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Friday, January 25, 2008


Florida Debate, Winners and Losers

It appears that the Republican race has come down to two, Romney and McCain, er McCan't, as I like to call him.

The winner of the winner take all Republican Florida debate was Governor Mitt Romney. Mitt won easily with his vast knowledge and vision for America. The other candidates pale in comparison, especially John McCain, who looked lost on economic questions, having voted for against the Bush tax cuts twice and now supports their permanency. Ron Paul made McCain look like a deer in the headlights on economic policy, as McCain kept blabbing about asking others for advice. I was embarrassed for him.

With Fred Thompson dropping out of contention, his supporters will likely move to Romney, as he is now the only real conservative running.

Ron Paul exposes John McCain's ignorance of economic policy.

This clip proves that McCan't is simply a pauper of others making the real decisions. McCan't went from voting against the Bush tax cuts twice, to saying now he would make them permanent. He said he was for illegal immigration before being opposed to that too. McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy bills prove he is nothing but an appeaser of the left for his own gain.
John McCan't simply can't be trusted.

Here is another clip of McCan't's recants...

Mitt Romney on the other hand was in complete control of the issues, especially on the economy. He rattled off positive points looking very presidential. Romney's vast education as a both a Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School graduate have served him well in both private and public sectors. Mitt's leadership experience and solid record of accomplishment is unmatched by any of the others.

While I certainly disagree with radio host Michael Medved's blithering promotion of old man McCain, he admittedly approves of Mitt Romney's performance in Florida, saying...

"Those who insist on selecting winners and losers on such occasions will no doubt see Romney as the contender who helped himself the most. He came across as smart, capable and polished, as usual, but with less palpable pandering and one-ups-manship, and more earnestness and authenticity, than ever before. His accomplished performance should solidify his status as the front-runner in the close race in Florida (a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll just before the debate showed him 4 points up on McCain) but more importantly it should provide the template for approaching future debates—especially if he’s the Republican nominee."

Mitt Romney is the by far the best, most qualified man to become president of the United States of America.

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