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Monday, February 19, 2007


Romney Update. Interview by ABC

Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney was interviewed over the weekend by ABC's Clinton insider George Stephanopoulos, who tried valiantly to trip up Mitt, especially on his religion where the interviewer either purposely misled Romney or proved to everyone that he has no understanding of the Bible at all, in questioning where Jesus will return. My guess is the latter.

Like most liberals, they have no clue about the Bible, as they prefer man-made dreams, ideas and theories to disprove it, falsely revising history to fit their image of what "should be" over what is.

The interview, Mitt Romney: The Complete Interview, included Mitt's wife Ann Romney, who was also to smart for Stephenopolis' dirt seeking questions. But by the end of the interview, I think George was ready to cast his vote for Mitt.


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