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Friday, October 13, 2006


Polls, to Live or Die for?

With the media coming out with new polls every hour of everyday showing imminent doom for the GOP in November, I can only conclude that democrat's are in for another defeat.

How's that? Well remember that in 2000, 2002 and 2004, democrats' and their media propaganda machine were putting out all kinds of polls predicting huge wins for them, only to wake up the next day thinking they were in a Groundhog Day nightmare.

About 75 percent of respondents to an ABC News/Washington Post survey taken Oct. 5 to 8 didn't think Democrats would have handled the Foley situation any better. About two-thirds thought the Democrats' pursuit of the issue was motivated by political gain.

Another survey, by the Pew Research Center Sept. 21 to Oct. 4, showed no gain in the margin by which voters preferred Democrats to Republicans, 13 percentage points.

In fact, the job approval of Republican leaders went up one point after Foley resigned, to 34 percent.

Is the 2006 midterm going to be different? Doubtful, but it could be. If it is, would it be due to the democrat's October surprise of outing Mark Foley? Could be, but again that's doubtful. One bad ingredient doesn't mean you throw out the whole enchilada. You replace it and move on. Republicans need to clean their own house, not straying from the Conservative base in trying to appease moderates who often lean toward whatever is perceived popular at the time – even when it's an obvious ploy by the left – as their political survival dictates.

Democrats are desperate for power, but the question is... are they ready for it? The answer becomes clearer with every negative ad played on radio targeting republicans' with Tokyo Rose advice that they should stay home on election day.

One can sense, the more they play those propaganda ads, the better for GOP wins.

As noted by Tony Blankley in the Washington Times 10/11/06, Democrats not ready to lead,

"According to The Washington Post, "the Democrats have gone through seven different slogans so far this year trying to find a campaign theme. This abysmal failure of the congressional Democrats to even partially prepare themselves for responsible government, should be a warning to American voters -- both conservatives and moderates, both Republicans and independents -- that as the Democrats have not yet even healed themselves, they are surely not yet prepared to help heal the country."

Suddenly, new revelations have come to light about Senate Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid, about a shady land deal where he collected $1.1 million from a Las Vegas land sale. The problem for Reid is that property deeds show he hadn't personally owned the property for three years.

Kent Cooper, who oversaw government disclosure reports for federal candidates for two decades in the Federal Election Commission, said Reid's failure to report the 2001 sale and his ties to Brown's company violated Senate rules.

"It is especially disconcerting when you have a member of the leadership, of either party, not putting in the effort to make sure this is a complete and accurate report," said Cooper. "That says something to other members. It says something to the Ethics Committee."
There's more here... Reid Got $1M in Land Sale. Where is the outrage from the media with calls for him to step down? If this had been a republican, say like Jack Abramoff, it would be 72 point headlines in every paper for weeks on end!

After Bill Clinton's recent debacle on FOX News, His & Hers war room quickly decided to play the Foley card they'd been holding for months while feigning concern for young pages. However, such a move came too soon, and they will be forced to continue using that card for another month up to election day, by which time the nation will be tired of hearing it, if they aren't already, and realize democrats have nothing but negativity and back-sliding to offer.

For Republicans voters to stay home and skip the vote, it would likely be that they've become disappointed in their own leadership, not because democrats have done anything, as they have yet to come out with any other plans or ideas to lead. A list of complaints is simply not an agenda.

The way voters cast their ballots will have a direct impact on their pocketbooks, said president Bush on Tuesday.

"Whether you are a worker worried about the size of your paycheck . . . or a business owner who is thinking about hiring more workers . . . or a family worried about gas prices or health care costs, the last thing you need now is a higher tax bill," he said. "To keep this economy growing and delivering prosperity to more Americans, we need to make the tax relief permanent."

Indeed, Democrats' cannot hide the fact they want to raise taxes on the American public even higher than during their last tenure, that ended in a recession, as they feel it is the government's money, not those who worked for it.

The Republicans' benefit whenever the political dialogue turns to national security. "The whole thing with North Korea makes people realize the benefits of having a strong President like George W. Bush," said Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council. "This brings the focus back to the reasons people support the President." Writing in last Sunday's The Washington Post, Democratic pollster Vic Fingerhut warned his party, "Iraq is a loser for Dems, too," arguing that for nearly 50 years,
"poll after poll has shown that the Democrats have very limited credibility with the American public on foreign policy issues — particularly among the swing voters who have a disproportionate say in the outcome of U.S. elections."

For all the faults of Republicans, Democrats would be worse, as evidenced during the Clinton sex and corporate corruption scandals of the 1990's. Democrat's inept handling of North Korea and Islamic terrorism have cost America far too much, including nearly 3000 civilian lives on 9/11/01. So it is doubtful democrats will be voted back into power next month. With two wars going, along with the overall war on terror, and two Axis of Evil states (North Korea/Iran) working on nuclear weapons, now is not be the best time for a sea-change in congress.

If however, Democrats' – who say "the president's policies have made America less secure" – do win either or both the House or Senate, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan will surely be lost, just as it was in Vietnam because of leftist liberals cut and run defeatism. It took decades for America to recover from that debacle. All the work and lives sacrificed will be for naught.

Democrat's have no plan for national security, only appeasement of our enemies, having said they will cut the Anti-Missile Defense Shield, to the great delight of socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, Russia's president Putin, Kim Jong Il of North Korea, and Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadjihad and the Mullah's who are Promising no retreat on enrichment.

This time, the polls show the result of dems gaining power would be inconceivably worse for all, and America may not recover as it stands today.

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