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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


BIO's Biased Bigotry

Ottmann. the host of The Creative Conservative has been kicked off/banned from a liberal site of hypocrisy called Bring it On, after posting and exposing the little libs for spreading disinformation and lies against Bush, Rove, Cheney and the administration. Why? Well it seems BIO only wants a site where everyone agrees with their ignorant, backward liberalism that is effectually destroying the Democratic Party by trying to force a Marxist socialist agenda that goes against democracy and traditional American values.

Perhaps they were instructed to ban me by MoveOn.org or the DNC because all their whining was/is being exposed on their site and debunked with real facts backed by links, quotes and even some pictures. Those liberals claim to be for freedom of speech, but it is evident they are only for speech they agree with, and their brand of living that tolerates evil, gays, hatred, bigotry, lies etc. to push their socialist utopian agenda at all costs. They don't allow any dissent and ban together like the Taliban and other terrorist groups. Most libs at BIO from what I've read, have alot of hate for religion because it points out their immorality, so they bash it because it makes them feel guilty, just as was predicted in the Bible to their ignorance.

I've explained to them the problems they have in no uncertain terms, but they refuse to acknowledge the truth or the error of their ways. They insist on linked sources, which I've provided many times, but have yet to see theirs while they bash away uncontrollably. Learning is not what liberals are good at as their basically zero retention of recent history shows.

Using the media to spread liberal hatred and vitriol is their main objective for changing America, but instead it is bringing down the DNC and making those on the left more miserable, creating more losses for them. This is a fact they continually deny because they just feel it isn't true even in the face of mounting evidence. Clinton taught them denial works. But he failed to mention that reality trumps it everytime.

Today's liberals are the most vile, arrogant and irresponsible people this country has ever seen. Good thing that even democrat's are realizing the problem these liberal wacko's have become, and are taking certain steps to keep them marginalized. The folks at BIO are going the way of MoveOn.org, the NYTimes and Washipost into the gutter of hysterical accusations based on emotional misconceptions with little if any facts.

Cranky and co. can't take it because reality is not their friend, and thus whining is what he feels they was meant to do in order to change things. But of course the intention of BIO is having the exact opposite effect they wanted, as his site of little liberal groupies, who love to whine and bash Bush with lengthy dialog based on self-described "intellectual" rhetoric that makes them "look" and "feel" smarter than they are, but solves absolutely nothing. They're just spinning their wheels!

Well, I Brought It On and they couldn't take it! Therefore I win, they all lose and will continue to until they either wise up and face reality, or die trying to convince themselves they're right.

I'll be posting more about BIO here when I have the time. It's just too much fun watching libs squirm like little lemmings while denying facts and reality.

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