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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Reversal of Fortune

Terrorists' are again free to communicate their plans for another attack somewhere in America. After no terror attacks have happened since 9/11, much of the credit for preventing terror plans was due to the so-called wire tapping of conversations coming into the U.S. from overseas by the government.

President Bush has now caved into the Democrat's worry-filled concern about the rights of terrorists' who want to complete their plans for blowing up our cities and killing as many innocent American's as possible.

President George W. Bush has decided not to reauthorize the controversial domestic warrantless surveillance program for terrorism suspects and to put it under the authority of a secret special court, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said on Wednesday.

The president has determined not to reauthorize the Terrorist Surveillance Program when the current authorization expires," Gonzales wrote in a letter to Senate leaders.

Any electronic surveillance that was occurring as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program will now be conducted subject to the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court," Gonzales said, from NewsMax.com

Indeed, the door has been opened wide for Osama's Al Qaeda, whose homicide bombers are set to launch pre-planned missions that will now be a cakewalk for them. Looks like the show '24' came back just in time to give us a preview of coming events at home.

Democrats also don't want the U.S. Military being supplied with more fighters to win the war in Iraq, insisting we bring the troops home and forget about the Iraqi people and the sectarian violence taking place. Apparently, democrats don't care how many might be killed in Iraq as long as they can score some political points against Bush and the GOP, while lowering the power of the United States in the eyes of the world. They also don't seem to care if America starts looking like Iraq, as leftist democrats' feel America deserves punishment for invading and freeing Iraq from its dictator since some things haven't worked out perfectly, or in the amount of time they wanted, as if this or any war could be predicted.

So, if and when terrorism come back to our shores, or comes from sleeper cells within, who will the public blame for it. To be sure, the leftist media, working with the DNC has already written scripts for criticizing and putting the full-blame on Bush and the NeoCons for everything bad to come in the future, while taking credit for any positives democrats had nothing to do with. After all, that's how Bill Clinton stole the presidency.

The blame game of the left is in full speed as they gear up for 2008. All we hear now is talk of HIllary and Obama, as if Republican candidates are either non-existent or are the longest of long-shots in the history of politics. All this after democrats have been back in control of congress for only these past few weeks, which already seems like an eternity.

Pelosi's Hotter Air

While wearing gloves and shivering, Nancy Pelosi was on stage whining about Global Warming, as California citrus crops were devastated by a cold burst. Yet democrats are trying to push the big lie in the face of contradicting evidence.

Climate change happens in cycles. We have El Niño etc. taking place that scientists have warned about. Just as their wild warnings of a looming "Ice Age" in the late 70's never occurred, global warming is the same kind of illogical hype created to scare people into forking over their money for needless projects, which is really what democrats and leftists' are all about.

What's worse is that democrat's claim the money will help the poor, when in fact they use it to enrich themselves and their friends with endless parties, showering awards on each other to keep their fantasies alive in a Hollywood enduced atmosphere, where it all looks so good, but none of it is real.

Grandma Pelosi is moving to create a special committee to recommend legislation for cutting greenhouse gases, most likely to be chaired by Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass., a Democratic leadership aide said Wednesday. One wonders what she would do without the plastics industry. Well, I guess as long as she can keep up appearences, that's all that really matters.

Markey has advocated raising mileage standards for cars, trucks and SUVs and is one of the House's biggest critics of oil companies and U.S. automakers.

Clearly this is all designed to increase the cost of cars and trucks while taking profits out of those businesses, which won't be employing anyone soon. Remember the energy crisis in California a few years ago? That was caused by the same environmental lunacy of abortionist liberals like Pelosi and Barbara Boxer not letting electrical and nuclear plants be built for decades to keep pace with the rising populations. They were forced to admit their mistakes, but they've now gone back to their old ways, as they refuse to learn.

Same thing with the forest fires that burned millions of acres of trees in California due to the fact that the environmental tree-sitters would not allow the forests to be properly managed. The results were devastating. The loss of those trees likely has as much or more of an effect greenhouse gases than anything humans have ever done. In fact, there has been more carbon spewed into the air by a single volcano than all the emissions from all the cars in the world combined in history! Democrat's will never tell anyone of these facts as they push their idiocy onto a dumbed-down liberally (un) educated, emotionally-hyped, comfortably-kept American public.

The leftists' in this nation and across the ocean in the European Union, must be stopped from destroying the world with their insane attempts to bring utopia on earth. Wack jobs like Pelosi, Hussein Obama, Clinton, Kennedy, Durbin, Reid, etc. ad nauseam, fuel future destruction and wreck havoc on the nations economy with massive tax hikes – named something else – and spending, thus costing taxpayers more and more until the U.S. economy crashes, which is what democrats' plan for political gain.

New York Rep. Chuckie Rangel, the 76-year-old chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, who has never seen a tax he didn't fall in love with, would surely give the go ahead for any tax on carbon-based fuels like coal, oil or natural gas, which have been blamed for warming the atmosphere. A chief advocate of such a tax is former Democratic Vice President Al Gore, who also voted in favor of raiding social security to pay for wasteful social programs in the 1990's. They've started already by pushing for more taxes on oil and natural gas companies and the auto industry in an unthoughtful manner that will backfire as the cost is passed on to consumers.

Democrat's want to go back to the days of their glory during the depression when they conned the public into relying on government to bail them out. It is all they have and all they know how to do, getting people on welfare to further their socialist agenda while taking away individual freedoms, including speech and religion, yet pushing abortion and illegal immigration. Teddy Kennedy just announced that the Iraqi's should come here to live. Sure Teddy, that's all we need, more enemies that hate us being let into the nation to destroy it. Teddy should face the same gallows that Saddam did for his treason.

Anything that goes wrong will be blamed on Bush and Republican's by Democrat's, no matter what happens under their watch of congress. The economy has been strong and growing every year since Bush was elected president, which is what democrat's will attempt to destroy as they revise history with massive lies in their rush to reverse course.

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