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Monday, January 09, 2006


Deflecting guilt

Well it's the New Year and government corruption is in full gear. The Abramoff crimes are a disgusting display of pay for play lobbying in Washington that has congress on both sides, shaking and pointing fingers.

By accusing republicans of taking money from Jack Abramoff who pled guilty Tuesday to conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion, more democrat's were more guilty of the same charges despite their talking point denials that came late and lame.

Abramoff also plans to implicate a number of U.S. lawmakers and congressional staffers in a bribery scandal that has democrat's running for the microphones to offer excuses.

Among those named as the worst examples of "Democrat hypocrisy" for taking money from Abramoff and his associates are: Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D-N.D.) who received at least $79,300; Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), who received at least $45,750; Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who received at least $68,941 and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), who received at least $6,250.

Hillary Clinton spokeswoman Ann Lewis told The Buffalo News last Thursday that "after examining our records we found two contributions for $1,000 from tribes which have been clients of Jack Abramoff in the past."

These democrat's have pointed the finger with three back at them in their ultra-hypocrisy making the left turn red as the truth is exposed since the Lame Stinkin' Media (LSM) distortions to cover for guilty as sin democrats.

According to Newmax.com, "News of Mrs. Clinton's Abramoff connection comes the same day that her 2000 Senate campaign acknowledged it violated Federal Election Commission regulations by hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash given by Hollywood mogul Peter Paul.

All this transpires against the backdrop of the Clinton campaign finance scandal of the late 1990s, where millions of dollars of illegal Chinese campaign cash found its way into Democratic Party and Clinton legal defense fund coffers.

The consequences of those transactions dwarf anything expected to emerge from the Abramoff imbroglio."

Republican leader Tom DeLay's time is done as the rest try to clean house of anyone else who may be involved. Those who are proven to be tied to corruption must be forced to resign from office, but the accusation's alone is enough to damage anyone these days, guilty or not, which makes most good people scared to get involved in government. These are problems that big government has created and is why it needs to be shrunk by at least half.

Certainly democrat's are always against smaller government as they protest every dime cut from spending bills as being the end of the world, with hysterical cries that people will starve to death if the money isn't spent. The use of scare tactics by the left is how the government monster was created long ago. Those same tactics are being used today by the media for the democrat's to keep spending levels growing to insane proportions, until one day everyone will be controlled by government.

The day is fast approaching when the "International Community" or "New World Order" is fully implemented by the European Union to take global control with help from the United States. Projects currently being worked on are in the Mediterranean, Israel/Palestine/Syria, Russia/Ukraine, Iran/Iraq, then Asia/Africa/India with other global alignment decisions to come.

Jack's Kicker
Senator's John McCain (R) Ariz., and Russ Feingold (D) Wis. have enabled Mr. Abramoff to raise money in the state of Arizona despite their much-ballyhooed Campaign Finance Reform Act (CFR). This reform was supposed to close the loopholes, but obviously CFR has created some new ones. Anyone look to see if Sens. McCain and/or Feingold made money from gambling?
My bet is that they are deeply involved as they were the ones who wanted this "law" in the first place.

The questions as to what lobbyists' contributions are acceptable for those who write the laws was to have been decided under CFR, but it seems that many were waiting and willing to take advantage of the loopholes it left wide open, including Abramoff who seemed to gain from his personal interpretation of the law, as he spread it around on both sides of the isle.

The next time a congressman says he's going to make a difference by promising reform, we all need to be suspicious, and look for the holes that bureaucrat's leave open, and close them before payoffs-to-passage can happen.

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