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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


DNC, Reid: Slingin' Old Mud

In using a 27 year old comment by president Bush against him on Social Security, senate minority leader Harry Reid has left himself open to attacks by Republicans because of comments he made long ago, that contradict what he's saying now.

The S.S. battle is reaching a crescendo as old comments go over the top in this slugfest to save the government program or overhaul it to keep pace with the changing economy.

President Bush made this comment in 1978 during his bid for Congress saying that Social Security will “go bust in 10 years unless there are some changes.”

Image hosted by Photobucket.com “Senator Reid has claimed Social Security as the ‘most successful program in the history of the world,’ yet he wrote legislation 20 years ago allowing himself and other members of Congress to stay out of Social Security,” said Brian Jones, the RNC’s communications director.

Reid’s bill would have kept all federal employees hired by the government after Jan. 1, 1984, from the shackles of Social Security, according to a Republican summary of the bill, H.R. 3589, introduced in July 1983.

Gary Burtless an expert on Social Security, and fellow economist at the Brookings Institution said “One of outrages of allowing some people to be outside of Social Security is they’re not making contributions to the program,”

Appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” just last month, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) used a Bush quote from 27 years ago by the Midland, Texas, Reporter-Telegram.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com“This is a man, President Bush, who said in 1978 that Social Security would go bust in 1988 unless the system was privatized,” she said. “He was wrong then. This is the president whose White House said we’ve been waiting for this opportunity to change Social Security.”

Notice that the president knew then that Social Security was in trouble! His timing may have been a bit off, but he was right about the problems facing social security, and now because of democrats even more time has elapsed thus increasing the urgency.

In typical and continual obstructionist fashion, Reid showed no respect whatsoever for the elected leader of the free world, when the liberal democrat personally referred to the president as "this guy."

Democrats feel the U.S. Constitution is a "living-breathing document" that can be changed on their whims according to current liberal views, but that their gargantuan and faultering government programs must not be touched, and that raising taxes on the people to keep them going and secure their jobs while stealing more money from the public is an acceptable way to govern. Seems they've forgotten what the Boston Tea Party was all about!

A Wall Street Journal article titled "The Cynical Idealism Behind Social Security" by Bill Voegeli speaks the truth: "Liberalism depends, in addition, on the reliable psychological tendency to treat whatever we become accustomed to as something we are entitled to. No task in democratic politics is more difficult than taking things away. As a result, conservatives have won many electoral victories since 1964, but few domestic policy victories."

Democrats love to create massive programs and bureaucracies that benefit the public little but keep the government growing to huge proportions, thus keeping them in control of the people and their money.

Reid’s has been quoted saying that “there is no more positive agenda than saving Social Security” then he contradicted himself just two days later, when he said, “The so-called Social Security crisis exists in only one place: the minds of Republicans.”

Well, you can't have it both ways Harry, it's time to deal with reality!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Steady, Mr. Bush

According to this Washington Times article "Bush picks brains of Clinton, father" the strong war president seems to be looking for a new strategy to promote his desire to spread freedom and democracy.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOne begins to question if Bush has gone wobbly on us conservatives in his second term by seeking advice from the same weak appeaser he replaced, Bill Clinton.

Not to sound like a liberal but, what... has Bush used up his brain cells or something? Why is he seeking the input of a democrat who failed to recognize war and terror threats from Arabs, and instead deflected them inward to Christian groups he labeled as "radical fundamentalists'"?

Those snakes are setting him, and hence the nation up for a huge fall by trying to persuade us that Hillary is some kind of modern moderate, joining her other distortions (lies) found in her book of (revised) History. How many times did she say, "I don't know" about what went on in the White House during and after Bill's impeachment? Funny how soon that book came out afterward.

The war on terrorism, is far from over as terrorists' (not militants as the liberal media calls them) are setting up their plan for more attacks against America, while other items of importance including Iran and North Korea are looming on the horizon.

Smoozing the wrong people

I certainly hope that Bush isn't attempting to pave the way for Hillary by getting cozy with the Clinton's. Should that be the unfortunate case, then America will be headed for real trouble. The consequences of another Clinton in the White House will be the end of everything America stands for as Hillary will dissolve the Constitution, starting with the electoral college, and national security while pushing her brand of radical socialism based on her Marxist ideology. At the same time she will surely grant the socialist minded UN and EU authority over America's military and sovereignty to dismantle our defenses.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo in trying to spin her image from far left liberal to moderate, Hillary and her cronies are attempting to con the American people under false pretenses much the same way her husband did in the run-up to the '92 election.

