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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


What goes around...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe shocking news about Peter Jennings having Lung Cancer seemed a bit fitting at this time. I wonder if Peter will get the same "standard" medical treatment he claimed Terri Schiavo had gotten in a hospice.

The old but remarkably true saying that "What goes around comes around," has certainly been appropriate these last few years with John Kerry losing badly because of his Vietnam lies over 30 years that suddenly caught up to him after making it the focus of his campaign. Who can forget his "reporting for duty" salute at the DNC convention. I haven't laughed that hard since!

Another backlash was Dan Rather being fired for his lies against president Bush in Rathergate, along with other liberals being exposed for their partisan lies trying gain political power at any cost by spreading propaganda in the media against the war that only kept the enemy engaged to kill out troops.

Suffering the consequences

Since lung cancer is usually fatal within a short time of diagnosis, should Mr. Jennings be given food and water during his hospital stays if he's going to die anyway? I mean how good could the quality of his life be for the time he has remaining?

After all, that was Peter's reasoning about Terri and her condition just recently. Those who approved of her starvation under the guise of it being merciful, should be concerned.

Even though I never liked Peter Jennings much, mainly because of his arrogant liberal slandering of the news, he still has my prayers for his recovery.

Indeed, The Lord does his work in mysterious ways.

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