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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Obama, Running on Air

The front runner for the democrats, B. Hussein Obama is a false leader selling false dreams of hope to salacious socialists.

Well, we all certainly "hope" to win a million dollars for doing nothing, which is what Barack's been doing, handing out water bottles for phony faints, as the collection bucket moves among the deluded-'O'-faithful.

The New York Times is trying to help their false prophet by coming out with a massive hit job written by four left-wing writers attacking republican nominee Sen. John McCain in "hopes" of putting him away before the contest even begins.

These liberals are out for blood and want a quick kill so they can worship their newest saviour.

Can't say for sure if the attacks on McCain are accurate or not, although based on past hit pieces on republicans from the liberal paper, there are obvious exaggerations and probable lies and innuendo being printed for partisan gain. The Times is doing damage control since releasing the baseless story.

Liberals at the TImes could hardly contain themselves, having to wait until it was certain McCain had sealed the republican nomination. We expect bias from the NYTimes, but this piece is really over the top.

With only vauge descriptions, less any evidence of an improper relationship, focus has moved from suggestions of McCain’s supposed improprieties to questions over whether the Times should have run the story in the first place

“I’m very disappointed in The New York Times piece. It’s not true,”
McCain said during a press conference in Toledo, Ohio about the smear story.

What about the connections to the lobbyists' that Obama has made. He's been nailed doing land deals with slum lord Tony Rezko in Chicago, decisions Obama says he regrets.

Sure he regrets them, who wouldn't after making hundreds of thousands on just one deal alone? The initial finding is likely to be buried by the media with any other negatives concerning Obama's messiah like rise that has blinded his followers.

Obama's messianic vision is to put more, much more government over the people, (opposite of what Jesus taught).

As Charles Kruthhammer wrote in his must read article, "Time for a rude awakening"...

"We are the hope of the future," sayeth Obama. We can "remake this world as it should be." Believe in me and I shall redeem not just you but your country - nay, we can become "a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world and make this time different than all the rest."

Obama, as usual was very clear in what he was saying,... nothing.

"Remake the world as it should be"? According to whom?

"a hymn that will heal this nation, repair this world and make this time different than all the rest." ?

Is it me or did you hear violin's playing in the background?

Hymn's are like pacifiers. America doesn't need healing as we are the by far the most healthy, prosperous and giving nation on the planet. If Obama has is way, this time will be different than the rest because he will ruin democracy and replace it with failed socialism.

B.H.O. sounds like another false prophet who tickles the ears of many, but may end up bringing terrible destruction upon those who fall under his delusions.

As Karl Rove points out,
"For Mr. Obama, words are merely a means to hide a left-leaning agenda behind the cloak of centrist rhetoric."

Obama is by far the most liberal senator ever. More liberal than Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin and Hillary Clinton. He has it all completely backwards, believing we the people work for the government and the government should tell us all how to live and die, ie: government healthcare from cradle to grave, according to a few.

National Journal found that in 2007 he favored the liberal position on 65 of 66 key votes in which he voted, giving him a 95.5 score, the highest in the Senate.

Barack is nothing but a puppet-wannabe-dictator being used to make socializm happen for far left powerbrokers like George Soros and Al Gore.

Russian president Putin will love him, as will the Islamic fundies he'll cave to. America is already being taken over by the Arabs and Chinese buying up our companies and land.

One may wonder if Michelle Obama is proud of American technology to shoot down a wayward satellite in one shot? I guess she didn't like it when the Berlin wall fell and we won the cold war against Russia.

Barack Hussein Obama is floating on air, all hype-zero substance, as is to a lesser degree Hillary Clinton, but at least we know where she comes from.

Robert Samuelson writes: "He (Obama) seems to have hypnotized much of the media and the public with his eloquence and the symbolism of his life story. The result is a mass delusion that Obama is forthrightly engaging the nation's major problems when, so far, he isn't." See the full article: The Obama Delusion.

Our only hope now is John McCain.

