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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


It look$ bad Harry, real bad

SENATE Minority Leader Harry Reid's hypocrisy may fool undiscerning liberals, but others will see through his attempts to cover-up his deceptions as Mr. Reid's ethics woes continue to pile up. An Associated Press expose shows that Reid pushed through changes in federal law that helped the senator get rich - via complex land deals with a lobbyist who's also tied up in a federal bribery case.

After getting caught in a Land Deal scandal worth over a million dollars, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is now attempting to fool the public by playing innocent pointing the finger at Republicans who've exposed him.

"Last month, Republicans openly boasted that they would engage in a campaign of personal attacks and smears to hold onto power in Washington. In recent days, we witnessed their latest attempt to do just that."

You'll notice that Reid never gives specific examples for his charges, because he's lying. Any cop on the street could tell you that his accusations and spins give away his guilt.

Reid said: "Republicans may believe in cover-ups. I believe in ensuring all facts come to light." Yeah, after getting busted!

See, NOW he wants the facts out, after he was caught and exposed, trying desperately to get in front of it and make it go away with more lies on top of lies. Had he not been exposed you can be sure this land deal would've remained undisclosed forever, and he'd of surely destroyed the documents like Sandy Berger did in covering up his failures before 9/11.

"Last week, a highly misleading report by the Associated Press implied that I made a profit selling land I no longer owned. That article was wrong. Here are the facts: I bought the land in 1998, I sold it in 2004, and I listed my ownership of the land on official Senate disclosure forms every single year."

No Harry, you're wrong! Why are press reports only "misleading" when they're against democrats? If Reid is found guilty, he'll claim to the media that the Lord is on his side as he runs for cover before sentencing.

The facts, the real facts are that Reid did not disclose the information when he should have, thus breaking senate rules which is reason for prosecution. The meaning of "is" is that he's guilty, and he should be removed from office immediately. However, this might put an even worse liar in his place with Rahm Emmanuel of Illinois, which could be what power hungry dems have up their greasy sleeves.

"The Ethics Committee has not yet advised me whether I should file these amended forms, but even if I am not required to do so I am happy to go beyond what is needed to provide the fullest disclosure. The amended forms make clear what was true all along - I owned the land through the LLC when I sold it in 2004."

Not required? Harry, it was required in the rules that you are required to know for your job!

Go beyond? Harry, you tried to cover it all up for years! As a member of the party who says you're not for the rich, you sure don't show it. The scam of democrats to portray themselves as caring about poor people is just another show of evil contradictions by the left.

Harry continues his blatant attempt to cover up his illegal deal...
"Also, in the course of preparing the amended disclosure forms, my staff has identified some clerical errors and two minor matters that were inadvertently left off my original disclosure forms. First, in 2004 I sold about one third of an acre in my hometown of Searchlight. Second, a quarter acre of land that I received from my brother in 1985 appreciated in value above the $1,000 reporting threshold at some point in recent years. Both of these items will be listed on my amended disclosure forms."

Amended? Imagine the screams coming from the left if Harry was a republican. "Harry Reid should be ashamed of himself, impeached, tarred and feathered and thrown in jail for this obvious cover-up!" Like the Foley thang, dems would try to keep his name in the media for months, and of course a (best selling) book would have to be written by Bob Woodward. Democrats have become all to predictable using the same lame script for years while expecting different results. These are certainly not the people we need leading this nation, especially during wartime.

Reid also announced he "failed to disclose" (cover-up) two other land transactions on his prior ethics reports and would account for those on his amended reports. That leaves the question of, How many land deals has Reid done? More investigations are coming!

Now Mr. Reid is trying to make nice by claiming insider campaign payoffs were actually a personal "donation."

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton where he lives in an upscale condominium. Federal election law bars candidates from converting political donations for personal use. See: REID'S SMELLY WINDFALL.

Oh, yeah, Reid really cares about the poor folks while he lives it up at the Ritz. Sometimes you gotta wonder if these leftist liars in congress are sane or just plain evil.

"Finally, I have acted today to respond to another issue some plan to raise. I have sent a personal check in the amount of $3,300 to my political campaign to fully reimburse the campaign for donations it made over several years to the employee holiday fund in my apartment building. These donations were made to thank the men and women who work in the building for the extra work they do as a result of my political activities, and for helping the security officers assigned to me because of my Senate position. The donations came from my campaign - no taxpayer dollars were ever involved."

This is the way Democrats do it folks. They do dirty deals and cover them up. Then when they get caught, they switch names and change the terms as if they've done nothing wrong, believing they are above the law and can do anything they want. But if a Republican had done the same thing, they'd by screaming foul and demanding his or her removal. This is the double standard of the left, who observe no ethical boundaries until after they are caught and charged with ethical violations.

It isn't working anymore Harry, thanks to the NEW media, you're done and so are the democrats!

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