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Monday, April 02, 2007


Jockeying for Position

So the Hillary campaign claims to have set a record for fundraising, yet the week before headlines read that 50 percent of American's said they would not vote for Hillary. Which one to believe? Neither. This is all just jockeying for position before the lull this summer or perhaps another war.

Granted, the Clinton machine (the real rich) is cranking away at Democrat's with promises Hillary will never keep, much less remember. I seem to recall during her senate race just last year, Hillary insisting her "ambitions were only to be a senator for New York," saying it with a straight face numerous times on record. Despite the fact that practically nobody in New York believed her, riding on Bill's carpet, she won going away.

Perhaps New Yorker's don't care if politician's tell the truth, as long as they get what they want. They wanted Hillary's hubby Bill, and got two attacks on the World Trade Center. So who believes Hillary now, and who's paying to get what they want?

We have ultra-liberal House Mouth Nancy Pelosi flying over to Israel to tour Jerusalem in some kind of Passover charade, to entice Christians and Jews into believing that she cares about religion, when it is clear her real agenda is to rip religion to shreds and spread abortion and homosexuality against the church.

Liberals always do the opposite of whatever it is they portend to be for or against.
See: Liberal-speak defies logic on capitalism.

According to the Washed-up Post article Democrats To Widen Conflict With Bush, Democrats are set to confront the president of the United States during a war currently being conducted on two fronts, with another possibly in the works.

"Though he has vetoed only one piece of legislation since taking office, President Bush has vowed to veto 16 bills that have passed either the House or Senate in the three months since Democrats took control of Congress."

Democrat's promise everything under the sun for everyone, but have no plan to deliver on their utopian rhetoric. If it sounds good, leftist candidates will say it – true or not, right or wrong – believing they will either fix it later or be excused for not following through by the bleeding heart liberals they take from, while giving nothing in return.
"During the Las Vegas health-care forum on March 24, first-term senator Barack Hussein Obama promised to achieve universal coverage as president, but had to admit that he had not even started a plan to achieve it."

Promises, promises... all pumped up for votes, but quickly forgotten like a dump. Most Politicians, with many more on the left, are nothing but liars doing their best to not get caught by the truth.

Notice that candidates never tell you where the money will come from for all their promises. Democrat's never mention their intent to raise taxes by ending the tax cuts, just like companies never inform their employed slaves of increased paycheck deductions for union dues and insurance coverage after giving a them a small raise, while higher-ups get bonuses in the millions for doing a bad job.

The politicians are getting in shape for summer before indulging the public with pork and desert in the fall campaigns. They will attend Parades, Baseball games, Picnics, Summer Fests etc., to keep them in the news for the few paying attention.

Filling the latest anti-war bill full of pork, Democrat's have led themselves to believe they won the 2006 elections because of the war dragging on. The truth is partly the war, but democrat's won mostly because of radical spending by Republican's, against their base of conservatives. Democrat's are betting the president won't veto the bill due to the needed funding for the war. However, Bush has been steadfast in his threats to veto the bill. So if Bush follows through, democrat's will have lost their bet, and military supporters votes.

"Democrats—who haven't pushed for big tax cuts since JFK was sitting in the Oval Office—now control Congress and have a pretty good shot at expanding their dominance in 2008. Congressional Democrats, in their budget proposal presented earlier last month, are apparently attempting to save only Bush's 2001 child tax credit and marriage-penalty relief provisions."

"The common beltway wisdom: "After 2008, the default budget position is going to be higher taxes," says policy analyst Thomas Gallagher of ISI Group in Washington, D.C."

(Interestingly, an economic simulation run by Goldman Sachs predicts the economy will fall into a recession in 2011 if all the tax cuts are allowed to expire, even with massive Federal Reserve interest rate cuts.)

"One escape clause from this scenario: If tax revenues keep pouring in, the budget could move back into the black in the near future, say 2009, and generate pressure to send that extra dough back home." See: Giving the Boot to the Tax-Cut Era.

Everyone knows by now that Democrat's are all about raising taxes for pet projects to make themselves look as if they're accomplishing something, when in reality they're just wasting taxpayers money, while complicating life with more government. That is after all how the tax code became the nightmare it is, yet democrats can't wait to add more laws to the books in order to take more freedom away from the public.

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