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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Dean starts his mean DNC machine

The liberal attacks are under way, again. They're just glutton's for punishment!

Now that Howie Dean is being covered by the MSM, they are covering for what he says too in typical fashion to deceive the public. Read What Dean Means in the liberally biased New York Times Magazine.

Or this from Andrew Sullivan of NY Warms to Hillary. Is America Next
This of course is more propaganda from friends of Hillary to try and get her nominated in '08. If the New Yorkers are warming to her, then they've forgotten about 9/11 (caused by the Clinton's inept eight year appeasement policy) already and will be shocked if and when something similar or worse happens next time. Hillary will say anything to get elected, hence her pandering to the pro-life crowd with rhetoric she's denied for decades. She is very two-faced and only the gullible will be convinced she means what comes out of her mouth, you know?

Here's an interesting tidbit from David Broder in The Seattle Times, another liberally biased rag. Below is my response to his article that you can find here.... The sorry fiscal record of a "conservative" administration

Dear Mr. Broder,

Your negative article on the president's priorities to cut the waste out of mostly democrat programs, along with other articles I've seen today, tells me that the attack on Conservatism from the Dean Hate Machine is starting up. Bring it on! Having shut that jerk down once and I'll be more than happy to do it again!

You said, "Most of these cuts would come out of state and local budgets, adding to the burdens their taxpayers would have to take up if services are to be maintained."

If these "services" are to be maintained is exactly the point. Most of the waste created by democrats needs to be cut-out because it's gotten ridiculous with democrats wanting to throw more money on programs that have very little if any benefit to society in this day and age. In fact these programs end up as a trap to keep people locked into a system where they will never get ahead, and takes their motivation away to try.

I noticed that none of the programs you mention have any statistics to justify them. Most of those programs have been built-up and up with bureaucracies from the past that don't work and are no longer needed. The only answer democrats ever have is to pour more money into broken systems created by whiners, in hopes that something magical happens to make them actually viable.

The vast majority of government systems must be streamlined to meet the needs to today's society where technology replaces manual labor. People have to get off the government payroll and do for themselves, not the other way around as liberals desire. What was that famous line from JFK? Seems democrats have abandoned him and everything he ever stood for, in order to follow his stupor-drunk bother Teddy who has not a clue about how real people live. The same goes for the rest on the east and west coasts and those living in big cities where corruption runs rampant.

These so-called experts you mention, (but don't name) assume cuts based on what Congress might do if they take them up. This is clearly just another attempt by liberals to smear any progress on cutting the budget. It's an old tactic that won't pass anymore. You know why? Because we're on to how liberals use emotional issues to spread their socialistic agenda. You know what else? It's being exposed right now for what it is, pure b.s..

We remember when liberals said they were so sure the world would end when Reagan ended the cold war, how badly we would lose if we attacked Afghanistan after 9/11, and the "millions" of lives that liberals said would be lost in Iraq. NONE of it came to be.

So David, guess what? The libs lose again, as usual... thank God!

Yes the democrats are up to their old ways again this soon after they were trounced, still having not learned one damn thing since 2000. Looks like all the Republicans need to do is keep on keepin' on for '06 and '08 and dems will self-destruct as usual.

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