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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Political Upheaval

There is a growing trend in America's world of politics away from the status quo government corruption by both parties, although the left is still far worse than the right according to the majority of voters who grudgingly put Democrat's back in control of congress, albeit with a slim margin in hopes they will not be able to do much harm. But we have wait and see just what they do and how they vote, as opposed to what they say as Democrats rely more on feel-good talk rather than substance.

The reason is clear enough for everyone to see. Overspending and corruption has made many American's mad to point of finally demanding accountability of their government officials, no matter the party.

After the Republican's were trusted with the people's money, they went on a huge spending spree that included many pork projects and roads to nowhere that were a previous staple of Democrats. Republican's caught the same disease democrat's have had for decades, and it is up to the public to cure them both, even as unrealistic as that may seem with money and material over-taking the public's weakening consciousness after massive 24/7 bombardments by the leftist media, and their corporate advertisers.

The truth is that the public isn't told the truth about where their tax money actually goes. It is hidden in numerous volumes of red tape and monstrous congressional bills nobody has time to read. Those in government like to keep the public busy and distracted by putting in mind-numbing details to complicate, if not eradicate any objection.

People have about had it with all this obtrusiveness and outright lies told by their government officials who are voted for in trust. However, this last election was by far the most deceitful and expensive yet, so so much for Campaign Finance Reform.

Obviously, money talks louder than laws in America, as O.J., his attorney’s, and some corrupt corporate officer's will happily attest to.

Third-way Trend
Due to mass disgust at the U.S. political system, there is now a new group of folks who insist that, as reported by World Net Daily, "The American public are angry at both the Democratic and Republican Party," Phillips said. "If neither major party wants to listen to the American middle class, the Constitution Party is ready to enter center stage and get back to the basics that have made the republic established by our founding fathers work for over 230 years."



"China now holds over $1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves as a direct result of our huge and growing trade deficit," Jerome Corsi explained. "China sneezed over Thanksgiving, suggesting that a move might be made to hold fewer dollars and the dollar began dropping like a rock."

Getting back to basics is what America is need of. For over 230 years, the U.S. government has grown so huge that it has lost touch with the public it supposedly serves, on the conservative side at least.

A third party has been tried and failed so many times, that there is little if any hope of a new one making any real difference in the final outcome. It may however sharpen candidates to focus their campaign promises on reality instead of empty words that just sound good to certain support groups.

A real candidate for the people should focus on how government is supposed to work for the nation's infrastructure and defense without high taxes, not how to provide for people's well being as socialists' desire.

The United States Government needs to be stripped down into a lean mean efficient machine, instead of it being run by pork-eating bureaucrats creating wasteful programs and fatter bills to make themselves look good to their constituents at parties, many of whom would probably vote it down if they knew the true costs, and if it were up to them.

If American’s do not turn its corrpupt government around, the result will lead to further disruption of religious freedoms and social liberties inherent in the original U.S. Consitution. The left has done a great job at singeing the edges of our democracy, and they’re now ready to burn America’s founding document their leaders like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi to name a few, consider to be just an old-meaningless piece of paper, much the same way they think of scripture in the Bible.

The good news is that the economy is strong, thanks to Bush’s tax cuts says Steve Forbes who gives credit to the president for saving the economy.

“The big tax cuts of 2003 really enabled the economy to go from a 1 percent stagnant, semi-stagnant economy to the vigorous one we have today. It's not fully appreciated, because the main media more or less ignore it, but the growth in the American economy during the last four years exceeds the entire size of the Chinese economy,” Forbes says, in an interview by Newsmax.

Let's see if the Democrat's attempt to ruin the economy before the 2008 elections while blaming it on Bush. They're already starting by trying to fast-track the minimum wage bill. Has anyone else already noticed prices going up?

This time, most people will not likely be fooled!

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