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Saturday, December 17, 2005


Iraq Success proves Dems Out-of-Touch

With election turnout over 70% in Iraq, it has become clear that all the whining from leftist haters such as John Kerry, Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Al Franken, etc., ad nauseam, has failed to dampen the spirits and progress of Iraqis and true Americans who understand the cost of setting another nation on the path to freedom.

While the Iraqi people courageously march toward constitutional self-rule, the Democratic Party is too full of pride and too committed to its predictions of and investment in doom to recognize the magnitude of this historic achievement. Whether or not they are rooting for the aspiring democrats in the Middle East, it clearly kills them that these events are occurring at the behest of the reviled President George W. Bush. 

To the dismay of dismal democrats, so many Sunni Arabs voted Thursday that ballots ran out in some places. The strong participation by Sunnis, the backbone of the insurgency, bolstered U.S. hopes that the election could produce a broad-based government capable of ending the daily suicide attacks and other violence that have ravaged the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein. A successful election followed by an effective, broad-based government gives the president Bush and his administration a significant victory in its campaign to spread democracy through the Middle East where his democrat critics have insisted could not be done. 

Murtha, Dean, Pelosi, Slaughter, Kennedy, and Kerry do not speak for “the majority of our country.” However, ominously, they do speak for the majority of the Democratic Party. A full 59 percent of Democrats agree with Dean’s statement that the Iraq war cannot be won. Although 46 percent of Democrats agreed Iraq would be “worse off if U.S. troops left Iraq now” – and 69 percent of Democrats don’t believe Iraqis can defeat terrorists without U.S. help – a majority of grassroots leftists want us to withdraw, anyway. (View the poll in PDF format; scroll down to pp. 5-6.)

The Senate on Friday made possible the expiration of 16 provisions in the Patriot Act, which mostly went along partisan lines with 8 republicans joining democrats voting not to keep them intact.

Don't be surprised if another terrorist attack happens next year due to democrats and moderate republicans weakening our security for civil liberties. But remember who voted against the Patriot Act, which since implemented has played a major part of keeping America secure after 9/11.

Iraqi soldiers from a unit assigned for the security of an election center sang and danced as they celebrated the end of the elections process, after election commission officials retrieved the ballot boxes from their center, in Baghdad, Iraq Friday, Dec. 16, 2005.

Source Article: Associated Press

All is lost for democrats and liberals in America who have not helped with this process and contrarily tried to make it not happen in order to bash the president and the military with claims of another Vietnam.

The liberals on the far left who would vote for communism as our form of government, want revenge for Clinton's impeachment desperately because they are filled with nothing but hatred for Bush and America's freedom.

"One-third of Americans say they believe President Bush should be impeached, according to a new survey – a figure that mirrors the number of people who say the United States cannot win a military victory in Iraq.

However, most Americans disagree with Bush-Cheney impeachment. Rasmussen found that 58 percent of those surveyed did not think the president should be removed from office.

Not surprisingly, the divide was wide in terms of political partisanship.

Rasmussen said Democrats, by a 47 percent to 28 percent margin, said they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who supports impeachment. By comparison, 80 percent of Republicans would not vote for such a candidate." Full article continued

Thank God President Bush has stuck to his guns despite the whiners on the left who continue bemoaning Iraq's progress as if it could've been done some other way they have yet to define.

The isolationists' on the left are not for the freedom of any nation. They believe that government was created to keep people down and dependent on it, and that individuals are not able and should not be allowed to make their own decisions concerning their family and livelihood. No, they want everyone the same, following along in groups being told what to do and when, as long as commands come from "like-minded" socialist democrats, and not rational free-thinking republicans.

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