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Thursday, April 05, 2007


Time to Impeach Madam Pelosi

Traitorous House-Mouth Nancy Pelosi is now exposed for all the world to see, as an anti-American socialist with an emotionally drenched liberal agenda in complete contradiction to U.S. foreign policy.

Nancy Pelosi had the gall to stand with a terrorist sponsoring state against president Bush and half of congress, the U.S. military, the thousands of families who've sacrificed lives and treasure for the spread of democracy and human rights. This stunt was very similar to when Democrat senator Ted Kennedy went to Russia to stand with the Soviet Union against president Reagan in the 1980's, and may have lasting negative consequences for America.

It is not up to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to dictate to the commanders in the field or to the commander in chief, what America's policy should be. Democrats act as if they are in the White House. They act as if they have the majority of Americans on their side, and what do they do with that imagined power? They go rushing off to defend our enemies while blaming America. Democrat's create bills to usurp the authority of the president with resolutions to de-fund the military during wartime in Iraq, claiming the real war is in Afghanistan. Nothing could be further from the truth no matter what Jack Murtha says.

President Bush's administration policy has been to isolate Syria. He criticized visits by Pelosi and others - including three Republican congressmen on Sunday - saying they sent "mixed messages" to the region and undermined U.S. policy. However, the Republicans did not attempt to make policy changes, but Nancy dear did, which was her fatal mistake, sending shock waves into Isreal, who rebuked Pelosi for it.

According to a Newsmax article: "Arab affairs expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar, of the BESA Center for Strategic Studies near Tel Aviv, said the visit had more to do with domestic American issues than Middle East peacemaking efforts.

"[Pelosi] understands nothing in the Middle East," he told Cybercast News Service, describing the visit as "a hammer to hit President Bush."

Nancy Pelosi is a total disgrace to America, and should immediately be impeached and tried as a traitor to the American Republic for setting herself up as a dictatorial queen with her defiant attempt to undermine the U.S. president by going to Syria to give aid and comfort to a terrorist sponsoring state during wartime. She should be immediately replaced by a real American conservative, who will not cave to the appeasement tactics of illogical liberals from Berkley or San Francisco, where selfishness and emotional insanity run amok.

In Washington, Bush said visits to Syria by U.S. officials were "counterproductive."

"A lot of people have gone to see President Assad ... and yet we haven't seen action. He hasn't responded," he said at a Rose Garden news conference.

Syria has been on the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism for decades. The headquarters of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups are located in Damascus.

It was reported that Syria told Pelosi that they're ready for peace talks. Oh, of course that's what they tell Nancy, as she's the only one stupid enough to believe those diaper heads. Syria used Pelosi as a pawn, and she has no clue.

Bush said president Assad had not reined in violent elements of militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah as requested by the international community and had acted to destabilize the democratically elected government of Lebanon.

"Sending delegations doesn't work. It's simply been counterproductive," Bush said.

Pelosi traveled with a delegation of U.S. lawmakers, including the first Muslim member of Congress, Keith Ellison, D-Minn.

This is clear proof of the left caving to the wishes of Islam in an attempt to destroy America's Christian heritage. Nancy Pelosi and all "like-minded" morons, including Hillary Clinton and blasphemous Barack Hussein Obama should be kicked out of and banned from U.S. government forever! They are not American's, but new-agers looking for a new socialist world order where America is no longer the leader of the free world, where global government rules over every man woman and child, where only one religion will be accepted, that of man being God. Yes, this is what these leftist wacko's have in their demented minds, that began during their 1960's era of radical ideology that continues still today.

You can listen to terrorists endorse Nancy Pelosi HERE.

Leftist traitors must be shut down permanently if America is to survive. If not, America will be finished as a free republic, becoming subject to the laws of Europe and the World Criminal Court system, in a very cold new world order under dictators telling everyone how they should live, treating citizens as nothing more than robots to be manipulated by the media. Take a good look, because it is already in progress. Be very leery of those calling themselves "progressives".

The recent 1984 Apple ad remake on Hillary Clinton was very well timed as a glimpse to what Democrats in general have in mind for the people.

Mr. Javier Solana, High Representative and Foreign Policy Master, is at the helm of the world, as the body looks to him for answers to fix the middle east at the expense of Israel and America.

A posted comment from "Edye - Brazil" on the article titled, Solana: Stage being set for 'comprehensive peace' sums up how many view Mr. Solana.

"Well, dear Heather, Who will survive, will see... For decades my family left Europe just fearing that ominous day when a fake god man woud pretend himself as a real god to the whole humanity, if Solana is the one I do not know, but he is a very strong candidate..."

U.S. Democrats are ready and willing to turn over our sovereignty immediately after the next terror attack or economic crises America suffers. Democrats will then gladly scrap the U.S. Constitution, which they and the Euro's have been trying to destroy for decades, as the price of admission into this global dictatorship where they will give power to a few over the many. That has always been their main goal since their radical heydays of the '60's-70's "new age" enlightenment. This is now in progress with wacko Nancy Pelosi running the House.

Radical leftist women like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein need to be stopped from killing America, period.

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