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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Romney Rocks Michigan, tops McCain

The 2008 presidential race is getting better attention now, with three of the Republican candidates having won a primary and/or caucus, Mike Huckabee taking Iowa, McCain New Hampshire, Romney Wyoming and now Michigan.

Mitt Romney also leads in delegates, which is all that really counts.

The race speeds down to South Carolina, where the two southerners, Huckabee and Fred Thompson should do well. But, Romney will do better than previously thought with the wind at his back, and may take a silver, or bronze, in the state where the economy ranks about even with the war effort.

Romney's win was due to his status of being a favorite son in Michigan, but that wasn't all. His business acumen and promises to fix the ailing state along with Washington in general, made the case for him. See: Romney's Economic Optimism Prevails

Mitt told the Associated Press,

"It's a victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism," .

There are some interesting numbers from Jay Cost of Real Clear Politics concerning the outcomes so far....

"The exit polling data offers some counter-intuitive evidence about who is being helped by the conduct of the Iraq war. In New Hampshire, Romney won voters who approve of the conduct of the Iraq war, 37% to 33%. McCain won those who disapprove, 36% to 29%. The results were roughly the same in Michigan. Romney won approvers, 42% to 27%. McCain won disapprovers, 36% to 29%."

Most of the folks in S.C. agree that the war in Iraq is being won since the surge started, giving credit to the president for his better-late-than-never move to put General Petraeus in charge, which Romney strongly supported, taking the presidents side against Hike Muckabee's disgraceful criticisms using liberal propaganda.

Former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson may get his first win in S.C., in just four days, which would make for an ever-more tense race, until it slingshots to Nevada, where Arizona's senator McCain may have the upper hand.

With a possibility of four major candidates having wins, the race will heat-up further, splitting conservatives against moderates and social liberals – read Rompson vs. McHuck below for more – down in Florida, where the G-man is waiting. Should Rudy win in Florida, all becomes new again, like the second half of a tied football game.


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