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Friday, June 09, 2006


Zarqawi Democrats

Greetings! We're glad to be back at it after a quiet few months off. We at The Creative Conservative are all set for the 2006 mid-term elections to help the GOP extend seats in congress over the leftist illiberal democrats.

Zarqawi Democrats
Many Democrat's are not happy at all that al-Zarqawi is dead. They needed him to keep up their whining about the war in Iraq, especially their liberal base of cry babies. In other words, democrats like it when terrorists' kill people because it helps them politically. In other words, democrats put politics ahead of the people, as they do with money–their true god.

As our brave troops fight terrorism throughout the world, democrats can only complain about it all, bashing the Military about an "illegal war" and the so called abuse of captured terrorists (Abu Ghraib, Haditha) etc. Makes one wonder why dems never said a word about Clinton's bombing of Iraq without going to the UN. Leftist hypocrisy runneth amok. See: Self-Loathing and the Denial of Terrorism.

Even though the economy is doing fine, with 1 million net new jobs created in the U.S. during the last five months alone, dems complain incessently. But wasn't that their criteria for loving Bill Clinton, even when Al Qaeda terrorists were running all over the world killing people during the 1990's? Democrats didn't seem to care much about terrorism then, and their president didn't do much about it either.

Democrat's fear the global economy because it lets people have more control over their own money, instead of putting it in democrats hands with higher taxes for wasteful-unaccountable social programs. It's a new world, people either will adapt and prosper or stay stuck and fail.

How ironic that dems loved the money train in the 90's when it was a false bubble created by corporate corruption, but didn't care about terrorism until it struck them in the heart of New York.

Since 9/11 it seems democrats have been in the dumps because Republicans have taken over congress, are waging the war on terror, creating millions of jobs without tax hikes, and making life in America better than ever. Rejection isn't fun, but dems brought it on themselves with their arrogant, hatred of president Bush, religion and illogical socialism.

The news just keeps getting worse for democrats as they recently lost what they claimed was to be a "bellweather" election in California for their wishful 2006 midterm takeover of congress. Always the Party of What-Went-Wrong.

Now al Zarqawi has been killed, what else could possibly go wrong for them? If Bin Laden gets it soon, there will be a huge demand in the psychology field, as democrats run to the couch for more therapy.

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