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Monday, February 14, 2005


Democrats: Telling Lies for Power

As in the past, the new head-honcho Howard Dean declared, "Middle-class people did not see a tax cut," despite the lower tax rates enacted for all income levels and the higher tax credits for people of low and moderate income. In fact those at the low end of the economic scale do not pay any income taxes. A fact democrats try to cover-up with sound bite whines that "tax cuts are for the rich," and by that they mean anyone making in excess of $26,000. Of course it is the selfish democrats who are the real rich. outspending republicans by a 3-1 margin in the last election with their failed Vietnam candidate and his Billionaire wife. Do you ever hear of any democrats volunteering to give money for taxes?

This hypocrisy alone shows how hard the climb for democrats will be. It is obvious Bush's tax cuts across the board, not just for the rich, worked to save the economy from the disaster left by Bill Clinton's recession. Remember that Mr. Monica inherited a much improving economy after he lied about it being the worst in fifty years. Then Mr. Slick rode the Reagan/Bush engine until his three tax hikes to the highest levels in history shut it down.

According to Interest Alert,Employees of U.S.-based search engine Google gave $207,650 to federal candidates for the 2004 elections -- virtually all of it to Democrats.

A USA Today analysis published Monday indicated 98 percent of the money went to Democrats, the most-lopsided giving of any of the top tech company donors.

Microsoft was the biggest tech donor, with its political action committee contributing $3.1 million last year, 60 percent to Democrats.

Overall, 53 percent of high-tech industry contributions went to Democrats, said the liberal Center for Responsive Politics, a group that tracks campaign spending and contributions.

So democrats claiming to be against big business is just another big lie being exposed by facts!

The Democratic Party grows on government dependence. People who are dependent on government for almost any aspect of their economic or social survival can be counted on to vote for Democrats. Democrats do not think about the consequences of their actions, by first relying on emotions, then backfilling the gaps to cover mistakes inevitably leading to massive corruption.

Real freedom is exclusive to the democrats, having become the opposite of what liberals claim them to be. It boils down to this: Either you exercise responsibility for your own life, or give the government that responsibility – and the control that goes with it. It is literally the difference between democracy and totalitarianism.

Liberal democrats are absolutely scared to total and complete maggot-filled death over the prospect of individual Americans exercising one iota of independence or personal accountability in arranging for their own health care coverage or social security benefits, not to mention creating their own work by starting new businesses in the private sector. It is little wonder why democrats have lost so badly since 2000, ignoring reality while living in a world of their own ineptness that has exposed their utter incompetence.

All that matters

Feeling that government knows best and should never be messed with, Democrats are desperate to keep the people enslaved to mindless government bureaucracies and incompetent programs designed to keep the sucking sound of taxpayer money humming in their heads. But those old-style programs created during another era are running out of listeners, and cannot keep up with the realities we face today. So they must be updated with new plans and a new way of thinking. This is what president Bush has in mind and wants congress to get done for the American people.

Either democrats become Americans again, turning from their evil ways or face total defeat including permanent minority status by having followed ultra-liberal democrat disasters like Michael Moore, the Hollywood elite, the liberal media and even liberal bloggers who recklessly spew inflammatorily false accusations and innuendo in order to further divide the nation in their unquenchable hunger for power.

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