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Tuesday, May 17, 2005



16 people have been killed because of the liberally BIASED Newsweek hit piece against the war and Bush. (Personally, I have no problem with the Koran being flushed down the toilet or burned because I think it is just ripoff and desecration of the Bible by Mohammad.) All those wacked out Muslimes went nuts over the article that was basically a made up snow job, which is very typical of all Liberal media, including the New York Times and the big three networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN, PBS etc.. They are irresponsible trash and they should all be fired (if not shot) for their propagandist treasonous lies against this country!

Since the war began, Islamic terrorists have treated Americans to videotapes of Americans and other Westerners being tortured and murdered on camera. Clearly, being disrespectful of a book pales by comparison.

Whether or not the reports are true is secondary to the reaction of the Muslim world to them. We've discussed in the past the fact that America's liberal mainstream press cheerfully serve as al-Qaeda's propaganda arm, providing al-Qaeda recruiters will ample evidence to back up their contention that America is the Great Satan.

Isikoff's hit piece, evidently obtained from secret FBI documents, has already cost at least 16 lives.

Undoubtedly, the anger he stirred up among the world's Muslim population will cost many more lives before it is over with. If his report serves any purpose beyond embarrassing the administration, I can't tell what it might be.

Which is the more important issue to you? Treating the source document for Islamic terror with more respect than we do our own Bible? (An American school teacher who brings a Bible to school can lose his job for violating federal law.) Or using whatever techniques are available to prevent another terrorist attack against American citizens on US soil?

In war, the objective is to win by whatever means are necessary. The terrorists who oppose us understand that. The terrorists that killed 3000 Americans on September 11 didn't hesitate to commit suicide in order to complete their mission. Nobody is alleging that terrorists at Gitmo are being killed, maimed or tortured.

At worst, the allegation is that some Americans have no respect for the religion that is behind the deaths of more than five thousand Americans so far, and counting. Tens of thousands more have been permanently maimed by Islamic religionists inspired to commit mayhem by the same book Newsweek is horrified to discover was being 'disrespected'.

Let's look at what Newsweek's report hath wrought: Afghanistan, who only last week requested a long-term American presence in that country, exploded into anti-American riots. Pakistan, a critical ally in the war on terror, has even less reason to want to help us than it did before. The Saudis are lecturing the US on 'respect' while protesters burn US flags and chant 'Death to America'.

Newsweek gave Hezbollah the opportunity to repeat its call for jihad. Hezbollah held up Isikoff's piece as 'evidence' of US hatred of Islam. The Sudanese, who only a month ago were under fire for acts of genocide against its Christian population, marched on the US Embassy, demanding Khartoum sever diplomatic ties with Washington.

The liberals, especially in the media are loving it because their hearts are evil and they are working for SATAN having been blinded to the truth as evidenced by a story that Newsweek now admits it got wrong! But they knew it was wrong to begin with because the Pentagon told them 24 hours before going to press that it was wrong, and 16 people died because of their rush to print.

The progress of the war is now in jeapordy, maybe even gone. We now have a whole new ballgame that will only get worse until the end comes. Everyone at Newsweek should be fired immediately as a sacrifice for preventing any further atrocities!

The liberal rag should be banned from any further publications.

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Friday, May 06, 2005


Losing Their Religion

An alarmist attitude is happening on the left that is not justified by the values American's have held for over 229 years since it's founding. This attitude of "man knows all" comes from the elitists' on the left who've made it clear that they believe they are the ones to make decisions for others, even though they are not the majority.

The Democratic party has tried and failed again recently on religious values. This comes after being blown out in the last few elections where moral principles held by those on the right have guided Republican's to victory. The difference or divide is wide with similarities between good vs evil happening in the world today.

Liberals on the far left have taken sides with those who would rather do harm to individuals who are outside of their "like minded" group mentality, albeit small groups. Anyone who claims their religion in public is labelled a fundamentalist or "right wing radical" by those on the left who have come to despise others, especially politcal figures who hold core beliefs in God, and are not affraid to say so in their public lives.

In politics this has become clear after democrats realized they lost on moral values in a big way, having since tried unsuccessfully to come to terms with the religious direction the country is headed, away from secularism.

In his column Democrats Still Don't 'Get It' On Religion Mort Kondracke makes some good observations. "But the minute Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) signed on to participate in a religious-right rally against the Senate filibuster, prominent Democrats such as Sen. John Kerry (Mass.) and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) flew into a rage.

Kerry declared before Frist had said a word that he would "appeal to religious division" and "invoke faith to rewrite Senate rules to put substandard, extremist judges on our bench."

Reid said - also ahead of time - that Frist was a "radical" for agreeing to participate in the televised "Justice Sunday" rally, which billed the filibustering of President Bush's judicial nominees as "against people of faith."

As it turned out, Frist didn't say a word about religion. He defended himself against the "radical" charge and promoted up-or-down Senate votes on judicial nominations."

Those of the liberal persuasion are up against things they don't understand because they've been led to believe that humans control the world and religion should have no place in it by secularists,' many of whom are atheists' and others who believe in relativism or are misguided by demonic religions such as wicca's for instance.

According to SFGATE.com, Colorado Democratic Sen. Ken Salazar, locked in a bitter tussle with a conservative Christian group over President Bush's judicial nominees, referred to the group as "the Antichrist." He backed off Wednesday, saying he regretted using the term.

Salazar attacked Focus on the Family during an interview Tuesday with KKTV in Colorado Springs, saying, "From my point of view, they are the Antichrist of the world."

In a statement Wednesday, Salazar said he has been relentlessly and unfairly attacked by the group and that "I meant to say this approach was un-Christian, meaning self-serving and selfish."

Focus on the Family's political arm has targeted Salazar and other Democratic senators in newspaper and radio ads for opposing a Republican plan to prevent Democrats from filibustering to block votes on Bush's court nominees.

Focus on the Family Chairman James Dobson said Salazar's criticism of the group was intended to divert attention from allegations that he reneged on a campaign promise to support up-or-down votes on the nominations.

"His response in an effort to change the subject is to attack us personally," Dobson said.

The Senator's insults would be amusing except that it reveals the utter desperation of Senator Salazar and his fellow Senate Democrats. Many of these democrats, losing the policy debate lacking any new ideas, are now escalating and proving their religious intolerance.

America was founded on religious principles, although some like Thomas Jefferson did not want to acknowledge it, religion became the basis of thought at the time by the founding fathers in writing the U.S. Constitution. The main reason democrats desire to do away with the original document is because it speaks the truth in terms of humanity, and gives individuals the right to practice their religion as they see fit within the laws, and not forcing it onto the whole of society.

If some don't like a certain religion, who are they to tell others they cannot worship as they please? Are Catholics to be subjected to Islam by force in name of "tolerance," or vice-versa? Those who complain about using ones own religious values in making decisions are putting the nation at risk by their desire to take religion out of everything, which would leave a void in the lives of millions, so that government can then take over as the controlling element and reliance in the direction of the country.

Indeed, the democrats still don't get it, because they are lost on religion.

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