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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Bush/Cheney vs Saddam/Liberal Media

To the utter dismay of democrats and their (ignored) liberal media cohorts, president Bush will stick with his veep, Mr. Richard Cheney who now has been granted new powers by executive order (see link below).

The media just can't stand being ignored on such a HUGE story as Cheney's shooting accident was. Or was it that big a story? It was the same kind of hunting accident that happens all over the country every year. The media being the arrogant liberals they are, just could not fathom that Cheney didn't rush to a phone to call the New York Times, the Washi Post, CNN etc. immediately after the incident, instead of helping his hurt friend get medical attention. The gall!

The media also hates it that Cheney snubbed CNN for an interview and so they're having hissy fits about the interview on FOX.

These liberals are so immature, hateful, vengeful and downright evil, that they were actually wanting Cheney's friend to die so they could have a field day on bashing him and the White House by association all the way to the November midterms in order for democrats to pick up some seats, perhaps even have Cheney arrested.

Fortunately for the country, the story is over now and the libs will only be making further jackasses of themselves by extending it.

Having no regard for values and possessing no moral clarity, liberals have dug a hole for the democrat's they can never escape from until the current dems in congress are gone.

The liberal bloggers are all out in force bashng the living crap out Cheney about it because they're all filled it pure hatred, even while denying it. They pass it off with jokes, but they are not covering up their true motives.

Evil certainly has a hold on the left as they fall deeper into the bottomless pit. And they certainly won't like this news either... "In addition to discussing his hunting accident, Vice President Dick Cheney, in his interview on the Fox News Channel Wednesday, also pointed to a little-known but enormously consequential expansion of vice-presidential power that has come about as a result of the Bush administration's war on terror."

The Left's Lying Liars
As with Saddam, useful idiot liberals share the same objective – the destruction of the Bush administration. That is where the "useful" part comes from. The "idiot" part comes from thinking that hurting Bush doesn't hurt America. But then liberals rarely seem to consider that factor anyway.

But as the truth comes out in Saddam's own words via tapes obtained by John Loftus, which are due to be released at the next Intelligence Summit meeting on Friday, the usefulness of the "Bush lied" lobby will have expired, although the idiots will continue to spin the truth with even worse lies.

Unfortunately for America, the damage will remain. The insurgent-terrorist caused U.S. losses have buoyed hopes that America will be forced to withdraw – because of the "useful idiot"-fed anger of the American people – and leave Saddam to return to power.

The left is so angry they're being proven wrong that many are literally on the verge of insanity as hate and evil consumes them fully. They cannot believe they've been wrong to accuse Bush of starting a war illegally. They can't conceive that the economy could be doing well without social programs and massive tax hikes. They can't believe what they can't conceive.

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