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Friday, March 24, 2006


More Disaster for Dems

Evidently as more news comes out about Saddam Hussein's connections to Osama Bin Laden, democrat's and their liberal media mongrels are getting more and more desperate in their childish attacks against president Bush.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called President Bush "dangerously incompetent" on Wednesday and said the administration ought to be doing more to prevent increasing sectarian violence in Iraq.

"Where is (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice? Why isn't she over in the Middle East, as the chief diplomat of this country should be, trying to get the political forces to form a government over there?" Reid told The Associated Press.

Reid said the U.S. was "failing three different ways in Iraq." Military efforts have lagged, the economy is crippled by decreased oil and electricity production, and attempts to form a representative government are behind schedule, he said.

The dems have helped create sectarian violence by using the media to glamorize small car bombings taking place in remote areas. The media focuses on these events while ignoring progress taking place in the rest of the country as the Iraq people move ahead with their lives, living better than ever.

For years now, Democrat's have wanted the war in Iraq to go bad, to fail so they can bash Bush and attempt to regain the presidency to have power over the people, raise their taxes and make government their god while ridding the nation of religion, pushing the gay agenda to dissolve traditional marriage and destroy the moral fabric that makes America the greatest nation on earth.

The Democrats' plan for 2006? Take the House and Senate, and drag the nation through impeachment of the president. With our nation at war, this is the kind of Congress democrat's want, to ensure our loss in the war on terror by leaving prematurely, and then they will raise taxes as high as possible to stick it to the American public, who voted for Bush with more votes than any president in history. There is no denying that Democrat's are pure evil, working for satan himself.

Democrat's have failed the Iraqi people and the American people by using false statements that simply are too easily exposed by the facts, talk radio, and internet bloggers. Dems are using the media for trashing America because they have literally nothing to offer the nation moving forward, which is why they want to go back to their heyday's of hippy protests, sex, drugs, and concerts way back in the 1960's when they controlled and made up most of the news.

Thankfully those days are gone. Dems no longer control the news, only the big three networks, CNN and PBS, that most people have abandoned for the internet where they can make their own judgments on the real news instead of listening to bias talking-head spins. Do dems ever ask themselves why Dan Rather, Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw became history all in the same year? Clearly the liberal media is dying, thank God!

According to a Drudge Report **Exclusive**, we now we have an exposed email from an ABC News producer's Blackberry, that proves his bias against the president. John Green revealed his bias, saying "Are you watching this? Bush makes me sick. If he uses the "mixed messages" line one more time, I'm going to puke."

Now if you want to see Mr. Green really turn green, tell him to read this...Lay Off Bush: He's a Conservative

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hey Libs... We Win, YOU LOSE!

Social Protests in France, UK tax burden 'highest in history'

Over the weekend, there were mass protests all over the world. In France, students protested new work rules, threatening that people can actually be fired for not doing good work. In other words, say goodbye to another failed socialist state.

In the UK, taxes were increased to their highest levels ever at 37.7 per cent, rising next year to 37.8 and then 38.0 per cent in 2010. Telegraph.

America is clearly a much better place to live and work. Socialists' don't belong in the U.S.A., as they prefer to be ruled rather than be free.

The anti-war protests were a bust for leftist whiners, and with good reason. America is winning the war against terror, despite the attempts by media to portray the opposite by sensationalizing small protests against the war, which basically fizzled out and were nothing like ones during Vietnam. This shows that the war is a winner for the Iraqi people, and a loser for democrats here at home.

The Iraq war is being won on a daily basis despite the cries from liberals and their media masters who would have everyone believe the end of the world is just around the corner.

The top commander of multinational forces in Iraq said he expects the United States to remain there for at least the next few years.

"I see a couple of more years of this with a gradually reducing coalition presence here in Iraq ... as the Iraqi security forces step forward," Gen. George W. Casey told a Sunday network news show.

Casey said he did not think at the time the war began that the insurgency in Iraq would be as robust as it has been. He told "FOX News Sunday" that the Iraqis are making significant progress in building their new government, rebuilding their economy and securing their homeland. With each accomplishment, the day draws nearer when U.S. troops will come home, he said.

"I will tell you the violence in Iraq is not necessarily widespread. There is sectarian tension and there is sectarian violence, but it's primarily focused in the center of the country around Baghdad. In 15 of the 18 provinces, there are six or less incidents of violence a day. That's not just sectarian. That's all kinds of violence. In 12 of the provinces, it's two or less incidents of violence a day. So the country is not awash in sectarian violence," Casey said.

Pessimist DDDecievers
Despite positive reports of progress, critics haven't silenced totally. Some continue saying the administration's strategy for waging the war and insuring the peace was built on deception and attempts to mislead Americans on the situation on the ground. But of course they have zero proof of their claims, which means it is they who are the deceivers.

"They misled us into believing there were weapons of mass destruction and connections between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein. None of that existed," Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., told "FOX News Sunday." Durbin failed to give any proof of his claims.

