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Thursday, January 31, 2008


A McCain presidency for Liberals

Since losing to George W. Bush in the 2000 election cycle, Sen. John McCain may finally get what he's desired, since beating former Massachusettes Governor Mitt Romney in Florida, and picking up endorsements from Rudy Giuliani, and governor Terminator to become the so-called (current) front runner.

Conservatives Need to Rally for Romney, to stop John McCain and his liberal friends from taking-over the U.S. Government and killing the Reagan coalition.

McCain resorted to lying about what Romney said concerning timetables in Iraq, claiming falsely that Romney was in favor of a deadline for troop withdrawal. Romney never said he wanted that, only that timetables should be talked about in private as the Iraqis take over security. Romney shot back that McCain used "dirty tricks," which he did, much like the late president Richard Nixon did.

If McCain wins, he would have won on lies, which is typical of leftist politicians.

"Spending was not the reason why McCain said he opposed President Bush's tax cuts in 2001 and 2003." See: McCain Changes Story on Tax Cut Stance.

In 2001, McCain said the $1.35 trillion tax cut benefited the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

McCain said then:

"I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief."

This is the same failed class-warfare rhetoric liberals have tried to use against conservatives, and it has been proven wrong by the growth of the economy since the tax cuts were implemented. The effect of which brings in more money to the government in taxes from consumer spending, not government spending. Which is why more tax cuts are needed to keep the economy rolling.

McCain tried but failed to amend the bill to reduce income tax cuts for the wealthiest and give greater benefits to those earning less. He and Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island were the only Republicans to oppose the 2001 tax cuts.

At the time, McCain was still at odds with Bush, who had dealt McCain a stinging defeat in the race for the GOP presidential nomination just one year before.

I like Romney's idea of giving workers past age 65 and over the added benefit to keep all the money they make, without being taxed on their wages.

This may turn out be the first election ever without a Governor in the contest after Super Tuesday, and may well spell disaster for the nation as none of the final contenders will have any executive experience required to be president. This is why Governors make better presidents than senators, they have actually run a state, and understand what is involved. America doesn't need a president that needs basic training running government.

The last senator to become president was JFK, as Democrat senator Barack Hussein Obama has been copying for months, right down to his mannerisms. Yes, the left still wants to bring JFK back from the dead, reminiscing over those Days of Camelot that ended in tragedy by the grassy knoll.

Democrats also see Obama as being far more likable than McCain in the general election. Young vs old, tall vs short, etc. Liberals and most Democrats always vote based on looks over substance, emotions over logic and power over people.

What we can expect from a Clinton or an Obama presidency will be socializm disguised as freedom, large tax hikes aimed at businesses and the middle class, reducing economic growth if not stalling it comletely. The military would be cut like it was under Bill Clinton, thus leaving us open to more terror attacks in the future, and liberal, activist judges appointed to keep the baby slaughtering industry of Planned Parenthood's oxymoron's alive and well.

Obama has received the grand endorsement of JFK's brother Senator Ted Kennedy and JFK's daughter Caroline, who said Obama would be the first president to inspire her like her father did for others. Barack's rhetoric is all the more deceitful as it tickle's their ear drums.

The little "maverick" is a little-hot-head who loves to go against the grain of conservatives. He loves to appease the left while dissing the right for his friends in the liberal media.

If McCain ends up as the nominee, we may have an old war horse in office with the war in Iraq winding down, who knows very little about the economy, (exposed by Sen. Ron Paul during the Florida debate) that could be headed for recession. Does this make sense?

Not at all, and this is why demonrats are loving it.

President Bush is chomping at the bit to sign the stimulus plan coming from Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that gives illegals making unreported incomes tax rebates without having paid income taxes. This appalling money making scheme is a give-away to be taken advantage of by criminals, that could even make some honest American's decide to declare themselves as illegal Mexicans if their finances get too tight.

Should the economy go into recession later this year or early next year, a president McCain would become essentially the demonrats puppet, and more so than ever, caving to the hysterics of Al Gore and his liberal misfits to raise taxes for non-existent global warming. Does McCain remember what happened to the first president Bush after he raised taxes?

McCain will also follow president Bush by allowing more illegals into the country to suck away social security money they never paid into, as Bush feels this is somehow good for the U.S. economy, and future generations.

With either McCain or one of the dems in office, America is headed further into unchartered territory, so hang on for a wild ride like never before.

Vote for Mitt Romney, and stop McCain's Train Wreck Express.

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