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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Campaign 2008: Race of the Hypocrites

With an early start, the race for the White House is well underway. But what are we all to think of these contending candidates who seemingly can't give consistent, honest answers over length of time? Does getting caught in hypocrisy prove them unworthy to hold the office? Or, is the 2008 race a test of who can get away with the most lies and still be elected president? The thirst for power has a profound effect on the memories of those running in either direction.

With the brainwashing media being what it is today, telling the public whatever it is they want them to believe at any given time, using planned diversions conceived and exploited by those already in power, keeps most folks too busy to seek out the truth for themselves.

So who is the biggest hypocrite running for president in 2008?

On the Pro American side
, we have John McCain, the 72 year too old senator and previously failed candidate who said "he has no problem with gay marriage." See the vid clip.

McCain is also responsible for the McCain-Feingold Act that will doom his and perhaps any Republican's candidacy by allowing the liberal "news" media to give positive and free coverage to democrats from while they ignore Republican's except to criticize them, as they will have no defense as defined in the bill to respond with ads of their own that are to be cut off in the final days of the election. Democrat's will get a free pass and the Republican's will be left out in the cold.

John McCain fell for this sneek attack from the left, making the GOP take on the chin. 'Ol plyable McCain has also said that "it is my sincere hope that a democrat becomes president again someday soon" in a letter to this writer.

McCain’s overall record on taxes is "profoundly disturbing and anti-growth,” according to the influential Club for Growth. "Nowhere is Senator McCain's record on pro-growth issues more appalling than on the important issue of protecting political speech. Senator McCain was the driving force behind the ultimate passage of the McCain-Feingold Act, a bill that imposed grossly unconstitutional restrictions on citizen participation in the political process."

The bottom line on McCain, according to the Club for Growth,

"outspoken pursuit of anti-growth and anti-free-market policies in the realms of taxes, regulation, and campaign finance reveals a philosophical ambivalence, if not hostility, about limited government and personal freedom."

We have Rudy (fruiti) Giuliani. who's said he's in favor of gay marriage, been married three times and likes to dress it up as a drag queen for Donald Trump. The word "Creepy" hardly describes the scene. It was downright disturbing when viewed on You Tube.

We have Mr. Mitt Romney, who's declared his stance on abortion depends on the office he's running for and where, but to be fair, he's declared himself fully and solidly pro-life in 2004, making an attempt as Governor of Massachusetts to right the law. He's also against homosexual marriage, but perhaps has no problem with multiple marriages to different women by one man.

We possibly have ex-speaker Newt Gingrinch, who last week announced that he was having an adulterous affair of his own while he was impeaching President Clinton for doing the same thing, with the galling explanation that the president should know better.

We may also have Arkansas Governor Huckabee who's smile reminds me of Gomer Pyle. His big mistake was raising taxes after campaigning on a no tax hike policy. A lesson that should've been learned from the first president Bush's "read my lips" debacle.

On the anti-American side
We have Hillary Clinton, the wife of the ex-prez, who's hypocrisy is far too much to list with every other sentence being a contradiction of something else, would have us believe that mixing women, religion and politics, is somehow a good experiment for the nation during a time of war. She also has a very selective memory about 'history', especially hers' and her husband's.

Hillary has recently compared herself–as the first woman presidential candidate–to John F. Kennedy being the first Catholic candidate to become president. In a recent speech, Hillary said: "But those who gathered here almost a half century ago knew better," she said. "They believed America was bigger than that and Americans would give Sen. John F. Kennedy a fair shake, and the rest, as they say, is history."

Well then, if that's the case, she also just gave Mitt Romney the shot he needed to become the first Mormon president, and her description of JFK fits Romney much better than herself...
"He was smart, he was dynamic, he was inspiring and he was Catholic. A lot of people back then [1960] said, 'America will never elect a Catholic as president,' "
It would be a good bet to say she'd pay millions to have those words back, as they will surely haunt her forevermore should she lose.

The best advice for the the GOP concerning Hillary would be the same as it was for the most recent JFK to run for president – just let her keep talking.

Why do all these dems keep comparing themselves to Kennedy anyway? JFK really wasn't all that good in his short tenure, nearly getting us into a nuclear war with Russia in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. He also came from the same stock as his windbag brother Teddy, who constantly sided with the Soviet communist's against President Reagan's moves ending the cold war, proving Kennedy decisions are indeed problematic, if not dangerous for America and the world.

One the younger side
We also have Barack Hussein Obama, thinking this manoeuvre would show his honesty, decided to to pay his college parking tickets, 17 years late. This begs the question of what else he's been hiding for 17 years, or longer? Not to mention why he thought it would help him? Clearly he has some guilt on his mind, so it's no wonder why he smokes cigarettes, giving us another clue as to how he handles pressure and habits.

We have ex-senator John Edwards, trailing badly and getting desperate, coming from the conspiracy camp of the far left, who cries about FOX News covering democrat debates, threatening a boycott as if he actually believes the big three nets CBS, NBC, ABC along with PBS and CNN are not liberally biased, swaying all issues to the left. Of course this is the same guy who ran and lost with John Kerry, claiming they'd make the lame walk if given the chance. Edwards' private life as an ambulance chasing attorney, who made his money off of so-called "victims" of accidents and malpractice, during the circus of legislative outrage surrounding Terri Schiavo, sided with those who wanted to end her life, for political gain, “We saw the memo that went out to Republican leaders about how they could take political advantage of Terri Schiavo. That’s disgusting. They will pay a price for this in the 2006 and 2008 elections.” Edward's had nothing invested in Terri's case and could make no money from it, so to him she was not worth saving, or losing some votes. That is really disgusting!

Just recently a woman comatose for seven years came back awake for three days before sliding back. See the story here: Woman in 'Vegetative' State Like Schiavo Wakes for Three Days, Speaks, Eats Cake'.

Luckily there are still other players to be counted, so we hope and pray that a far better, more realistic and honest candidate steps-up before the stretch, or the game may be over.

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