At least he'll continue the war in Iraq until we can leave at the right time instead of pulling out and losing all we've worked and paid for, keeping the United States secure for past seven years since Islamic jihadis hit New York and Washington.

John McCain should pick a quality conservative to be his vice president. This will be key to winning the election, and to get enough of the base to vote for him instead of sitting at home. Mr. McCain has to fight not only the media, but even his own law the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill, that plays into the democrats hands by prohibiting him from buying and broadcasting political ads just prior to the election. All the media has to do is keep Obama's coverage positive in the minds of viewers while making McCain's negative. Democrats don't care if people notice.

Conservatives should hope this doesn't come back to bite John McCain.

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Friday, February 08, 2008


Right Party Makes Wrong Choice

Unfortunately, the only conservative in the race, Gov. Mitt Romney has decided to suspend his campaign. America has lost its best hope for survival. It now seems that the nation will fall left into apostasy with either conservative pretender John McCain or one of the Democrats, all of whom lack executive experience to lead.

Suspending his campaign rather than officially ending it, allows Romney continue to represent the interests of his delegates, said spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.

"We want to make sure that the governor's principles are reflected in the platform and at the convention. We have a number of pledged delegates and we don't want to completely abandon them. But we're not laboring under unrealistic expectations that governor Romney might magically become the Republican nominee."

Who can blame Mitt for using much of his own money to direct the party back to Reagan? But the media wouldn't let him win, as it is the liberal media who decides who to promote, denigrate or ignore.

Please read: Governor Romney's Address To CPAC. It is well worth the time.

With his big win on Super Delusion Tuesday, John McCain was given the keys to take the wheel, turn it left and drive us conservatives off a cliff. It's something he's been wanting to do since Bush beat him in 2000. Of course he'll pander with rhetoric, but his record proves he's not conservative--but neither is Muckabee, and neither is Bush very conservative.

Conservatives were forgiving of Mitt Romney for stances to win in liberal Massachusetts, and his religion, but have shown much distrust for John McCain for going against them when he didn't have to in Arizona. Independent wimps caved to McCain's lies and hypocrisy much the same way conservatives did with Bush.

McCain's democrats squashed all positive talk of Mitt Romney, and promoted anything they deemed as negative against him in favor of big 5' 6" John, whom they feel they can "work with" to advance their socialist dreams by getting him to agree to things on their terms, as their tests with senators Russ Feingold, Teddy Kennedy and, now, Joe Lieberman have so effectively proven.

The libs may have won this time, but real conservatives will work hard to crush them later, that is, if the nation survives the damage the libs will inflict on freedom.

This picture from the Drudge Report shows a photo-shopped stretched 5' 6" John McCain to look as if he's near the same height as president Reagan who stood at 6' 1". More deceptions are surely coming from the little Maverick.

Will America shrink its president to match Russia's president Putin? It's something Ted Kennedy has wanted since going against President Reagan in the cold war.

McCain realized that the majority of voters have not taken the time to find out about him and his appeasment of liberals in the democratic party. Many voters simply follow the media like sheep, not understanding that McCain is out for sheer power and will do anything to get it, even if it kills conservatism and upholds liberalism. Dems will lovingly gush over him before stabbing him in the back once their mission of evil has been accomplished.

Hike Muckabee is another deceiver like Bill Clinton, who wants to win, but will gladly take second place to be a heart attack away from winning. Yes, Muckabee is a suck-up, a butt kisser who speaks with a forked tongue to get what he wants, proven in many of his debate performances.

Since America has decided to hang a left, I'll be staying parked, waiting for 2012 to see if Romney runs again.

According to a senior member of his inner circle, Romney intends to run again in four years.

The Real McCain?

Fool me once... as McCain did back in '99 when I voted for him in the primaries. Since then he's exposed himself as a liberal, so I won't be fooled again by voting for him now.

Charles Hurt of the New York Post points out ONCE JOHN WINS, HE'LL MAKE A LEFT...

