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Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Hsu is on the other Paw

A couple of recent events from our trusty-long-serving representatives in Washington has further humiliated the American public.

The first event was exposed just in time to grab the headlines before the second event was exposed. But we learned of them the same week.

He and the media kept his arrest secret for months. Republican senator Larry Craig of Idaho got caught playing footsie in the john with an undercover cop and was busted for it. The left wing media kept it under wraps for months until the they needed it.

In a last-ditch effort to save face, the senator has exclaimed that he's NOT GAY! But even a blind person can see otherwise. For claiming to be conservative, Craig certainly a funny way of showing it outside of congress, but we're not laughing. Unfortunately, the river of hypocrisy runs down both sides of the isle.

Soon he'll be telling the media that he phoned Michael Vick, found Jesus and needs to grow up. Of course the lieberal media is playing this sex thing for all it's worth while it barely covers the second event which is actually much more damaging to the nations political process.

The second event involved a man of Chinese descent, who gave more money than he made to the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton's campaign, calling them "donations" most would call payoffs.

The Wall Street Journal reports that,

Mr. Hsu, an apparel executive who made his first-ever political contribution — to John Kerry — in 2004, is listed as one of the top 20 Democratic fundraisers in the country and is one of Clinton's "HillRaisers" — people who rustle up at least $100,000 for Clinton's campaign.

sHillary hasn't even been nominated yet and we're already back to the Clinton's sordid scandals that plagued America through the '90's. Please, I beg you, don't punish us again Mr. and Ms. Clinton!

Mr. Norman Hsu has given of himself for the sake of electing sHillary for president. He is wanted for grand theft and was facing a three year prison sentence in California, where he owned a small lime green house from where he funneled money to the DNC through a family named Paw.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a modest home in a middle-class San Francisco suburb, where the family of mail carrier William Paw resides, is listed as the address for many contributions to the Clinton campaign. Mr. Hsu once listed the home as his address, according to public records, and the Paws' donations closely tracked his.

It is very likely that most of the Clinton campaign donations come from illegal sources, and this may be just the tip of the sHillary iceberg melting from her global hot air. This pair of criminals need to be brought down to earth from their above the law clouds.

Did sHillary know of Hsu's crimes or who the Paws are? Oh, noooooooo! Would she care? Oh, of coouurrse she would, says her campaign manager. They take contributions from anyone, until they get caught. The sHill camp is still the reigning champ of hypocrisy.

So to make it look as if she really wants to do the right thing, she has suddenly assigned some 23k of that ill-gotten money to an undisclosed charity. Perhaps her husband's library?

Of course this is only one instance of the illegal contributions the democrats have been nailed with.

According to NewMax.com,
"Clinton also rejected comparisons to the 1996 fundraising controversy in which Asian businessmen were accused of directing illegal contributions to former President Clinton's re-election effort."
Yet as the Clinton campaign is filled with illegal activity, democrats and their media puppets continue giving them a pass despite the cost to the nation's reputation, they falsely claim to care about.

There's a long 14 months to go before the next election, and you can be sure that wherever the Clinton's go, there are likely many, many, many, many more scandals to follow.

America needs a fresh start, including a president with a clean record, who's lived and led an exemplary life, has great leadership experience, solid morals and values, and will be a positive influence for future generations. We need someone who will make needed changes to the same old Washington politics, that 'we the people' have grown quite weary of.

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