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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Dems Disaster on Display

Judging by the Alito confirmation hearings, each and every senate democrat that questioned him is evil at his/her core due to their support of killing babies while trying to tear apart families and religion using the liberal media to create false-reality TV programs about psuedo disfunctional families who have no idea they're on camera.

Providing sluts and prostitutes a legal way for them to stay in business by allowing them to murder conceived lives is clearly the single biggest priority for democrat's, as displayed by their vicious attacks during the Alito hearings.

How else can one explain their support of abortion, divorce, criminals, cheats, drugs, liars, terrorists', perversity, blasphemy, etc., et al?

As Ann Coulter so eloquently stated in Fork replaces donkey as Democratic Party symbol: "In the history of the nation, there has never been a political party so ridiculous as today's Democrats. It's as if all the brain-damaged people in America got together and formed a voting bloc."

These democrat's have not just become dumb all of a sudden, but have been slowly taken over by evil since their dippy-hippy days of the '60's they haven't yet grown-up from.

Democrat's are so mean that they made Alito's wife cry as she witnessed the treatment her husband received from them with deceptive, shameful attacks. How Many Dems Could Be Confirmed?

The main disaster for the democrat's, and the reason they're in such a mess, can be traced mainly to one person, Sen. Ted Kennedy, who has made liberalism equal to terrorism.

Since the early 60's, the Kennedy clan has been a disaster for this nation having wrecked havoc on everything good America has ever stood for prior to any Kennedy being in government. The strangest thing is that the democrat's can't let go of their dead rulers to this day. How many times must we go though JFK"s assassination, as if anyone cares anymore? He wasn't even a good president, having nearly gotten us into nuclear war with Russia after cheating to get elected.

Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics has some good insight about the Defanged Liberal Lion

"Nobody has felt, or suffered, the weight of changes in the electoral landscape and the resulting shift in the power structure in Washington D.C. over the last twenty-five years more than Kennedy. He came to Washington in November 1962 as the brother of a sitting President and an Attorney General and as the member of a party that controlled 66 seats in the Senate and had an 83-seat majority in the House of Representatives. It was the height of both his family’s and his party’s power, and it has been more or less a downhill ride ever since."

The current and hopefully last Kennedy in U.S. government will be Teddy, who has taken far too much tax money from the people without giving anything of value in return for the past several decades, except of course if you like having murder legalized, and criminals given more rights than the average citizen.

What the hell good is Teddy anyway? All he's ever done in his life since his daddy got him his senate seat right out of college is to bitch about everything everday trying to bring this nation to its knees.

Perhaps it's Mary Jo Kopeckni' ghost who is still haunting him today. She was probably carrying his illegit child when he crashed his car, and did nothing to save her.

Democrats want to keep the murdering of innocent lives legal, and that is just plain evil.

Along with the vast majority of American's, I certainly hope and pray that abortion becomes illegal.

50 million babies being slaughtered is not something to be proud of, but liberals and democrat's are, and that is truly despicable!

All dems and so-called 'moderates' on either side, who approve of abortion will pay a huge price in the end for their selfish stupidity by favoring convenience ahead of innocence, putting death before life. In other words, democrat views are literally backwards to all moral decency, and they will pay eternally!

Ted Kennedy is the scum of the earth, and the best thing for this nation and the democrat's will be his own death and subsequent trip to eternal damnation. Then America can finally begin the healing process and promise of its founding.

Monsters like Chucky Schumer, John Kerry, Hitlery Clintoon, Nanny Pelosi, Dickweed Durbin and Diane Frankenstein are also dragging the dems into oblivion. Someday they will be joining Teddy again.

November will be a crushing blow for the leftist loonies, and I for one cannot wait!

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