"He will return to his lifelong positions as soft on illegal immigration, skeptical of tax cuts and favoring strong federal control over things like campaign financing.

McCain's appeal to independents and even the left is what makes him such a powerhouse in the general election."

As a true conservative, I'll never vote for McHuckster. Here's why...

“Our message will be that we all share common principles, common conservative principles and we should coalesce around those issues in which we are in agreement,” McCain said, expressing hope they could “respectfully disagree” on areas of conflict.

McCain sounds more like a communist everyday, pushing his leftist ideas for the "common good". Lord save us!

Upon the news announced early on election day that Huckabee won West Virginia after colluding with John McCain to stop Mitt Romney, strange weather began happening in the south with tornados killing 55 people. Before that, the stock market crashed 370 points on worries about recession.

The twisters that slammed Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky were part of a line of storms that raged across the nation's midsection at the end of the day of Super (Delusion)Tuesday primaries in several states.

It may be that these sudden storms were a warning to the southern states.

“The wrath of God is the only way I can describe it,” Gov. Phil Bredesen of Tennessee said after a helicopter flight to survey the damage. “I’m used to seeing roofs off houses, houses blown over. These houses were down to their foundations, stripped clean.”

Conservatives are not like liberals. Liberals go whichever way their media pundits tell them to go at any given time. Along with independents, they are luke warm.

The price for compromising on McCain is simply too much for the majority. So when the democrats ruin everything, we'll have to fix it all again, but at a much greater expense, because liberals just don't learn from their mistakes.

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Thursday, January 31, 2008


A McCain presidency for Liberals

Since losing to George W. Bush in the 2000 election cycle, Sen. John McCain may finally get what he's desired, since beating former Massachusettes Governor Mitt Romney in Florida, and picking up endorsements from Rudy Giuliani, and governor Terminator to become the so-called (current) front runner.

Conservatives Need to Rally for Romney, to stop John McCain and his liberal friends from taking-over the U.S. Government and killing the Reagan coalition.

McCain resorted to lying about what Romney said concerning timetables in Iraq, claiming falsely that Romney was in favor of a deadline for troop withdrawal. Romney never said he wanted that, only that timetables should be talked about in private as the Iraqis take over security. Romney shot back that McCain used "dirty tricks," which he did, much like the late president Richard Nixon did.

If McCain wins, he would have won on lies, which is typical of leftist politicians.

"Spending was not the reason why McCain said he opposed President Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and 2003." See: McCain Changes Story on Tax Cut Stance.

In 2001, McCain said the $1.35 trillion tax cut benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

McCain said then:

"I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief."

This is the same failed class-warfare rhetoric liberals have tried to use against conservatives, and it has been proven wrong by the growth of the economy since the tax cuts were implemented. The effect of which brings in more money to the government in taxes from consumer spending, not government spending. Which is why more tax cuts are needed to keep the economy rolling.

McCain tried but failed to amend the bill to reduce income tax cuts for the wealthiest and give greater benefits to those earning less. He and Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island were the only Republicans to oppose the 2001 tax cuts.

At the time, McCain was still at odds with Bush, who had dealt McCain a stinging defeat in the race for the GOP presidential nomination just one year before.

I like Romney's idea of giving workers past age 65 and over the added benefit to keep all the money they make, without being taxed on their wages.

This may turn out be the first election ever without a Governor in the contest after Super Tuesday, and may well spell disaster for the nation as none of the final contenders will have any executive experience required to be president. This is why Governors make better presidents than senators, they have actually run a state, and understand what is involved. America doesn't need a president that needs basic training running government.

The last senator to become president was JFK, as Democrat senator Barack Hussein Obama has been copying for months, right down to his mannerisms. Yes, the left still wants to bring JFK back from the dead, reminiscing over those Days of Camelot that ended in tragedy by the grassy knoll.

Democrats also see Obama as being far more likable than McCain in the general election. Young vs old, tall vs short, etc. Liberals and most Democrats always vote based on looks over substance, emotions over logic and power over people.

