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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


CNN got it right?

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Obama seen as Osama

CNN may have finally got something right about one of their own leftist con-men. Obama is like Osama, a big talker to undermine America. But was this a set-up by the Clinton campaign? Is it possible Obama scares Hillary enough that she called her media company, to make a splash to stop Barack in his tracks? After all, she’s getting no coverage with him sucking-up all the oxygen, which is what Hillary wants to do, like her Hubba Bubba, which is another problem for her campaign.

Suddenly on the same day as Osama Obama we find out , HILLARY PREDICTS: OBAMA CANDIDACY WILL DIMINISH. No coincidence, I’m sure! Nope, that just sailed right by everyone Hillary, really it did! The Clinton's have no shame.

These attention seekers, especially on the left, are all about themselves, their power, their control, their desires, their fame. They don’t care one iota about anyone else no matter what they say or how many promises they make with a straight face. That pic of Hill (at the link above) is majorly embarrassing. Can't wait to see her on Vanity Fair like Valerie Plame in cognito. The gall of these hyped-up fools is enough to make most folks blush.

It’s hard to decide who to “dislike” more with between these two wannabe canidates, which leads some to believe at this early stage, that we are being set-up for a newcomer out of the blue to run for president. These democrats are very tricky deceivers, as is their media machine, and everyone knows that timing is everything. Therefore, watch for who else might throw their hat into the ring over the next several months.

They’ll likely spring it on CNN.

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