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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Scrap the Tax Code NOW!

Does Al Gore take his global warming readings in the month of April? Maybe it's true that global warming is caused by Americans as our temperatures rise dramatically in frustrated attempts to figure out the insanity of the tax code.

The U.S. tax code is a disgrace and a disservice to every American who pays taxes. Why do we pay taxes on money we make, not once, twice, or three times, but four times or more on the same money, until it is chopped-up so fine that we no longer see it?

The majority of all those cuts go to the government, and likely into the pockets of rich bastards in Washington's criminal elite, yet was never intended to be this way.

Corruption has taken over Democracy and the Republic. Democrats in particular – with plenty of enabling from Republicans – have grown the U.S. tax code into the biggest, most hideous monster in all the world.

Paul Greenberg in Kill this monster says,

"This republic, which was born of a tax revolt -- indeed, several of them -- has lost touch with its roots. We have become inured to the injustice and, even worse, the unknowable intricacies of the tax system so that complaints about it sound more like ritual than indignation."

Similar to the daily homicide bombings in Iraq, we become conditioned to accept things we know are wrong. Taxes are slowly killing everyone as more and more laws for more and more taxes are created against the people, most of whom have no clue, and like robots, say and do nothing about it.

According to Greenberg, "Even the length of the code is a matter of debate, with estimates varying widely. According to the U.S. Government Printing Office, it's 13,458 pages long and available in 20 volumes ($974, shipping included), but that doesn't count an additional 3,387 pages contributed by Congress, available for $179. That brings the grand total to 16,845 pages."

"What to do? Don't mend it, end it. Abolish the tax code and start all over."

Just the other day while talking on the phone to my bother in-law, I said "we should scrap this insane tax code and start over."

President Bush has promised to fix the code, but we have not heard anything in terms of progress since then. Hopefully it won't be just another unfulfilled campaign promise.

Perhaps this leftist Goliath cannot be killed until we find the right David willing to cut its head (The Federal Reserve) off.

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