Hillary cannot escape her ingrained liberal/socialist/communist ideology she's been perfecting since the late 60's when she became part of the Black Panthers terrorist organization, and in the 1970's as an intense supporter of women being given the "right" to slaughter their innocent babies from an inconvenient pregnancy after choosing to engage in sinful relations.

Indeed, as Mr. Richard Poe said here Hillary’s work for the Panthers won her a summer internship at the Berkeley office of attorney Robert Treuhaft in 1972. A hardline Stalinist, Treuhaft had quit the Communist Party in 1958 only because it was losing members and no longer provided a good platform for his activism. (1) "Treuhaft is a man who dedicated his entire legal career to advancing the agenda of the Soviet Communist Party and the KGB," notes historian Stephen Schwartz. (2)

Hillary hasn't changed since her popularity contest days protesting with the Black Panthers, just the same way that John Kerry never regretted his lies against his fellow U.S. soldiers since Vietnam.

In fact after being proven wrong for all these years, both are still so very proud of their activism against America, their selfish arrogance won't let them stop grasping for the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

1. Olson (1999), pp. 56-57.

2. Brock (1996), p. 33.

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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Dissolve the Damn UN, NOW!

LUANDA, Angola, April 8 - The death toll in Angola from an epidemic caused by an Ebola-like virus rose to 174 Friday as aid workers in one northern provincial town reported that terrified people had attacked them and that a number of health workers had fled out of fear of catching the disease. Fear and Violence Accompany a Deadly Virus Across Angola

The intensity of Angola's outbreak is apparently partly due to the horrific state of the nation's hospitals after a 27-year civil war that ended in 2002, the failure to identify the disease for months after the first case and some traditional burial customs, including kissing corpses. Only when health care workers began dying in early March, six months after what health officials now believe was probably the first case, was the alarm fully raised.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
YOU tell me... where the Hell was the UN then for 27 years, and where are the "Little Blue Hats" now? While they're prancing around with flags and stylish new uniforms, what good does the Billions of Tax Dollars America gives them, do for anyone?

What about the all that money, literally HUNDREDS OF MILLION$ Kofi Annan stole from the Oil for Food program, that has become the world's biggest scandal?

While the UN was created to stop atrocities like holocausts' and genocidal human cleansing from happening again, it is obvious to anyone who notices that the UN has failed miserably as millions of innocent people have been slaughtered all over the world in places like Rwanda, Angola, Africa, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere.

The UN has a problem of accountability and of abuse; of an organisation sent to police the world which remains unable to police itself, and of a climate of systematic abuse which ranges from alleged high-level fumblings to the rape of girls and boys, some of them as young as six, by members of the DRC peacekeeping force, known as Monuc, its French acronym, and civilian UN officials.

Plagues and diseases are growing rampant while the UN talks about it. They've been talking about it since it's inception and have little if anything to show for all their concerned "discussion."

I for one, don't want anymore of my tax dollars going the UN, ever!

The reality is that the UN is just a paper tiger drowning under its own weight and needs to be dissolved, not fixed, as Kofi Annan is belatedly attempting to do now, while having the gall to ask for more money.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


What goes around...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe shocking news about Peter Jennings having Lung Cancer seemed a bit fitting at this time. I wonder if Peter will get the same "standard" medical treatment he claimed Terri Schiavo had gotten in a hospice.

The old but remarkably true saying that "What goes around comes around," has certainly been appropriate these last few years with John Kerry losing badly because of his Vietnam lies over 30 years that suddenly caught up to him after making it the focus of his campaign. Who can forget his "reporting for duty" salute at the DNC convention. I haven't laughed that hard since!

Another backlash was Dan Rather being fired for his lies against president Bush in Rathergate, along with other liberals being exposed for their partisan lies trying gain political power at any cost by spreading propaganda in the media against the war that only kept the enemy engaged to kill out troops.

Suffering the consequences

Since lung cancer is usually fatal within a short time of diagnosis, should Mr. Jennings be given food and water during his hospital stays if he's going to die anyway? I mean how good could the quality of his life be for the time he has remaining?

After all, that was Peter's reasoning about Terri and her condition just recently. Those who approved of her starvation under the guise of it being merciful, should be concerned.

Even though I never liked Peter Jennings much, mainly because of his arrogant liberal slandering of the news, he still has my prayers for his recovery.

Indeed, The Lord does his work in mysterious ways.

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