But Mr. Durbin, there was no misleading. Saddam was working on his programs for WMD's according to his own papers. See: New Documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives Discuss Bin Laden, WMDs

An Iraqi intelligence service document saying that their Afghani informant, who's only identified by a number, told them that the Afghani Consul Ahmed Dahastani claimed the following in front of him:

That OBL and the Taliban are in contact with Iraq and that a group of Taliban and bin Laden group members visited Iraq.

That the U.S. has proof the Iraqi government and "bin Laden's group" agreed to cooperate to attack targets inside America.

That in case the Taliban and bin Laden's group turn out to be involved in "these destructive operations," the U.S. may strike Iraq and Afghanistan.

That the Afghani consul heard about the issue of Iraq's relationship with "bin Laden's group" while he was in Iran.

So the fact is that Mr. Durbin is LYING again! Who'll ever forget his rant against our troops comparing them to Nazi's?

Democrat's want us to abandon everything we've worked and sacrificed for. Democrat's want to let all those who've given their lives for this cause to be in vain. Democrat's want us to leave Iraq so terrorists can regain dictatorial control over the people. Democrat's like Dick Durbin don't want the Iraqi people to be free, they want them dependent and controlled by government, the same as they want for the American people. Democrat's are not about freedom, they are about control, about taking the people's money from them to have power over them.

Democrat's are the true dictators in America who want the people to be like puppets letting government make all the decisions for them, because they believe people are to dumb and lazy to do for themselves.

Dick Durbin is a dork who does not see anything in a postive light. He is a pessimist who is on the losing side of history.
Dick Durbin is a reject liberal should be ousted as senator from the state of Lincoln that doesn't need whiners to describe problems, then cut and run. We need leaders who can solve issues by staying strong and getting the job done for the people, not for their selfish party elite's.

Dems want Nazi-Terrorist Rule
But in an editorial in The Washington Post, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld disagreed with critics who want an immediate withdrawal.

"Consider that if we retreat now, there is every reason to believe Saddamists and terrorists will fill the vacuum — and the free world might not have the will to face them again. Turning our backs on postwar Iraq today would be the modern equivalent of handing postwar Germany back to the Nazis," Rumsfeld wrote.

Rumsfeld added that Iraqis want the coalition to succeed, they want a better future for themselves and they are risking their lives to achieve it. This, he wrote, is what's important to remember on the third anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Liberals are losers who simply cannot handle reality in this world. The EU is for them, where they can be told what to do and when, while forking over more nearly half of what they make to the government they hate working for. Amazing isn't it?

Terrorists' understand that foolish liberals will give them justification for killing them by their appeasing attitudes, which boggles the minds of rational thinking people like conservatives who they bash and protest against.

Liberals should be careful, they may get what they desire, and not live to tell about it.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Iran's Oil Threats

The world has now been left with no choice but to take Iran to the Security Council for action to stop its nuclear program. This comes with the knowledge that taking such steps will do little if anything to prevent Iran from finishing nuclear weapons they want to use against Israel first, with Europe, Russia, and even the United States coming later using an updated Shahab- 4 and 5 missles.

U.S. ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, warned Moscow Thursday night that if Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, Russia would be at risk from Tehran's nuclear-capable missile fleet.

"As the Iranians develop longer range, more accurate ballistic missiles, it's not just Israel or other American allies in the region or American-deployed forces that are at risk from an Iranian nuclear weapon," Bolton told ABC Radio host John Batchelor.

"Russia critically is at risk," he warned, adding: "Why anybody in Moscow thinks it's in their interest to have a nuclear-capable ballistic missile-equipped Iran near their southern border is a mystery to me.

Iran has threatened the U.S. with "harm and pain" for the decision to impose sanctions against the regime.

"We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran, whose policies are directed at developing a Middle East that would be 180 degrees different than the Middle East we would like to see developed," Rice said at a congressional hearing.

The statements were delivered to the 35-member board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is meeting to focus on Tehran's refusal to freeze uranium enrichment.

Iranian scientists appear to be stepping up the development of missiles capable of carrying atomic warheads, diplomats have told the British news agency Reuters.

Code-named "Project 111," the report said the program's goal was "arming Shahab-3 missiles with nuclear warheads."

An intelligence report obtained by Reuters Tuesday claims that a covert Iranian program run by people closely linked to Iran's military includes plans to ready the Shahab-3 missiles for a nuclear strike on Israel.

The Oil conundrum
UPDATE: Iran Threatens to Use Oil as Weapon in Nuke Standoff "If (they) politicize our nuclear case, we will use any means. We are rich in energy resources. We have control over the biggest and the most sensitive energy route of the world," Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi was quoted as saying by the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

Iran is the No. 2 producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and has partial control over the narrow Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf. The strait is an essential passage for crude oil from key producers such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's comments came as Tehran struck an increasingly threatening tone, with the top Iranian delegate to the U.N. atomic watchdog agency warning a day earlier that the United States will face "harm and pain" if the Security Council becomes involved.

"They know that they are not capable of causing the least harm to Iranian people," Ahmadinejad said during a visit to Iran's western province of Lorestan, according to the ISNA news agency. "They will suffer more." The Iranian president seems to be using tactics very similar to Adolf Hitler in Germany during his rise of Nazi power, eventually killing over six million people.

