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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Speech Police are Killing Democracy.

Two recent cases show the irony of racism, and the fragility of Americans.

In the first case we have a young black female exotic dancer, making rape accusations against three white Duke University college men, who insisted she was lying about all of it. After the case was dragged out in the media over many months, the case was finally dropped, and the young men found innocent.

The attorney, Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong representing the accuser, Crystal Gail Mangum, clearly used her for his own gain while trashing the reputations of those young Rutgers players while running for election. Perhaps he's the one who should face jail time.

I've believed for months that the woman was making false accusations. It seemed very obvious she was looking to score something against white boys. Now the headlines read that she was "troubled with a checkered past".

The media is likely to come running to her defense while ignoring the real trouble maker, who should've known better, her lawyer, now charged by the state bar with ethics violations connected to his handling of the case, and could face disbarment.

In another case, we have a well known disc jockey named Don Imus, who made racial a remark about a team of black women basketball players, being trashed in the media because of his speech. Calls for his firing have been whooped up to a frenzy by so-called black leaders like (Rev.) Al Sharpton, who never misses a chance to trash white people.

And indeed several advertisers have pulled out of the Imus show, and now MSNBC has pulled the plug on the show entirely. I personally have never listened to him, but talk radio in general is good and should not suffer because of one man's stupidity.

First term senator and presidential dreamer, Barack Obama has suddenly given his opinion about Imus, well after the dust has settled and all the hyped up coverage has been given. This is what self-labeled moderates do, they wait to see what the popular thing is, and they go with that instead of bothering to think for themselves.

After her trip to Syria endorsing terrorism with these words, "the road to Damascus is the road to peace", House-mouth Nancy Pelosi has belatedly realized that "words do matter". Nancy is always trying to speak for all American's, even though more than half find her nauseating.

"Like Americans all across the country, I want to express my deep disgust with the despicable words used by Don Imus." Pelosi said.

I have yet to hear an apology from Pelosi, but I did read Imus' apology to the girls B-ball team. But of course liberals are all about double-standards and maximum hypocrisy for themselves while pointing the finger at others. Well, that'll come back to haunt them all soon enough.

The ultra-rich speaker should be fired for claiming to speak for me, as I find her totally un-American and treasonous, as are nearly all democrats these days.

White guys and black girls. Maybe the two just don't mix well, but they sure are good for sensationalism by the media, lawyers and politicians.

Update: Don Imus has just been fired from CBS and he is out of radio.

Very soon freedom of speech will be gone completely, and the dictators on the left will have us all wearing the same clothes, working in gloomy factories and deciding who lives and who dies while they live in mansions. Too extreme you say? Wait for it.

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