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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Congress Whiffs Again

It's been a long time in coming, but the American people have finally had enough, telling congress and the president unequivocally that they work at the behest of the voters who put them in office to begin with.

The anger rose from both parties, and could not be ignored any longer by congressional members were seemingly set to vote on the illegal immigration issue. Yes, something needs to be done, but this swiss cheese bill wasn't it!

Hundreds of thousands of voters from all over the country called congressional reps relentlessly until they heard it loud and clear in the president's second attempt to pass an illegal immigration bill, that finally went down in flames, thanks to Americans who demanded the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, not to be messed with by elitists' who think they can pass anything they want behind the peoples back. This was before many had even read the bills themselves, as was clearly evident during this fight to keep illegal mexicans from making a mockery of our democracy.

The last thing we need is to bring America down to Mexico's level, as Democrats, Bush and some Republicans tried to do.

Also exposed this past week, was the media's bias to Democrats and far leftist liberals. USA Today reported that 91% of journalists donate money to Democrats, 92% of the political journalists voted for Bill Clinton over Bush 41. This isn't really news, it's just that they realize that to cover it up any longer makes them lose credibility, they believe they still process.

Looks over substance?

Most senators didn't even know what the immigration bill contained, didn't bother with any analysis of what it would cost in the long run, or how it would effect social security, the healthcare system and overall economy. Of course many of these rich congressmen don't care about any of that, they simply want to be seen doing something while getting their names on legislation to make the evening news if possible before rushing out to the golf course or some hollywood party.

Senator John McCain, a sponsor of the immigration bill, along with the ultra-liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy has basically killed his chances to become president, yet fails to realize it. Another bill, McCain/Feingold was shot down by the U.S. Supreme Court for restricting free speech by cutting off campaign ads before elections, thus silencing Republicans as the liberal media bashes them relentlessly while it promotes Democrats simultaneously in the "news". Did McCain not see any of this? Likely, he was more concerned about showing bipartisanship than writing good legislation.

After the immigration bill was shot down again, President Bush said: "it didn't work". He's right. Bush's attempt at shoving this bogus bill down our throats didn't work and he was finally stopped from blowing it again like Reagan did. We, the people have put up with more than enough from Mr. Bush, and this disgustingly arrogant congress, who deems it a priority to give themselves a huge raise whenever they feel like, take weeks off for vacations several times a year while handing out peanuts to the working public after raping them with taxes created out of thin air, and wasted on government social programs that do nothing for anyone and yet are in constant need of more funding because they were either designed to not work, or rushed through before future consequences were thought out.

The America public deserves good legislation that serves a real purpose, instead of taxpayer money is used to build bridges to nowhere. We want quality over quantity for our money. We need congressmen who know what it means to struggle, instead of having everything handed to them on a silver platter since birth, ie: Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and other leftists' who love to pretend they care about the little people. See how they voted here.


Is it any wonder why many in congress, especially on the left want to silence the public's voice using Campaign Finance Reform and the Fairness Doctrine? Both limit free speech going directly against the First Amendment.

Andrew Longman has some excellent points in his column "The globalists vs. us all" on World Net Daily.com.

"But there are no Republicans nor Democrats left in the Executive or the Senate. These people are exclusively globalists, and the next election is important because of that party."

"So, the 2008 election will be fought out between globalists on one hand (Romney, Giuliani, McCain, Thompson, Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden and Dodd) and American sovereign parties on the other (Tancredo, Hunter, Paul and Kucinich). It will be a mistake and a mirage for Americans to believe any longer in the Democrat-Republican political theatre, which has been mass packaged by the media for our consumption. These Grammy-winning musicals only exist to play the masses off one another so the globalists, who have dictated the entire top money-tiers of both parties, may forge ahead with their plan to obliterate American sovereignty and crush the peoples beneath their plans for high profits and the global police state."

"That is not the desire of globalists, because it damages corporate profits and damages their plans for forced dissolution of American, Mexican and Canadian sovereignty."

Well, he may be going a little far out there, but his premise is correct. He ends with,
"You may think the debate is left vs. right. It isn't. It's top vs. bottom."

The American public is demanding to have its country back. We do not need 98 year old congressmen voting on important legislation they are too old to even understand, much less read, ie: KKK Klansman Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

Term limits should be set in place for congress. They should also not be allowed to accept any foreign money for their campaigns, like Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rotten Clinton are currently receiving from Communist China.

One may wonder if Iran, Syria and Russia also have a hand inside the DNC these days. Perhaps we'll find out the hard way, long after another of madam speaker Pelosi's trips overseas to an enemy state?

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