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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Bush's Best Crushes Naysayers

Image hosted by Photobucket.com In his speech on Wednesday at the Naval Academy, president Bush proved without doubt that he is the real Commander in Chief, and those on the left are just shill whiners who have bet against America and Iraq.

As Mr. Mackubin Thomas Owens noted a comparison of Bush's speech to Alexander Hamilton's views in Number 71, "I don’t know if President Bush has ever read The Federalist Papers, but the steps he is taking to explain the policy and strategy of the United States in Iraq means that he has at long last recognized Hamilton’s principle. His speech today at the Naval Academy is as fine an example of republican rhetoric as I have heard since the presidency of Ronald Reagan."

President Bush noted specific evidence of progress in the training of Iraqi forces.

Bush said: "As we fight the enemy in Iraq, every man and woman who volunteers to defend our nation deserves an unwavering commitment to the mission -- and a clear strategy for victory. A clear strategy begins with a clear understanding of the enemy we face. The enemy in Iraq is a combination of rejectionists, Saddamists and terrorists. The rejectionists are by far the largest group. These are ordinary Iraqis, mostly Sunni Arabs, who miss the privileged status they had under the regime of Saddam Hussein -- and they reject an Iraq in which they are no longer the dominant group."

Democrat's and liberals are much the same as terrorists' in that they reject advancing freedom for anyone other than themselves. They reject sacrifice for good cause. They reject people who have their own thoughts outside of groups. They reject individual accomplishment, unless it is driven by liberal promoters for a cut. They reject freedom of religion. They reject doing what is right and good for all mankind. They embrace self-destruction, gays, baby murders, selfishness, arrogance, welfare, government control of everything and everyone, socialism, marxism, communism.

Real American's must see to it that all these whiney liberals are crushed for good if we are to remain a free nation!

The president continued: "This is an enemy without conscience -- and they cannot be appeased.
If we were not fighting and destroying this enemy in Iraq, they would not be idle. They would be plotting and killing Americans across the world and within our own borders. By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform are defeating a direct threat to the American people. Against this adversary, there is only one effective response: We will never back down. We will never give in. And we will never accept anything less than complete victory."

The best part of Bush's speech was this: "As the Iraqi forces gain experience and the political process advances, we will be able to decrease our troop levels in Iraq without losing our capability to defeat the terrorists. These decisions about troop levels will be driven by the conditions on the ground in Iraq and the good judgment of our commanders -- not by artificial timetables set by politicians in Washington." ie: liberal democrats.

Some are calling for a deadline for withdrawal. Many advocating an artificial timetable for withdrawing our troops are sincere -- but I believe they're sincerely wrong. Pulling our troops out before they've achieved their purpose is not a plan for victory. As Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman said recently, setting an artificial timetable would "discourage our troops because it seems to be heading for the door. It will encourage the terrorists, it will confuse the Iraqi people."

Senator Lieberman is right. Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would send a message across the world that America is a weak and an unreliable ally. Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would send a signal to our enemies -- that if they wait long enough, America will cut and run and abandon its friends. And setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would vindicate the terrorists' tactics of beheadings and suicide bombings and mass murder -- and invite new attacks on America. To all who wear the uniform, I make you this pledge: America will not run in the face of car bombers and assassins so long as I am your Commander-in-Chief. (Applause.)

Those on the left are not listening to what the president is saying because they have only resentment and blind-hatred for Bush, our troops and the war. Democrat's offer no help whatsoever to our soldiers, but only complaints and false accusations meant to keep the enemy killing our boys, and who keep them safe. Democrat's claim they support our troops, but their words tell a different story. That is the tragedy of the anti-American left today.

Emotionally stunted liberals rely on unproven theories based on gloom and doom scenario's contrived to keep the leftist-losers believing in their wasted lives while the rest of society continues progressing without them.

As it just happened in Canada, the liberal party in the U.S. is also basically toast. While debating and trashing the war that is nearly won, liberals unwittingly continue dragging down the democrats to their ultimate demise.

Liberal/Socialism having outlived its usefulness from past decades, has certainly lost favor thoughout most of the world today, being proven grossly ineffective in modern society. It will surely never work in America because real people value their freedom more than government, which is contrary to the democrat's true agenda, not what they falsely profess.

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