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Monday, February 07, 2005


Cut those STUPID Government Programs!

President Bush is about to cut 150 bad government programs... The life-blood of the democraps. YEAH!!!!

I agree wholeheartedly with Bush on this because those programs are wasting massive amounts of taxpayer money, ie; my money! Bush Proposes massive cuts in Spending

Democraps in Congress for far too long have had their way in creating needless programs that do next to nothing for anyone other than lazy liberals who want to get rich and live for free off everyone else. These programs are created with no plan in mind until they get the money for them, then the plans are built around who they can pay to keep the program going while providing little if any benefit to the public.

The liberal "feeling" is they just need to look busy so they can keep applying for more government funds in order to keep friends and "constituents" on the payroll. These fake programs are ALL massive scams by liberals to rape taxpayers. This is also the reason they hate the military so much, because they feel that money can be spent better by them and for them.

But now Those days of freebies will be OVER because president Bush knows the score and isn't affaid to do the right thing for the nation and put a stop to the waste and to democrapz~!

Cutting the DEM-O-CRAP

I know exactly how the democrap brain works because I've talked to them and what they've told me is incredible. They actually admitted to me that democrats are used to living at the expense of others and have no real care about anyone but themselves and how much money they can take from others.

How many programs do know about that actually help people? Do you know what they do and for whom, or where they are? Probably not, I don't either, but I do know these invisible programs suck my hard earned money away, and I don't see the results because they're are no results to report!

Since the "great society," demcraps have been stealing the publics money in higher and higher taxes so they can keep people poor and dependent while their buddies get rich, and these program cuts has them pissed as hell and that's the reason they don't want Bush to touch them.

Well that's too damn bad liberals, you going to have to go to work like everyone else and pay your share, for once!

Bush's ownership society is great and will finally get many people off the government tread mill.

GO Bush!

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