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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Oil, Nukes and War–Oh Boy!

With the ratcheting up of defiantly-reckless rhetoric by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, America may have set itself up for diplomatic failure by second guessing intelligence on Iraq.

There seems to be a big storm headed our way as half the United States Congress doesn't trust the president or his administration because of negative publicity of not finding more WMD's that had previously been confirmed by many of our allies. Will not finding Saddam's stockpiles hamstring us into waiting too long like we did while Hitler was killing millions of inncent people?

America is beginning to be marginalized by Iran's declarations in their use of damaging headlines, provided free of charge by the liberal media against not only the president, but many in the administration as well, including the secretary of defense and vice president and their true target, Israel.

Will Democrat's join with Republican's to defend the nation in stopping Iran from achieving nuclear capabililty?

This could be an opening for democrat's to get away from the dovishness of liberals by taking an offensive posture on Iran while quieting their liberal base's anti-American rhetoric.

It is with sincere desire that the democrat's will stop playing their appeasement game and finally face up to their responsibilities as one of America's great political parties. They seem to have forgotten that 9/11 ever happened, likely because they know that it was caused by their president's lack of leadership in the years before that let terrorists' plan against us while the CIA and FBI was being separated by the wall put in place by Clinton appointee Jamie Gorelick, who also had a hand in the cover-up as part of the 9/11 commission.

Would Iran even be near this bold if the democrat's and the media supported the war in Iraq? To be sure, they would at least be more cautious about their approach instead of allowing their president to announce his obsession to destroy Israel.

The threat of Iran halting their oil production if sanctions are put in place by the UN security council has already pushed prices to recent highs and could send them upwards to $100 a barrrel, thus destableizing the world's economy.

China gets much of its oil from Iran and has billions in contracts with them, as does Russia, and both hold veto power at the UN. The west may have no choice but to accept Iran as a nuclear power which could leave Israel to its own defenses.

The problem for the left is that they need a 180º turn around for '06 to have any credible security platform. Dove's like John Kerry and Howard Dean cannot convince anyone they're pro military as they've consistently shied away from national defense by voting for the war and then going against it. They bash Bush as being a warmonger, but offer no alternatives except to cut and run like losers in a Vietnam redo. Their kind of wishy-washy whining is not leadership in any sense of the word. Democrat's should either join with Republicans offering solutions, follow, or get the hell out of the way!

Iraq was likely only the beginning of the administration's middle-east policy after 9/11. But now there's something else on the horizon that could doom America.

Iraninan Nazis?
China and Russia have agreed with the U.S. and Europe that Iran must suspend enrichment activities. But they have failed to recommend Iran be sent to the U.N. Security Council. Not that it would stop Iran or anything, but it would've shown seriousness. Now Iran can just keep up their work and defy the world to Israel's dismay.

The best America can hope for is that Iran is blowing smoke. But to take a chance on that might mean real disaster for the world.

An even scarier one would be for the left to try and outdo Bush on defense, thus pushing the U.S. into another war too soon in an attempt to be taken seriously on defense.

Speaking before Monday's talks in London, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the "onus is on Iran" to prove its program is peaceful. He said the international community's confidence had been "sorely undermined by a history of concealment and deception" by Iran.

Straw said the dialogue with Russia and China was of "crucial importance."

British Prime Minister Tony Blair's official spokesman said the London talks signaled "growing international concern at the behavior of the Iranian government and at ... the words of the Iranian president," who has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" and said the Nazi Holocaust a "myth."

Iranian state radio, meanwhile, reported that the government had allocated the equivalent of $215 million for the construction of what would be its second and third nuclear power plants. Iran plans to build 20 more nuclear plants, and Russia has offered to build some of them.

Dems looking for Impeachment?
A new Zogby poll got responses from 1,216 people about impeaching the president for wire taps. 52% said yes, 43% said no. The leading question "If President Bush wiretapped American citizens without the approval of a judge, do you agree or disagree that Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment?" did not ask if they thought the taps were illegal or being done on terrorists plotting more attacks on America.

In other words, this poll conducted for the democrat's is not about the intention of the president to find those who would kill American's, but if their all important civil liberties have been tread upon, despite the fact that it may have save their lives. Democrat's are playing right into the hands of our enemies because they put emotions of being politically correct into their decisions, which only leads disaster.

One of the main reasons there haven't been further attacks in America is because of wire tapping thwarting terrorists' plans.

During a time of war, most American's expect our government to do what it takes to keep the nation secure, and that is what the president's job is. George W. Bush is doing his job, that Bill Clinton failed miserably at.

Democrat's can't be serious, can they? Well after losing so badly on the Alito hearings, liberal democrat's are pissed-off royally, pulling their hair out and stomping on the floor in fits, as they see their 50 years of destroying America through the abortion of the "little guy" ie: babies, they claim to care so much about, coming to an end, which further exposes their ultimate liberal deception.

Democrat's are so desperate, so hatefully filled with revenge, they're ready to have innocent American's die in order to regain their power by revising history and unlearn the lessons of 9/11. That is what should send chills through every American!

It's too bad and sadly ironic that democrat's Al Gore, John Kerry, Chucky Schumer, Dick Durbin Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Bill and Hill Clinton, and Pat Leahy, weren't aborted by their mothers. This nation would surely be much better off without those evil bastards having ever lived.

Liberalism's hypocrisy has cost America much in it's pretense of what it is clearly not, claiming to do good when it clearly has the opposite effect. The solution for liberals is to throw more money at whatever problem there is, instead of figuring out the solution, in despite of lessons to the contrary.

The following excerpt is from Michael Barone's The Beautiful People vs. The Dutiful People where he really nails the deceptions of the left.

"The late 1960s and early 1970s were a time of cultural conflict, a battle between what I have called the beautiful people and the dutiful people. While Manhattan glitterati thronged Leonard Bernstein's apartment to celebrate the murderous Black Panthers, ordinary people in the outer boroughs and the far-flung suburbs of New Jersey like Hamilton Township were going to work, raising their families, and teaching their children to obey lawful authority and work their way up in the world.

The glitterati in the 1970s seized and still hold the cultural commanding heights of our society -- the universities, the media, the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the Westside of Los Angeles. But, as the success of Sam Alito shows, they have not entirely won the hearts and the minds of the people.

I recently traveled through both Hamilton Township and Princeton. The contrast between the million-dollar-plus homes and fancy shops of Princeton and the modest-to-downright- depressing neighborhoods and strip malls of Hamilton Township was stunning. So, too, are the voting figures. Princeton voted 76 percent for John Kerry in 2004. Hamilton Township voted 49.3 percent for George W. Bush and 49.8 percent for Kerry.

Our universities today have become our most intellectually corrupt institutions. University administrators must lie and deny that they use racial quotas and preferences in admissions, when they devote much of their energy to doing just that. They must pledge allegiance to diversity, when their campuses are among the least politically diverse parts of our society, with speech codes that penalize dissent and sometimes violent suppression of conservative opinion."

Worried more about what other nations opinions are about America, liberals believe it is more important to appease them instead of doing what is right for our own country. They do not understand the concept of being an American because they've been taught in our schools by liberal educators to despise the U.S., its government and everything it does to keep peace in the world, and especially to hate the military and war, as if anyone likes it, but only as long as a Republican is president.

These radical liberals may yet cost America everything as they continue deceiving the public with empty promises and shrill complaints while ignoring our security, destroying our heritage and our promise as the greatest nation on earth.

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