietnam was a disaster, the leftists' are making sure this will be much worse, as they give our enemies every incentive to keep up their resistance.

In saying America and Israel are finished in many of his speeches, perhaps Mr. Ahmadjihad has it right about us? He seems to have convinced those on the ISG panel, with agreement by the left, and after all, they're the "intellectuals," right?

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Political Upheaval

There is a growing trend in America's world of politics away from the status quo government corruption by both parties, although the left is still far worse than the right according to the majority of voters who grudgingly put Democrat's back in control of congress, albeit with a slim margin in hopes they will not be able to do much harm. But we have wait and see just what they do and how they vote, as opposed to what they say as Democrats rely more on feel-good talk rather than substance.

The reason is clear enough for everyone to see. Overspending and corruption has made many American's mad to point of finally demanding accountability of their government officials, no matter the party.

After the Republican's were trusted with the people's money, they went on a huge spending spree that included many pork projects and roads to nowhere that were a previous staple of Democrats. Republican's caught the same disease democrat's have had for decades, and it is up to the public to cure them both, even as unrealistic as that may seem with money and material over-taking the public's weakening consciousness after massive 24/7 bombardments by the leftist media, and their corporate advertisers.

The truth is that the public isn't told the truth about where their tax money actually goes. It is hidden in numerous volumes of red tape and monstrous congressional bills nobody has time to read. Those in government like to keep the public busy and distracted by putting in mind-numbing details to complicate, if not eradicate any objection.

People have about had it with all this obtrusiveness and outright lies told by their government officials who are voted for in trust. However, this last election was by far the most deceitful and expensive yet, so so much for Campaign Finance Reform.

Obviously, money talks louder than laws in America, as O.J., his attorney’s, and some corrupt corporate officer's will happily attest to.

Third-way Trend
Due to mass disgust at the U.S. political system, there is now a new group of folks who insist that, as reported by World Net Daily, "The American public are angry at both the Democratic and Republican Party," Phillips said. "If neither major party wants to listen to the American middle class, the Constitution Party is ready to enter center stage and get back to the basics that have made the republic established by our founding fathers work for over 230 years."



"China now holds over $1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves as a direct result of our huge and growing trade deficit," Jerome Corsi explained. "China sneezed over Thanksgiving, suggesting that a move might be made to hold fewer dollars and the dollar began dropping like a rock."

Getting back to basics is what America is need of. For over 230 years, the U.S. government has grown so huge that it has lost touch with the public it supposedly serves, on the conservative side at least.

A third party has been tried and failed so many times, that there is little if any hope of a new one making any real difference in the final outcome. It may however sharpen candidates to focus their campaign promises on reality instead of empty words that just sound good to certain support groups.

A real candidate for the people should focus on how government is supposed to work for the nation's infrastructure and defense without high taxes, not how to provide for people's well being as socialists' desire.

The United States Government needs to be stripped down into a lean mean efficient machine, instead of it being run by pork-eating bureaucrats creating wasteful programs and fatter bills to make themselves look good to their constituents at parties, many of whom would probably vote it down if they knew the true costs, and if it were up to them.

If American’s do not turn its corrpupt government around, the result will lead to further disruption of religious freedoms and social liberties inherent in the original U.S. Consitution. The left has done a great job at singeing the edges of our democracy, and they’re now ready to burn America’s founding document their leaders like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to name a few, consider to be just an old-meaningless piece of paper, much the same way they think of scripture in the Bible.

The good news is that the economy is strong, thanks to Bush’s tax cuts says Steve Forbes who gives credit to the president for saving the economy.

“The big tax cuts of 2003 really enabled the economy to go from a 1 percent stagnant, semi-stagnant economy to the vigorous one we have today. It's not fully appreciated, because the main media more or less ignore it, but the growth in the American economy during the last four years exceeds the entire size of the Chinese economy,” Forbes says, in an interview by Newsmax.

Let's see if the Democrat's attempt to ruin the economy before the 2008 elections while blaming it on Bush. They're already starting by trying to fast-track the minimum wage bill. Has anyone else already noticed prices going up?

This time, most people will not likely be fooled!

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