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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Dems Deceptive Distractions Begin Anew

Supposedly stopping the Democrat's Press Conference, Cindy Sheehan and her groupies claimed it was they who put democrats into office, demanding they bring the troops home from Iraq. They simply fail to grasp the dangerous consequences if we did that before securing the country. Like bratty kids who want what they want when they want it, they just don't care about anything else.

This shows clearly that the far left has no clue about running a war, or who is in charge of it as described by the U.S. Constitution. Democrats' defeatism is clear proof of their willingness to accept America's defeat in hopes of gaining power for their party at any expense to the our security or standing in the world.

So, are Democrats using Cindy as cover for their failure to have any plans for the war in Iraq or the nation domestically? Or are they using her to distract us from what they're really doing in the background, likely unconstitutionally? Remember always that these dems are the most deceptive liberal group in history, and they need to be watched and checked 24/7.

Democrats needed former–thank God–president Bill Clinton to make an appearance in the Senate to make them feel their barely there power as he was seen in the halls and bathroom of the Senate. Geesh, they'll do anything for publicity, even bringing in their impeached disgrace. Turning to their new age therapies, the libs have already forgotten 9/11 ever happened. What World Trade Center? For dems, outta sight, outta mind.

Who wasn't appalled to see Nancy Pelosi smiling over president Ford's casket last weekend? She is scary indeed, and not just due to her plastic facial scars either, as she sucks up as much attention as possible. Now she has the gall to stand up holding the gavel surrounded by children, who wouldn't even be there had their mothers sided with Pelosi's Pro-abortion votes for ending those lives.

January 4, 2007: Invoking novus ordo seclorum as "a new order for the centuries", Nancy Pelosi began her reign as Speaker of the House for the 110th Congress. You can bet her speech was carefully crafted and vetted. Pelosi is the pick of the Plutarchs — and her mention of the New Order is not accidental. — PID

Regular folks sense that we're in for some real trouble in the country with that ultra-liberal nut case in power, third in line for the White House. God help us all!

Being such a space cadettress, perhaps Nancy should be tested on what she did yesterday to see if she remembers? See: It's 2007. Do you know what your lawmakers are up to?

So what if we did what the anti-war protesters want and brought the troops home? Would they take responsibility for terror attacks that would likely follow here in America? We haven't had one since 9/11/01 when began fighting Islamic terror. Should we blame them and put Cindy on trial for the numerous deaths as a result of another attack in an America city? Should Cindy Sheehan perhaps pay the same price Saddam did? Of course this would never happen because she and her appeasing misfits are not in control, at least not yet. However, one day they may be, and that day could mark freedom's last.

Bush ups the ante
Not just to piss-off Cindy and the gang, president Bush will call for a surge in troop numbers for Iraq of 20,000 or more, to put the final nail in the terrorists' coffins. At least we hope, but we have to try. Today there is news of North Korea's Prepping Nuclear Weapons Test. This is likely being conducted in cahoots with Iran.

What the president should do at this stage is expand the war wider to include Iran and Syria in order to stop the insurgents coming across the borders. For more on that see: To Win in Baghdad, Strike at Tehran.

Iran talks tough like a bully, but one good smack in the nose, and they may go running for their mullahs.

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