What we can expect from a Clinton or an Obama presidency will be socializm disguised as freedom, large tax hikes aimed at businesses and the middle class, reducing economic growth if not stalling it comletely. The military would be cut like it was under Bill Clinton, thus leaving us open to more terror attacks in the future, and liberal, activist judges appointed to keep the baby slaughtering industry of Planned Parenthood's oxymoron's alive and well.

Obama has received the grand endorsement of JFK's brother Senator Ted Kennedy and JFK's daughter Caroline, who said Obama would be the first president to inspire her like her father did for others. Barack's rhetoric is all the more deceitful as it tickle's their ear drums.

The little "maverick" is a little-hot-head who loves to go against the grain of conservatives. He loves to appease the left while dissing the right for his friends in the liberal media.

If McCain ends up as the nominee, we may have an old war horse in office with the war in Iraq winding down, who knows very little about the economy, (exposed by Sen. Ron Paul during the Florida debate) that could be headed for recession. Does this make sense?

Not at all, and this is why demonrats are loving it.

President Bush is chomping at the bit to sign the stimulus plan coming from Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that gives illegals making unreported incomes tax rebates without having paid income taxes. This appalling money making scheme is a give-away to be taken advantage of by criminals, that could even make some honest American's decide to declare themselves as illegal Mexicans if their finances get too tight.

Should the economy go into recession later this year or early next year, a president McCain would become essentially the demonrats puppet, and more so than ever, caving to the hysterics of Al Gore and his liberal misfits to raise taxes for non-existent global warming. Does McCain remember what happened to the first president Bush after he raised taxes?

McCain will also follow president Bush by allowing more illegals into the country to suck away social security money they never paid into, as Bush feels this is somehow good for the U.S. economy, and future generations.

With either McCain or one of the dems in office, America is headed further into unchartered territory, so hang on for a wild ride like never before.

Vote for Mitt Romney, and stop McCain's Train Wreck Express.

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Friday, January 25, 2008


Florida Debate, Winners and Losers

It appears that the Republican race has come down to two, Romney and McCain, er McCan't, as I like to call him.

The winner of the winner take all Republican Florida debate was Governor Mitt Romney. Mitt won easily with his vast knowledge and vision for America. The other candidates pale in comparison, especially John McCain, who looked lost on economic questions, having voted for against the Bush tax cuts twice and now supports their permanency. Ron Paul made McCain look like a deer in the headlights on economic policy, as McCain kept blabbing about asking others for advice. I was embarrassed for him.

With Fred Thompson dropping out of contention, his supporters will likely move to Romney, as he is now the only real conservative running.

Ron Paul exposes John McCain's ignorance of economic policy.

This clip proves that McCan't is simply a pauper of others making the real decisions. McCan't went from voting against the Bush tax cuts twice, to saying now he would make them permanent. He said he was for illegal immigration before being opposed to that too. McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy bills prove he is nothing but an appeaser of the left for his own gain.
John McCan't simply can't be trusted.

Here is another clip of McCan't's recants...

Mitt Romney on the other hand was in complete control of the issues, especially on the economy. He rattled off positive points looking very presidential. Romney's vast education as a both a Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School graduate have served him well in both private and public sectors. Mitt's leadership experience and solid record of accomplishment is unmatched by any of the others.

While I certainly disagree with radio host Michael Medved's blithering promotion of old man McCain, he admittedly approves of Mitt Romney's performance in Florida, saying...

"Those who insist on selecting winners and losers on such occasions will no doubt see Romney as the contender who helped himself the most. He came across as smart, capable and polished, as usual, but with less palpable pandering and one-ups-manship, and more earnestness and authenticity, than ever before. His accomplished performance should solidify his status as the front-runner in the close race in Florida (a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll just before the debate showed him 4 points up on McCain) but more importantly it should provide the template for approaching future debates—especially if he’s the Republican nominee."

