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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Confident and Strong

President Bush's State of the Union speech on Wednesday showed he is on the right course for America's future both here and abroad declaring the union "confident and strong." Mr. Bush stated his plans for fixing Social Security and Health care while asking for bipartisan cooperation. How much he gets will determine his success. Democrats have threatened to block his agenda (and America's progress) no matter what.

The many standing ovations during the speech showed clearly that republicans support freedom from government regulations and democrats do not. Democrats on the other side of the isle, sat down on many of the positive initiatives proposed by the president, and especially on SS, where they obviously believe it's better to wait until it's too late to do anything about it, so that the end everyone will have to "make sacrifices" paying more in taxes to save the system.

Just imagine how much democrats will jack up the taxes if and when they back into power. Hopefully if they keep up like they have been for the past four years, it will be a very long time until then. By the way, did anyone see senator traitor Kennedy? I did see Hitlery there, and she looked as bad as I'm sure she feels.

Clear Vision

Dems are certainly out of touch with America, desiring to keep the people slaving on puny government rations instead of letting people make more money for themselves in personal accounts. Since it was Al Gore who opened up the SS lock box by casting the deciding vote to do so in 1998, democrats must have really hated it when Bush said that government wouldn't be able to touch those accounts.

Bush has a clear vision for America and he will see it through, while democrats will be making appointments to see their optometrist.


The president has been right about Iraq all along and democrats can't admit it because they're stuck in perpetual hate mode.

Our military is doing a solid job in Iraq with the full support of the commander in chief and the republican party. Democrats say they support the troops and maybe they do, but they can't stand the fact that this war is nowhere near the dems debacle in Vietnam, even though they claim otherwise which only makes them look that much more desperate and anti-American.

The great part came when the Iraqi woman who's father was murdered by former dictator Saddam, turned and hugged the mother of a soldier killed in the war. It was the longest standing ovation of the night by far, and rightly so. It also proved beyond doubt that president Bush was right in his decision to go to war. Democrats can deny it all they want to, but the positive facts speak much louder than their negative hypocrisy.

Establishing a free Iraq is the key to creating peace in that region, even though Iran has become a pain that needs to be dealt with soon by dialog or arms. The latter is more likely. A nuclear Iran cannot be tolerated by the world and it will therefore be up to America to do the right thing once again for the continuation of humanity, because the UN and EU cannot and would not.

Pray that it doesn't come to that!

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