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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Dissolve the Damn UN, NOW!

LUANDA, Angola, April 8 - The death toll in Angola from an epidemic caused by an Ebola-like virus rose to 174 Friday as aid workers in one northern provincial town reported that terrified people had attacked them and that a number of health workers had fled out of fear of catching the disease. Fear and Violence Accompany a Deadly Virus Across Angola

The intensity of Angola's outbreak is apparently partly due to the horrific state of the nation's hospitals after a 27-year civil war that ended in 2002, the failure to identify the disease for months after the first case and some traditional burial customs, including kissing corpses. Only when health care workers began dying in early March, six months after what health officials now believe was probably the first case, was the alarm fully raised.

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YOU tell me... where the Hell was the UN then for 27 years, and where are the "Little Blue Hats" now? While they're prancing around with flags and stylish new uniforms, what good does the Billions of Tax Dollars America gives them, do for anyone?

What about the all that money, literally HUNDREDS OF MILLION$ Kofi Annan stole from the Oil for Food program, that has become the world's biggest scandal?

While the UN was created to stop atrocities like holocausts' and genocidal human cleansing from happening again, it is obvious to anyone who notices that the UN has failed miserably as millions of innocent people have been slaughtered all over the world in places like Rwanda, Angola, Africa, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Somalia and elsewhere.

The UN has a problem of accountability and of abuse; of an organisation sent to police the world which remains unable to police itself, and of a climate of systematic abuse which ranges from alleged high-level fumblings to the rape of girls and boys, some of them as young as six, by members of the DRC peacekeeping force, known as Monuc, its French acronym, and civilian UN officials.

Plagues and diseases are growing rampant while the UN talks about it. They've been talking about it since it's inception and have little if anything to show for all their concerned "discussion."

I for one, don't want anymore of my tax dollars going the UN, ever!

The reality is that the UN is just a paper tiger drowning under its own weight and needs to be dissolved, not fixed, as Kofi Annan is belatedly attempting to do now, while having the gall to ask for more money.

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