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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Big Government is Back?

According to an L.A. Times article, writer Janet Hook is trying to turn the tables on Republicans by labeling them as Big Government spenders. The discredited ultra-liberal papers' story reeks of desperation. Next thing you know, liberals will try blaming republicans for the "Great Society" too!

It is clear the foggy-headed Democrats are scared to death that their precious programs will be cut, leaving them with nothing to waste taxpayer money on while the Bush administration focuses on reducing the size of the bloated government.

Having kept the democratic party alive for so many decades, those stupid and illegitimate programs are exactly the reason why our government is choking on its own red-tape in the first place.

Keeping people dependent on small handouts is a recipe for disaster, and democrats are getting a bitter taste of what they've cooked-up over the last several decades.

Now all of a sudden they don't like big government?

The liberal spin-meisters are proving their hypocrisy and democrats ineptness with every complaint they utter these days. Have you heard any plans from democrats these last four years containing any positive message that isn't a rehash of old ideas?

Bush will get Private Accounts for Social Security

As former Clintonite Dick Morris points out in today's New York Post,
Pollster Scott Rasmussen reports that support for private investment skews dramatically by age group. Those aged 18 to 29 back it by 65 percent to 22 percent. Thirtysomething voters support it by 63-28; those in their 40s, 59-30.

But voters between the ages of 50 and 64 oppose the private-investment option by 49-41, and those over 65, by 63-27.

So the only voters who oppose private investment are those whom the reforms won't touch. Those for whom the changes are real, generally support them.

What a Racket!
All of this shows that democrats remain stuck in the past of a once great, but now failed system of government bail out programs that had kept them in control, feeding their liberal thirst to create massively wasteful entitlements that did little for the money extorted.

Now it becomes the Republicans (so far failed) problem to keep spending under control now that they own all three branches of government, having had a taste of the money required to feed it.

Bush is calling his budget "lean," which by comparison to the amount other budgets increased, it is, but it is still more than ever before, and like everything else about a growing economy that is something we've come to expect, weather we like it or not.

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