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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Good for the (GOP) Gander?

With the recent failures of Republican's to weed out corruption in their own party, we may have seen the last of one party control over all three branches of government.

There are too many lobbyists' getting their hands into the pockets of lawmakers, and corruption is more often the result of the party in power having to get things done. The task of Majority leaders is to keep tabs on their members while doing their jobs for the American public, is becoming increasingly more difficult with each new session of congress.

Taking stock of this inept group of democrats taking over congress, it won't be long before their corruption makes pale those of Republican's just tossed. According to this report by ABC News, Dems are already telling Jack Abramoff to keep quiet about the six to eight high ranking senators taking bribes from him. Dems got one of their judges to request his immediate report to serve his jail time in an effort to keep investigations quiet.

Dems have made Harry Reid of Nevada Senate Majority leader even though he is filled with corruption from illegal land deals that have made him rich. Nancy Pelosi herself is one of the richest in congress and she has the nerve to say she cares about the poor while raising their taxes. The "rich" to democrat's is anyone far enough below them to not threaten their wealth, but above those in poverty.

Most U.S. citizens are considered relative paupers by rich Democrat's, who believe that government trumps charity and religion for a fit society, and it is their duty to see that the public is controlled in every way possible, living according to their laws, standards, rules and regulations set for everyone else except them.

Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) has been elected House majority leader by a split vote 149-86 over Pelosi endorsed John Murtha. "We've had our differences in our party," Pelosi told reporters after the voting. "We have come together." She quickly hailed Hoyer's "stunning victory" and said she looked forward to working with him "in a very unified way to bring our country to a new direction for all Americans, not just the privileged few." See this the way Dems do it, they state the exact opposite of their real intentions as if nobody knows. The privileged WHO, Nancy? How much is that Armani suit you wear? Talk about wolves in sheeps clothing, these dems need more cotton to cover-up with.

This new vote has divided the Democratic House caucus only a week after the party won a majority of seats in the Congress that convenes in January. Now they say they will tell president Bush to set a new course in Iraq, although he's way ahead of them, sending the Iraq Study Group last month to find new solutions, he's awaiting recommendations from them, not cut and run

In her first failure, Pelosi said: "I was proud to support [Murtha] for majority leader, because I thought that would be the best way to bring an end to the war in Iraq." She noted that Murtha had come out against the war a year ago and said he "changed the debate in this country in a way that I think gave us this majority." As for the contest for majority leader, she said, "We've had our debates; we've had our disagreements in that room. And now, that is over. . . . Let the healing begin."

Already Pelosi wants to forget her failures as if it never happened. She interprets the slim majority she was given as a vote of confidence in democrat's, instead of a rejection of corruption in the Republican party. My how her head swells so soon.

There will be no healing by these democrat's, as they wildly investigate everything in the Bush administration. Pelosi and her liberal 527 hate groups like MoveOn.org can't wait to divide the nation into groups, pitting one against the other. Gays vs. Religion, Marriage vs. Family, Poor vs. Business, Global Warming vs Automakers, etc., all to be paid for by raising taxes, taxes, and more taxes.

Dick Durbin of Illinois is the new whip. This is the same man who said that our troops in the U.S. Military were no better than Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot, while we are fighting terrorists' in Iraq, emboldening the enemy to kill more of our troops. This was clearly high treason, but Republican's were too wimpy to do anything about it.

Then there is Jack Murtha who is basically senile and far out of touch with reality. He wants to "redeploy" our troops in Iraq 5000 miles away, claiming they can be of some help from that distance in a moments notice. I guess he thinks Star Trek is reality too, and they can just be beamed over anytime.

Robert Novak reports in his article Nancy's First Mistake, said:

"(Murtha) has been a backroom distributor of federal pork who disdained public exposure, in the headlines only as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1980 Abscam scandal. Murtha became an unlikely hero of the Left last year when he called for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq."

Pelosi also wanted to put impeached judge Alcee Hastings in as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Could Nancy be going for the "Oxymoron" award here?

These are the jackasses who could lead to a Republican victory (sweep) in '08. All the GOP has to do is wait for democrat's to defeat themselves. If Republican's could do it in just two years, dems should be able to cut that time in half easily, and they've gotten off to a good start with their first divided vote.

The American public has about had it with corruption in politics, and will throw out whom ever gets caught. So look for the liberals to cover-up for the dems using deceptions from the old media, which are easily exposed by real people on the internet. Little wonder dems want total control of that too!

However, the GOP has to find the guts to call them out, which remains to be seen under the new leadership of Bush's good friend, Mr. Mel Martinez who replaces Ken Mehlman, who did an excellent job in 2004.

It will be a very interesting couple of years, so stayed tuned!

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