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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Snow to Spring Bush's Comeback

With the appointment of Tony Snow from the FOX network, president Bush has apparently decided it is springtime for his return before the November elections from the reported depths of bad poll numbers.

The democrats, their liberal media cohorts, and some moderate republican's complaints about Bush have been heard loud and clear. They whined for months about the presidents falling polls suggesting a shake-up at the White House with hopes for using negative press coverage to their advantage.

But it was not to be. Suddenly the media's whipping boy Scott McClellan is out, replaced with a solidly likable man of integrity in Mr. Tony Snow as the new press secretary. Not what was hoped for by those on the left, their cries having consistently gotten them the opposite of their intentions.

"But they will never learn," says Thomas Lifson, who has nicknamed the president, "The Crawford Kid."

"Contempt for the President and their own ego-maintenance demands will not let them recognize reality when they are outsmarted. Instead they ignore what has transpired replacing it with their pre-set conclusions.

President Bush learned long ago that his enemies' greatest weakness is their inflated self-regard, lethally combined with withering contempt for him and his embrace of evangelical Christianity and Texas.

George W. Bush is a trained strategist, an MBA graduate of Harvard Business School, where he learned that the point of having a strategy is to win when it counts, not just to feel good about yourself at every moment of the process.

When it counts, right at election time, Bush tends to come out much better than his enemies assumed he would. The positions they embraced when they thought he was down and out turned out to be not such a winning hand.

The Democrats, the leakers, the drive-by media, and other enemies of George Bush have been congratulating themselves over the prospect of victory in November. Maybe just a bit too soon. For they have overplayed the hands dealt them, and bet on Bush spiraling downward.

The 'Crawford Kid' is getting set to walk through the door, sit at the table, maybe look worried as he glances at his cards. Then he will see their bet and raise the stakes."

Time and again, George W. Bush has allowed his vociferous critics to whine for days or even weeks before he pulls the rug out from under them with a dose of reality that is far off their scope, when it is too late for liberal spins not to be detected for falsity.

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