China and Russia will not back sanctions because they know that U.N. sanctions have never worked and are basically useless.

Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said the United States wants the any security council statement to include some condemnation of Iran. He said, "the U.S. may eventually seek a so-called Chapter 7 resolution, which can be enforced with military action."

OPEC has offered to not cut production of oil, reassuring the world of its intention to get oil proced at the optimal level in the $40-$50 range.

However, oil has been rising for months with minor fluctuations below $60/barrel going up near $70.

While demand seems to be dropping, Iran holds certain cards that could reshape the landscape if it goes ahead with its threat to cut oil production, which could include an oil bourse that would harm America and strengthen Europe. Oil prices would surely go up in that event, although there is now a surplus of nearly half a million barrels being produced today.

Recent attacks by terrorists in Iraq and Saudi Arabia have likely come from Iranian infiltrators to stir up trouble and market prices.

The world seems to be on a collision course for an expanded war in the middle east with rhetoric being heated up on all sides of the issue, thus playing right into the hands of Ahmadinejad who wants to create chaos in the region for religious purposes.

Iran, who is now drawing money from its European bank accounts in anticipation of sanctions, war or both, is operating a two-pronged strategy of funding and planning terrorist attacks against Israel as well as aggressively pursuing development of a nuclear and missile program. This strategy is such a diplomatic powder keg because it is steeped in religious beliefs rather than political expediency.

Expediency Council Chairman Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani declared, "If one day, the Islamic world is also equipped with weapons like those that Israel possesses now, and then the imperialists' strategy will reach a standstill because the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything… It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality." And recently Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Islam is “a universal ideology that leads the world to justice. We don’t shy away from declaring that Islam is ready to rule the world.”

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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dems Did Port Deal!

As I opined at the end of my previous post, 'Ports Predicament'... "Somehow in the end, I have a hunch that democrat finger prints will be found on this deal."

We now find that my suspicions were right on target with this evidence from FT.com... Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal.

"Bill Clinton, former US president, advised top officials from Dubai two weeks ago on how to address growing US concerns over the acquisition of five US container terminals by DP World.

It came even as his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was leading efforts to derail the deal.

Mr Clinton’s contact with Dubai on the issue underscores the relationship he has developed with the United Arab Emirates since before leaving office. In 2002, he was paid $300,000 (€252,000) to address a summit in Dubai."

More Port Controversy
A new article titled The Clintons on Dubai by Robert Novak, confirms my suspicions of democrat's being at the bottom of this Ports deal with the Arabs.

"According to well-placed UAE sources, the former president made the suggestion at the very highest level of the oil-rich state. The relationship between him and the UAE is far from casual. The sheikdom has contributed to the Clinton Presidential Library, and brought Clinton to Dubai in 2002 and 2005 for highly paid speeches (reportedly at $300,000 apiece). He was there in 2003 to announce a scholarship program for American students traveling to Dubai."

"The UAE has reached out to other high-priced Washington lobbyists. Leading the way in putting together the port deal was Jonathan Winer, a leading Democratic lobbyist who spent 10 years as Sen. John Kerry's aide. Winer's associate at the Alston & Bird law firm supporting DP World is Kathryn Marks, who was policy director for then Sen. John Edwards. Former Democratic Rep. Tom Downey, chairman of his own lobbying firm, is also on the Dubai team."

More confirmation
REP. PETER KING (R-NY), HOMELAND SECURITY: I'm saying there was no investigation, there was no real investigation conducted during that 30-day period. I'm hoping there will be a real one during this 45 days, but when I hear the administration say they're going to use the 45 days to educate the Congress and let us know exactly what happened, they should be educating themselves.

They should be doing the investigation they should have done during the first 30 days when there should have been an automatic 45- day investigation. I can't emphasize enough, there's been no investigation into terrorism whatsoever on this contract. See: More Port Controversy

Clinton's past disasters
Now with the fact that Bill Clinton was involved with the UAE, I really don't like the ports deal, and think it should be stopped immediately. Remember that president Clinton did little to nothing about the World Trade Center attack in 1993, and didn't even visit the site American's were killed. Clinton also led the fight against Christian groups, having their phones tapped and church goers followed.

He also approved of the final attack on the Branch Dividian compound where many American woman and children were killed.

The OSLO agreement Clinton made with the father of terrorism Yasser Arafat, turned into a disaster leading to thousands of innocent Israelis, including children being killed by Palestinian homicide Bombers. It wasn't until after Arafat died that real peace was considered achievable, which proves Clinton's incompetent if not outright evil decision making.

Whatever Bill Clinton is involved in, can't be good for America! Know also that it was Bill Clinton who approved of bailing Enron Corporation out of bankruptcy in 1996 with a huge government contract in India, which helped the company steal more money from the American people using inflated energy prices and reported earnings.

President Bush should nix this deal now and be done with it, for I suspect that Bill Clinton is working with his friends in the UAE to set America up again, just as he was in the eight years prior to the terror attacks on 9/11/01.

Can the UAE be trusted with our ports? Not in this lifetime!

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