Mitt Romney is the by far the best, most qualified man to become president of the United States of America.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Romney Rocks Michigan, tops McCain

The 2008 presidential race is getting better attention now, with three of the Republican candidates having won a primary and/or caucus, Mike Huckabee taking Iowa, McCain New Hampshire, Romney Wyoming and now Michigan.

Mitt Romney also leads in delegates, which is all that really counts.

The race speeds down to South Carolina, where the two southerners, Huckabee and Fred Thompson should do well. But, Romney will do better than previously thought with the wind at his back, and may take a silver, or bronze, in the state where the economy ranks about even with the war effort.

Romney's win was due to his status of being a favorite son in Michigan, but that wasn't all. His business acumen and promises to fix the ailing state along with Washington in general, made the case for him. See: Romney's Economic Optimism Prevails

Mitt told the Associated Press,

"It's a victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism," .

There are some interesting numbers from Jay Cost of Real Clear Politics concerning the outcomes so far....

"The exit polling data offers some counter-intuitive evidence about who is being helped by the conduct of the Iraq war. In New Hampshire, Romney won voters who approve of the conduct of the Iraq war, 37% to 33%. McCain won those who disapprove, 36% to 29%. The results were roughly the same in Michigan. Romney won approvers, 42% to 27%. McCain won disapprovers, 36% to 29%."

Most of the folks in S.C. agree that the war in Iraq is being won since the surge started, giving credit to the president for his better-late-than-never move to put General Petraeus in charge, which Romney strongly supported, taking the presidents side against Hike Muckabee's disgraceful criticisms using liberal propaganda.

Former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson may get his first win in S.C., in just four days, which would make for an ever-more tense race, until it slingshots to Nevada, where Arizona's senator McCain may have the upper hand.

With a possibility of four major candidates having wins, the race will heat-up further, splitting conservatives against moderates and social liberals – read Rompson vs. McHuck below for more – down in Florida, where the G-man is waiting. Should Rudy win in Florida, all becomes new again, like the second half of a tied football game.


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Friday, January 11, 2008


Rompson vs. McHuck

After New Hampshire's primary, where Sen. John McCain won by 4-5 points, mainly by independent votes, the leading delegate holder is still Mitt Romney who has placed second twice and first once, or two silvers and a gold, as Mitt terms it.

Now it is on to Michigan where Mitt Romney must sell his turnaround credentials. Mitt needs to pound the theme that matters most wherever he is, as McCain did in N.H. with the war issue, and Huckabee's religious pander in Iowa.

Mitt's business acumen is taylor made for Michigan, where folks appreciate hard work and a can-do attitude.

Romney told supporters that he can win Michigan, where his father was a top auto executive before serving as Michigan's governor from 1962-66.

"The best strategic decision as far as paid messaging efforts, given the current state of the race, is to focus message efforts on Michigan," said Romney spokeswoman Sarah Pompei. "We have run enough [ads] in South Carolina and Florida up to this point, and the dynamic of this race has shifted, for now, to Michigan."

To a smaller crowd at Oakland County International Airport, McCain said he was making no secret of the fact he supported higher auto fuel-mileage standards, opposed by many Michigan voters.

"Michigan is the place with the technology, and Oakland County, with Automation Alley, is the place to do the technology to make us energy independent," he said. "We're going to have to invest the money to have the kind of technology to meet those standards."

Mitt Romney is an executive who favors the union worker, as did his father. But Mitt's is a better manager of information, being a data cruncher first, then making decisive moves for progress. Having lived in Michigan most of his life, where his father ran a car company, Mitt is well known in the state, where he should do well. He needs another win at this point, but even if he doesn't get it, the race is by no means over for him.

However, should Mitt place in MI, he will be dented, and they don't do great body work down there in the south, where Mitt has pulled his advertising to concentrate on Michigan. John McCain is hedging his bet on Florida, pouring everything he has there.

It is likely that McCain and Huckabee will be at each others throats in the south, along with Fred Thompson, who may also do well there as he did the South Carolina debate.

