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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Democrat’s Control Denial

As the media reports trickled out about Sen. Tim Johnson’s medical problem, the Democrats cranked up their spin machine.

We learned at first that his condition was minor, just a temporary imbalance, and that all would be fine with Johnson resuming his post in the new democrat controlled congress, insisted many of his fellow Democrats and their media muppets.

Then news came that it could be a stroke, abeit a "very minor" one. All would be fine when Johnson resumes his post soon, hoped many Democrats.

Now, when the facts can’t be spun, we learn that his condition required immediate surgery for bleeding in the brain. But again, Dems say he’ll be fine and back to his post, so they hope. Seems they care more about their power than the man they had in the seat. But of course we learned that long ago at Paul Wellstone's (campaign) funeral.

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid visited Johnson in the hospital Thursday morning and said afterward he was confident the senator would recover fully.

Talk about being in denial. When asked about whether Democratic control of the Senate might be jeopardized, Reid said, "There isn't a thing that's changed."

Reid refused to comment on Johnson's medical condition, declining to even answer a question on whether the senator was conscious. "To me he looked very good," Reid said.

Democrats have a dissolving 51-49 margin in the new Senate that begins Jan. 4. If Johnson must leave the Senate, the governor of South Dakota, a Republican, will very likely appoint a Republican to fill Johnson's position, thus keeping the Senate in GOP hands with Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaking power.

But who cares? A good man has just had a terrible thing happen to him, and all anyone can talk about is how this will effect control of congress. We should all be praying hard for Tim Johnson’s well being, period.

The rest is minor.

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