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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Do or Die New Year?

Having just finished reading Senator John McCain's speech to GOPAC in Washington, given after the November elections, I must say that I agree with McCain's tough posture of facing reality head on, although this is not an endorsement of his '08 presidential run.

Much in the speech reflects the words and objectives of president Bush, but more precisely, and to a wider degree in explaining what challenges and sacrifices America faces that are required to win the war in Iraq, defeat the Islamic extremists' and charter a new course for the future.

President Bush himself will deliver a speech after the New Year that will likely echo much of what John McCain has said in the following excerpt of his speech...

"Americans are tired of Iraq because they are not convinced we can still win there without an intolerable loss of additional lives and resources. I understand that. But in no other time are we more morally obliged to speak the truth to our country, as we best see it, than in a time of war. So, let me say this, without additional combat forces we will not win this war. We can, perhaps, attempt to mitigate somewhat the terrible consequences of our defeat, but even that is an uncertain prospect. We don't have adequate forces in Iraq to clear and hold insurgent strongholds; to provide security for rebuilding local institutions and economies; to arrest sectarian violence in Baghdad and disarm Sunni and Shia militias; to train the Iraqi Army, and to embed American personnel in weak, and often corrupt Iraqi police units. We need to do all these things if we are to succeed."

I am not a fan of McCain due to his coziness with Democrat's, although I can appreciate his attitude here, and he could be right. Of course there is always a but, and here it is. But what if we are falling further into an Islamic trap by adding more troops, already stretched to the limit, to an already costly war that seems as un-winnable as a tired gambler using his last hundred bucks at a poker table in Vegas?

I believe the situation in Iraq, to secure the Middle East is dire enough that we are suddenly left with little choice but to take on more risk. It no longer matters how many enemy fighters are killed in the process, as we've tried our best to hold back, costing us dearly in American lives as well as Iraqi lives. However, it may be Islam's grand design to drag out attacks in Iraq no matter the cost until Iran has a nuclear weapon they can and will use on Israel, even sacrificing the Palestinians as Martyrs.

For if we fail now, life as we know it in America will most assuredly, drastically change, possibly even making the world's last great empire vanish, just as Mr. Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Mullah's have steadfastly predicted. Allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons will negate whatever future was planned, should not even be a consideration.

Democrat's must finally and fully wake-up to this reality if America is to survive, by joining ranks with Republican's to crush Islamo-fascism, realizing that victory will come not only with dialogue, now being used against us, but with the knowledge of patience our vast military power has forced previous enemies to respect.

It's do or die.

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