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Thursday, November 10, 2005


More Messages of Terror

On Wednesday, terrorists struck in Amman Jordan hitting three separate U.S.-based chain hotels at nearly the same time. 11/9: DEATH TOLL IN JORDAN HOTEL BLASTS REACHES 57, 115 INJURED

These despicable bombings come after 13 straight nights of riots in France by Islamic terrorists.

These are the same terrorists democrats and other appeasers against the war, seem to wish would strike inside of America as they whine about brining our troops home from Iraq including the terrorists who would follow right behind.

Although no terrorists attacks have happened on America's homeland since 9/11 due to the war being waged in Iraq, democrats would rather we take more punishment in our own cities and suburbs, perhaps with some hotels here in America being hit.

Liberal democrats still believe that terrorists are just misunderstood, that if only they could be talked to, they could be talked out of their anger and magically made harmless.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

These homicide bombers have set goals; to kill innocent civilians and spread fear in order to gain control of countries they strike. Terrorist want to force their brand of Islam onto everyone in the entire world, while wiping out Jews, Christians and anyone else who will not obey them. See: Girls Shot In The Head: Persecution Of Christian In Indonesia Continues, Attack Follows The Gruesome Beheadings Of Three Christian High School Students At The End Of October.

The time may be coming quickly when people will have to choose sides between freedom and Islam. The two are mutually exclusive and cannot coexist as evidenced by how many appeasement attempts have failed against Islam.

Once again we warn that if democrats are put in charge of America's security, freedom as we know it will soon cease to exist. It would be replaced first with terrorism and then appeasement of terrorists' until they destroy America in the name of peace.

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