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Sunday, January 06, 2008


Post N.H. Debate, One

The New Hampshire Republican debate quickly turned into a heated exchange between the candidates on many issues, even on a personal level against Mitt Romney,–who had just won the Wyoming caucus easily–making him like a target for the others who have little to run on, such as John McCain, who's gotten old and gray living off the people's dole for decades, going against the GOP on any number of issues for his own selfish benefit.

As it stands now, Romney is tied with the Huckster for delegates while McCain is desperately seeking a win, which hopefully he won't get.

But Romney looked very presidential in handling the barbs being thrown his way, (See video) which is required of the Commander in Chief.

John McCain on the other hand seemed like a brat name caller on the playground when the facts of his record were exposed by Romney, proving McCain–like Hillary–has an anger problem that's not fit for the job.

Romney said "it’s all well and good for McCain to attack his record, but the fact of the matter is he was successful as governor when it came to changing Massachusetts whereas McCain has been in Washington for 27 years and has battled for change unsuccessfully.

“He’s somebody who wants to change Washington. He talks about changing Washington. But he’s been there so long, he’s got so many lobbyists at each elbow, he’s worked so long — in many cases, he’s a maverick against his own party,” Romney said.

He added that he has changed his mind on some issues, but those changes have been for the better.

“Everybody over time is going to make an experienced judgment based on what they see at the time or what they think is right, and no candidate has been the same throughout the entire process. And if they have, I’ll show you a candidate that ought to be pushed aside, because you know what? You should learn from experience. And if you want somebody who’s never learned from experience, who’s never made a mistake, I’m not your guy.”

Mitt is exactly right, and on the issues too he's on the money. Coming out fully for life is a huge positive. Like Reagan before him, Romney made the best decision against the liberal selfishness of abortion.

Hike Muckabee, as I like to call him, was disgraceful as he literally brown-nosed Barak Obama over and over again, perhaps hoping to be his vice president if elected. After all, Hike fits right in with left on taxes and immigration, as does McCain, but what will he do about Obama's love of allowing the murdering of innocent babies, since bringing the largest abortion clinic to his state in Aurora, Illinois? Hike is simply another Bill Clinton, ready to do whatever he has to for power, moral or not.

Another candidate who did well at the first debate in N.H. was Fred Thompson, who also tried to get in some shots on Romney, that were easily deflected.

Fred seemed to be able to sum-up the questions with a big picture view that sounded presidential. Although he has some rough edges in his aged looks, Thompson is a smart man who could very well be on the final ticket in either position.

Ron Paul looks more loony per debate, as he blames America for the world's problems while appeasing terrorists regimes as victims. Romney took Paul to task for siding with the enemy, and the others agreed with Mitt.

Kudo's to FOX for kicking Paul's whiney-ass out of Sunday's debate. Paul is just a negative scold libertarian, who is not presidential material no matter how much his Kooky comrades give him.

One the democrat side, Hillary sounded mean and not in control of the issues, while Barak Obama and John Edwards again showed their inexperience while using populist rhetoric void of real plans to bring changes they claim are needed.
Richardson was humorous at times, but then serious on the issues, showing himself to be the only experienced executive on the dem stage, even though he, along with the other dems have been brainwashed by (non-existent) global warming and backward socialist ideology that puts the government above the people and individual rights.

Look for the Post N.H. Debate Two on Monday, with a summary of where things stand.

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