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Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Socializm Rejected Again!

Socializm has taken a major body blow and looks down for the count. For France, yes France, has rejected its socialist-live-off-government disaster, in favor of following capitalism after watching the booming U.S. economic growth over the past six years, largely due to president Bush's tax cuts, and low interest rates.

According to The Times Online, the election was a solid rejection of socializm with an 85 percent turnout.

"Thousands celebrated late into the night in the Place de la Concorde after the 52-year-old leader of President Chirac’s Union for a Popular Movement defeated Ségolène Royal, the Socialist, wh 53 percent of the vote.

“Together we are going to write a new page of history,” the pugnacious former Interior Minister told cheering supporters. “The page, I am sure, will be great and it will be beautiful.” Ms Royal accepted defeat with a smile, telling supporters that she had nevertheless relaunched the left.

Mr. Sarkozy, fiercely ambitious and hyper-energetic, had promised by the most radical -- and un-French -- recipe for restoring the country’s pride and wealth. “Work more to earn more” was the simple slogan that he used to convince the country that its renaissance lies with individual effort rather than reliance on the

“social solidarity” which has created the world’s shortest official working week and one of Europe’s highest unemployment rates."

The Hillary Clinton camp is desperately trying to distance itself from the socialist Royal's loss in France, but everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a socialist at heart, trained by a communist sympathizer in college, and still holds the goal of government running everyone's lives. Had Royal won, you can bet that Hillary would be jumping up and down, throwing massive parties for socializm and bigger government.

Democrats and their tax 'n spend grandiosity are generally out of favor with most people around the globe. In fact, the rejection of Democrats in Canada and now France leaves little room for the party to make gains in 2008 and beyond.

Germany's Angela Merkel will also be no help to Hillary as she tends to side with President Bush and Republicans on how to govern.

This latest devastation in France could be the final blow to socializm world wide, just as communism died, it too shall pass into the history books as a total failure.

“The flag of the Left lies on the ground,” said Laurent Fabius, one of the most senior Socialists.

The socialists' protested for three days and nights about the election because they will be forced back to work instead of living off others who's hard-earned money was being redistributed to support their laziness.

Democracy and Capitalism are the main thrusts moving the global economy, with the EU and America now joining together to push economic development in third world countries to create a global infrastructure for trade. There is even talk of a global currency, backed by non-other than the EU's High Representative Javier Solana, and his UN side kick Mr. Ban ki Moon.

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