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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Deadly Mean Dean Machine

Howeird Dean has been selected as the new DNC head-hate monger to replace Terry (Global Crossing) McAuliffe.

Dean is more than a danger to the democrats, whom will suffer greatly under his madness. Indeed, Dean is a danger to all those who seek to maintain freedom in America. Dean fought against the president's decision to attack Iraq and denounced the war right up to his defeat in the Iowa caucuses.

An article Published February 1, 2005 in the Washington Times, National ID card remarks haunt Dean, shows Dean has his sights set on forcing everyone to accept a National Identity system in the guise of security.

Howard Dean is very Hitlerian in his ranting anger, and should be taken just as seriously.

Watch out for democrats who claim to be liberals as they're trying to transform America into a socialist anti-American society. They are only out for power over the people, desiring ever bigger and more intrusive government while claiming the opposite, using the liberal media to shift any blame against Republicans. It's similar to what the Palestinians do to the Israelis, and comes from the same backward mindset.

The race to 2008 is already heating up with the possible election of Hitlery Clinton, which would surely be Dean's masterpiece if he can mobilze the party as a whole instead of just the mindless liberals. That could enable him to get even closer to his failed dream of being president someday, which hopefully will never happen.

Hitlery Watch

We all know the disastrous years of Slick Willey and Al Gore who left this nation in shambles, so it is up to us Conservative Republicans to stop Howie Dean and Hitlery Clinton before they can make any serious effort to destroy America by stealing the presidency. We must stay vigilant and keep pointing out their lies and hypocrisy, especially when she says "you know"?, because she's lying about whatever "you know" she's talking about. Hitlery is almost as good at selling as the Slickmeister himself, and she's ready to take a stab at conning the world.

Let's fill in the Blue!

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