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Monday, April 10, 2006


Riot World

They are happening everywhere. Muslim riots, Mexican Riots, French Riots, German Riots, Ukranian Riots etc., and they seem to work.

The French president recently caved into the lazy liberals who protested and rioted against having to face losing their jobs if they didn't do good work. So now
France's economy will fall into oblivion because nobody there wants to work. They all want to live in a free society where government gives them what they need, as if money is made out of thin air.

Muslims rioted across the middle east because of stupid cartoons that had been printed months before in Denmark. Iran came up with the idea to launch riots about them for no other reason than to make headlines for Islam, a nasty religion that calls for the deaths of innocent people anywhere who don't bow down to it.

Thousands of Palestinians poured onto the streets of Gaza, protesting Western aid cuts and a spike in Israeli military strikes since election victor Hamas took control of the Palestinian Authority in late March.

Iran wants to take over the middle east by pocessing nuclear weapons. America can't let that happen. Things are heating up for expanding the war on terror against Iran as the Mullahs have continually defied the world, playing for time.

Now Mexicans in the U.S. are protesting in huge waves because they believe they are entitled to break U.S. laws because they want to work in the very country they're protesting against. Go figure. Since Mexicans can't find work in Mexico, they are attempting to force themselves onto the U.S. labor market.

What the Mexicans may really want is to take over the country and make it U.S.M., the United States of Mexico.

They have flooded our schools, thus putting a strain on resources and the entire system. If this system breaks, it will be the fault of Mexico.

The repercussions of this influx of so many Mexicans into the country illegally has created the potential to cause great harm for the U.S. economy, as it was not set up to handle the massive waves of illegal immigrants. While America is a country of immigrants, it has not dealt with anything quite like this in it's history. This is not to say that their won't be solutions, but the problems are mounting fast.

The borders are not being protected or at least not near enough. Immigration laws are now out of date and congress needs to get tough be reinforcing the laws of the land. Mexicans should be forced to turn themselves into authorities for processing and legalization, or they should be kicked out. It's that simple.

How Many?
There is a number of 12 million illegals floating around in the news, as if they know how many, get this "undocumented illegals" there really are in the country.
If they are not documented, then how on earth could they possibly know who's legal and who is not? Yet this number persists without question, because the media keeps saying it, so the foolish people suck it up like lemmings.

Here are the steps needed to be taken for this problem in America.

1. Track down the illegals working in business.

2. Force companies to document them and turn them in with the understanding that they will be able to come back to work after being legalized. Make it a paid vacation. If companies to not comply, penalize them heavily or revoke their license to do business, no exceptions.

3. Secure the borders with BILLONS of dollars and thousand of patrol employees. If fences will work in some places, put 'em up! Set it up like tolls on the highways, nobody gets through unless they go through the proper channels and become legal.

Make it damn clear that anyone caught breaking the immigration laws risks going to jail, without trial and after their sentences they are deported. A second offense means deportation forever.

The odds of anything getting done right are slim to none as bureaucrats, especially on the left, can't do anything right. Of course democrat's are hoping for this to cause socializm in the nation, which would be another disaster in the making.

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