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Friday, September 08, 2006


Clinton and Democrats Censor 9/11 FACTS

If ex-prez Bill Clinton had his way, we'd all believe he didn't have sex with that woman, and that he stopped Osama bin Laden from attacking the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

This is essentially what he and the Democrats are trying to make ABC believe as reasons for censoring the upcoming docudrama miniseries "The Path to 9/11," set to air Sunday and Monday on the fifth anniversary of America's worst ever attack.

Former national-security adviser Sandy Berger was convicted of stealing classified documents out of the National Archives, for which he was fined. But what happened to those docs? Obviously he stole the ones incriminating himself and Clinton. They should be in jail now for that crime alone.

Clinton wants the truth covered up for him and his inept administration's blatant failures concerning terrorism, making it no more than a police matter. The fact is that Osama bin Laden had declared war on America at least twice during Clinton's time in office, and he did far too little to combat it.

By attacking ABC, demanding it "correct all errors," Clinton and his cronies hope to avoid embarrassment for their lack of resolve against terror attacks throughout the 1990's, including the first attack on the WTC in 1993 followed by the Kobar Towers, the African embassy bombings, and the USS Cole, all while the Clinton administration kept telling America, “Don’t worry, be happy, nothing going on here." The lying liberal media made it possible for Clinton to ignore his responsibilities while he partied every night of the week with Hollywood celebs.

According to Clinton's long time as strategist Dick Morris said that Clinton's national security adviser, Sandy Berger, and the president himself "were both responsible for failing to catch or kill Osama bin Laden on several different occasions."

"The president had yet to make a finding that it was OK to kill bin Laden. The reason he had not is that he did not yet know bin Laden's connection to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The reason he did not know that is that he did not fast-track the investigation. Clinton aide says 9/11 film 'correct'

The commission's report, released in the summer of 2004, "highlighted the weak, incompetent, hesitant, and inconsistent attempts of the Clinton administration to kill or capture Osama bin Laden," according to the book, which devotes an entire chapter to Clinton's mishandling of the threat.

"The report's account shows the president and his advisers at their worst." Because they were the worst!

It is true that Clinton was distracted by the impeachment hearings, that wouldn't have happened had he not fooled around with Monica Lewinsky in the first place, and had instead been doing the job he swore under oath to do. Instead he lied under oath in court, and the entire nation on national TV.

Democrats have just been exposed on another huge lie they told about the Plame/Wilson CIA leak that never was. See our post for those lies here.

Who could ever think Clinton is not lying now about 9/11? The truth is that Bill Clinton is a massive liar and he's trying to censor the facts from the American people, and democrats are helping him to do it by telling more lies on top of lies.

It is time for the truth to be told to the American people and the world about how Clinton totally blew it, and cost the lives of thousands of innocent American's and Trillions in damage to the economy.

Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Maddie Halfbright and Janet Reno should be arrested, thrown in jail, and face trial for their failures, along with all those in the media covering up for them.

Bill Clinton was by far the worst, most incompetent and laziest president America has ever had, and history should show that no matter what the whiners on the left gripe about.

It is time for them to all grow up and face reality for once in their pathetic lives. America is under attack to this day from the Islamic facists who want to rule the world and force everyone to accept Islam as their religion, or die.

It has become very clear that current Democrats in congress would rather bow-down to these Islamic radicals before lifting a finger to fight them, as evidenced by their constant bashing of the president and their cut and run appeasement strategy of losing.

Democrats must never-ever be allowed to gain the presidency or leadership of either the House or Senate because their is no question they want to give this country's freedom away to the enemy, to fulfill their wet dreams of them not hating us.

To avoid this nightmare scenario, America and Republicans must fight the enemy with everything it has, both inside and outside the country.

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