McHuck vs. Rompson at S.C. debate

If these pictures from the South Carolina debate on Thursday are any indication of a pairing, it looks like the big guys vs. the small guys. Also notice the ties they're wearing. The Romson team is wearing blue and white stripes while McHuck is wearing red with white dots.

Even though they all call themsevles Republicans, there are some major difference between these two pairings on the issues, with McHuck failing conservatives.

There is no doubt that the pairing is between more socialist, big government, higher taxes, amnesty for illegals, (false) global warming, with McHuck.

McCain voted against the tax cuts twice, but now flip-flopped.
“I believe the fundamentals of this economy are strong and I believe they will remain strong. This is a rough patch, but I think America’s greatness lies ahead of us,” the Arizona senator said, adding that he would make permanent President Bush’s tax cuts, which he voted against in 2001 and 2003.

While true conservatives for tax cuts, border enforcement, supply-side economic growth, free markets, match-up with Rompson.

Stopping the housing crisis, cutting taxes for the middle class, becoming energy independent and investing in research and development are the methods Romney said he would use to stop the country from sliding into a recession.

“Recessions hurt working families and people across the countries,” Romney said. “It’s time for us not just to talk about improving the economy, we have to do the hard work of rebuilding our economy and strengthening it.”

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Monday, January 07, 2008


Post N.H. Debate-Two

In the second New Hampshire debate–that thankfully excluded Ron Paul–there was some real discussion, plans and vision on how best to run the country today, not centuries ago.

Governor Mitt Romney was the clear winner of the debate. He articulated his plans to fix the problems America faces in Washington on illegal immigration, taxes, healthcare, education and the war on terror, as the others ganged-up on him again, but again looking presidential Mitt rose above.

Romney exposed Senator John McCain as offering just more of the same old politics that have dragged on for far too many decades, and his voting against the Bush tax cuts twice, that helped the economy to remain vibrant by giving letting people keep more of what they earn with less government interference.

In essence, John McCain just wants to keep democrats happy with more taxes, rules and regulations in his old age, which is why the liberal media wants him to win, going against Mitt Romney who wants to shake things up in Washington.

Romney said that when he was a governor,

"In my first year, our budget actually went down. I vetoed hundreds of times."

"I cut taxes 19 times. You have a choice. You can select somebody who wants to fight for those things or you can select somebody who's actually done those things."

Romney denied opposing the Bush tax cuts, as Pastor Huckabee falsely charged.

"You know, Mike, you make up facts faster than you talk and that's saying something," he said. "So let's slow it down and let's get the facts correctly."

"Washington needs fundamental top-to-bottom change. We're not going to have someone in Washington turn Washington inside out.

"Sending the same people to Washington but in different chairs is not going to change the outcome,"
said Romney.

Fred Thompson said leadership is more important than calling for change, as is "having the courage to tell the American people the truth."

Romney also continued to hammer McCain for voting against tax cuts that President Bush endorsed. And he continued to portray the senator as incapable of shaking up politics.

"Americans are not looking for Washington insiders. They are looking for change, and change is what we are going to give them."

Hike Muckabee initially avoided a direct answer to Romney's tax question, prompting Romney to say, "You know, that's political speak ... Now, let me go back to the question I've asked you that you refused to answer three times."

The truth is that the only one who can beat Barak Obama is Mitt Romney. The gap in real world experience is oceanic. Obama is all talk and dreams, where Mitt has actually accomplished most of Obama's rhetoric, having been very successful in both the private and public sectors.

There is no escaping the fact that Barak Obama is a young liberal with a populist twist. But Barack has far too little real world experience to be president.

If America really wants change for the better, the man for job is Mitt Romney, who knows how to make things happen in the most efficient, cost effective way.

Better days are just over the horizon, as long as Mitt becomes president. Otherwise, America is in for who knows what?

And finally, in this day of extremist Islamic Jihad, we cannot take a chance on leftist dreamers tickling our ears trying to make us feel good the same way Bill Clinton did.

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