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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Bush's Worst SOTU speech

How bad was it? Bad enough for the senate to pass a "non-binding" resolution against Bush's policy in Iraq, and embolden liberals and terrorists' around the world. Prediction: America will not survive this fiasco created by the left and joined by weak RINO's missing a backbone. So what was the point of passing it then? All this does is put our troops in further danger, broadcasting to the enemy that U.S. policy is wrong.

This irresponsible act of treason by these so-called American's is beyond contempt. All those congressional wimps who voted for this disgusting display of cowardice should be ashamed of themselves for what will result in causing more casualties. These high and mighty know-it-all's in congress may be the ones who will pay the severest price of all, even worse than the terrorists' in the end.

According to this article, "Pelosi and several Democratic chairmen are leaving for Iraq on Friday. " Did you hear that terrorists'?, your helpers in congress are coming to see you.

If we lose now by cutting and running, then we certainly do deserve it under this congress being run by an ultra-liberal nut case. At least Bush understands the enemy, but even he seems to have lost some resolve, being worn down by the leftist media and whining democrats.

Bush began the speech weakly, kissed up to the left and then slowly lowered the boom on conservatives. Bush all but abandoned his base with his worst SOTU speech to date, especially on domestic issues where Bush turned into a lackluster liberal appeaser.

Observations follow...

President Bush couldn't have gushed anymore about Nancy dear, giving her a stage she so desperately desired, as her face lit up like a plastic nite-light. That smile of hers is enough to give anyone bad dreams. And what was she chewing on, her gums? Is she wearing dentures already or was she just steamed when Bush talked about defending the nation?

Was Hillary Clinton sitting on a phone book during the SOTU speech? It sure did look like it as she tried desperately to be noticed above Hussein Osama, oh, I mean Obama. She looked so much like a ventriloquist dummy, I laughed out loud when the camera focused on her. Did she pay for that coverage? I mean it was incredibly obvious, and way over the top how they had her set-up. When they showed her again, I was actually embarrassed for the queen of carpetbaggers. You couldn't pay me enough to vote for her, no way, no how! But she'll be good for laughs as she promises everything under the sun for everyone over the next two years. Much like people who call back to awards verification messages left on their machines, only the suckers will fall for her pandering sales pitch.

The Speech
Bush's speech was nothing an insurance giveaway and Hillarycare tax hike for middle class American's, who will bear the brunt of paying for the so-called number of poor folks claiming they can't afford health insurance, now set to suddenly skyrocket thanks to Bush and his new socialist agenda.

Another giveaway to the democrats and their environmental nut jobs was Bush's call for lower gas prices, that will cost American's thousands of dollars in research for new cars as they will have to spend hundreds of millions to meet Bush's idiotic fuel goals. There is more oil in the ground than we will ever need for eons, yet Bush is caving to the liberals on energy because he wants to secure some kind of legacy above Richard Nixon, who's poll numbers he's down to again, at least for those who believe in such imprecision.

As Joseph Farah of World Net Daily notes in Gore's State of the Union ...

• Setting a mandatory fuels standard to require 35 billion gallons of renewable and alternative fuels by 2017 – whether they are ready or not, whether they work or not and whether or not you want them.

• Raising the so-called CAFE standards (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) for cars and light trucks. In other words, mandate better and better fuel economy no matter how many lives it cost – and make no mistake, it always costs lives on the highway.

• Fight "global warming" by cutting the growth of carbon dioxide emissions in automobiles over the next 10 years. Yes, Bush concedes, Al Gore was right all along!

• Federal grants to states to provide medical insurance to everyone – presumably Bush's illegal alien amigos as well.

One the war
Did anyone notice how the democrats just sat there when Bush said America must be protected? Obviously they don't agree. Democrats' want terrorism to come to our shores so they can say they told us so. But of course the backfire effect would be dramatic. Democrats cannot convince anyone they'd protect America, because everyone can see they have no desire to, never have either. Dems want utopia on earth now so they sing songs like they're in some fantasy flick at Disneyland.

It is time we stop changing our way of life for terrorists! Just today I went to mail a small package to Canada. I was practically required to give my left testicle in order to ship it. Sign this, this and this. It was like signing a Mortgage!

Calling General George Patton
I'm sick and tired of putting up with damn terrorists' having to change my life for those evil bastards. I can just hear what Gen. George S. Patton would say, "Wipe 'em out, every damn one of em!" Bush is right about the terrorists', they must be defeated. That's what we pay the military for isn't it? Win this war now by telling those Islamic bastards in no uncertain terms to choose sides, freedom or terror, period. Ship those who want freedom out of there, and then turn the terrorists' sand box into red glass, and be done with it! Enough is enough.

First it's four years too late. Second, once they're (illegals) hear, they're not going back voluntarily. The cost of shipping them back and forth would be outrageous. Enforce the laws we have now, period. We don't need more laws and regulations that won't do any good anyway. Hire the border troops and fund them like the war, because that's what it's come to.

Just wait 'til 2008? It would be nice if the "we the people" elected a president who won't cave to liberalism, and an uncorrupted congress that works for the people instead of trying to create robots of us all.

So far, there isn't a candidate I'd vote for.

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