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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Dems Did Port Deal!

As I opined at the end of my previous post, 'Ports Predicament'... "Somehow in the end, I have a hunch that democrat finger prints will be found on this deal."

We now find that my suspicions were right on target with this evidence from FT.com... Bill Clinton helped Dubai on ports deal.

"Bill Clinton, former US president, advised top officials from Dubai two weeks ago on how to address growing US concerns over the acquisition of five US container terminals by DP World.

It came even as his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, was leading efforts to derail the deal.

Mr Clinton’s contact with Dubai on the issue underscores the relationship he has developed with the United Arab Emirates since before leaving office. In 2002, he was paid $300,000 (€252,000) to address a summit in Dubai."

More Port Controversy
A new article titled The Clintons on Dubai by Robert Novak, confirms my suspicions of democrat's being at the bottom of this Ports deal with the Arabs.

"According to well-placed UAE sources, the former president made the suggestion at the very highest level of the oil-rich state. The relationship between him and the UAE is far from casual. The sheikdom has contributed to the Clinton Presidential Library, and brought Clinton to Dubai in 2002 and 2005 for highly paid speeches (reportedly at $300,000 apiece). He was there in 2003 to announce a scholarship program for American students traveling to Dubai."

"The UAE has reached out to other high-priced Washington lobbyists. Leading the way in putting together the port deal was Jonathan Winer, a leading Democratic lobbyist who spent 10 years as Sen. John Kerry's aide. Winer's associate at the Alston & Bird law firm supporting DP World is Kathryn Marks, who was policy director for then Sen. John Edwards. Former Democratic Rep. Tom Downey, chairman of his own lobbying firm, is also on the Dubai team."

More confirmation
REP. PETER KING (R-NY), HOMELAND SECURITY: I'm saying there was no investigation, there was no real investigation conducted during that 30-day period. I'm hoping there will be a real one during this 45 days, but when I hear the administration say they're going to use the 45 days to educate the Congress and let us know exactly what happened, they should be educating themselves.

They should be doing the investigation they should have done during the first 30 days when there should have been an automatic 45- day investigation. I can't emphasize enough, there's been no investigation into terrorism whatsoever on this contract. See: More Port Controversy

Clinton's past disasters
Now with the fact that Bill Clinton was involved with the UAE, I really don't like the ports deal, and think it should be stopped immediately. Remember that president Clinton did little to nothing about the World Trade Center attack in 1993, and didn't even visit the site American's were killed. Clinton also led the fight against Christian groups, having their phones tapped and church goers followed.

He also approved of the final attack on the Branch Dividian compound where many American woman and children were killed.

The OSLO agreement Clinton made with the father of terrorism Yasser Arafat, turned into a disaster leading to thousands of innocent Israelis, including children being killed by Palestinian homicide Bombers. It wasn't until after Arafat died that real peace was considered achievable, which proves Clinton's incompetent if not outright evil decision making.

Whatever Bill Clinton is involved in, can't be good for America! Know also that it was Bill Clinton who approved of bailing Enron Corporation out of bankruptcy in 1996 with a huge government contract in India, which helped the company steal more money from the American people using inflated energy prices and reported earnings.

President Bush should nix this deal now and be done with it, for I suspect that Bill Clinton is working with his friends in the UAE to set America up again, just as he was in the eight years prior to the terror attacks on 9/11/01.

Can the UAE be trusted with our ports? Not in this lifetime!

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